How Did You Wish Your Significant Other A Happy Valentine’s Day?

Since it’s been a little slow on the news from these past few days, I’m switching gears for a brief moment from news and wondering how you delivered your Happy Valentine’s message today. It’s on my mind as T-Mobile actually went as far as to put a poll on their Facebook page and with a little over 10,780 votes tallied as of this writing, the results are surprising.

T-Mobile asked “How will you share your Valentine’s Day message of love?” This is how the responses are breaking down:

  • 5,748 said via Sweet Text Message
  • 1,237 said via Loving Phone Call
  • 508 said via Thoughtful Picture Message
  • 268 said via Traditional Card
  • 135 said via Social Media Message
  • 1,487 said All of the Above
  • 1,400 said No Message this Year

Me? I left a card for her to find this morning, texted when I woke up and waited for her to call on a break. I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to start Valentine’s Day off with a text message, not unless I want to enjoy a bad nights sleep on the couch. Just kidding honey if you’re reading this. So…on this Valentine’s Day, how did you deliver your message?


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