HTC Radar 4G Software Update Incoming, Begins Today

Good news for HTC Radar 4G owners as a new software update begins today bringing forth a list of new features and improvements:

  • Improvements to proximity sensor
  • Arizona time zone not updating is resolved
  • Gmail contact sync improvements
  • Visual voicemail error resolved
  • Microsoft security fix

Customers will receive pop-up notifications advising them an update is available beginning today, February 15th. There is no expected completion date for the software update listed. The update takes Windows Phone 7.5 up to software version 7.10.8107.79.

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  • Jamil Oquendo

    What about the HD7??? Will the HD7 be able to get the 8107 update as well???

    • Guest

      All Windows Phone devices will get updates but like before not all the same time. They usually roll ou updates in waves for different devices.

      Plus maybe Radar $G needed this update more than HTC HD7 so they did it for Radar 4G first.

      This is not Android that you may get update or never get it. Just be patient and you will get it. All devices will  running same version of OS just be patient till they make it available for your device.

  • Anonymous

    WTF??!! What about those of us still using HD7s? Don’t we get a F’n update?? And if I can’t get an update can I atleast get a HTC Titan 4G?? WTF T-Mobile?

  • thegeek

    Looks like Bell Mobility released it for the HD7s… hope TMo follows..

  • Sayonical

    updating the radar right now cheers!

  • Lubbalots

    Yeah and how about HD7 users?  Talk about loyalty to your customers and the brand you carry! 

  • me

    Hmm.. Had to go from .7720 (got my Radar in December), update to .7740, then to .8107, and now there’s a “HTC Update for Windows Phone” that’s taking a long time to install. I’m happy! All I really wanted fixed was the keyboard disappearing. Me also being a T-Mobile Android user too, means I’m EXTRA patient when it comes to updates. This Windows update took a while from the time Microsoft released it, but it’s still much faster than Android updates!!

  • HELLO?!  There are Dell Venue Pro users too that need the update.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone else have problems with their Radar randomly dropping their WiFi signal? Mine does it all the time. I can’t go for more than maybe 20 mins before it slows alot or doesn’t load pages anymore.

    • Greygusset

      yes.  turn off data when you turn on wifi.. and problem stops but you have to always toggle

    •  I have this problem nearly all the time on my home wifi. It barely ever works correctly. Turning off wifi and then turning it back on fixes it for a few mintues.

    • Boballistic123

      I’ve never had a dropped wifi signal my biggest annoyance was the keyboard randomly disappearing and not coming back though it is now resolved thank god

  • how about some love for the nokia lumia 710?

  • My wife’s Radar got the pop-up yesterday for the upgrade.

    I pushed the 8107 update to my Dell Venue Pro because I doubt it will happen naturally.

  • HTC

    Someone know why I can’t download Voxer??

  • Tuliom Mesa

    no wifi calling on windows phones?