How Did You Wish Your Significant Other A Happy Valentine’s Day?

Since it’s been a little slow on the news from these past few days, I’m switching gears for a brief moment from news and wondering how you delivered your Happy Valentine’s message today. It’s on my mind as T-Mobile actually went as far as to put a poll on their Facebook page and with a little over 10,780 votes tallied as of this writing, the results are surprising.

T-Mobile asked “How will you share your Valentine’s Day message of love?” This is how the responses are breaking down:

  • 5,748 said via Sweet Text Message
  • 1,237 said via Loving Phone Call
  • 508 said via Thoughtful Picture Message
  • 268 said via Traditional Card
  • 135 said via Social Media Message
  • 1,487 said All of the Above
  • 1,400 said No Message this Year

Me? I left a card for her to find this morning, texted when I woke up and waited for her to call on a break. I’m not sure I’d be brave enough to start Valentine’s Day off with a text message, not unless I want to enjoy a bad nights sleep on the couch. Just kidding honey if you’re reading this. So…on this Valentine’s Day, how did you deliver your message?


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  • Go1836

    Swithed to Verizon

    • Best idea I heard so far! 

    • Guest

      That’s hilarious! Best answer on the comment board ;) We are ALL thinking about it if tmobile doesn’t straighten up soon. A sale and a phoney apology from the CEO doesn’t make up for sh*t. If they don’t change by the end of the year then I’ll be gone also.


    I gave her a shiny new sgs 2 I got for her over the weekend. When she was swapping the sim ,I sent her a text. So when she powered the phone on ,my text was waiting for her

  • Oral sex.

  • Anonymous

    I decided to use a vacation day and spend it with her and the kids. It was also an anniversary gift since our anniversary is today :). It was a big but welcome suprise.

  • Dsparks

    Flowers, card, and a 5 by 7 photo of our new grandson born on Valentines Day.

  • Anonymous

    My wife’s a writer so I picked her up a Livescribe Echo and Journals and she loved them. :)

    Unfortunatly she wasn’t able to get me that HTC Titan 4G that I want and T-Mobile still doesn’t have. :(

  • Is Valentines Day now Christmas? Why do so many people exchange “gifts”? I mean, seriously! You wanna show you love someone? Tell them daily…Show them daily…Dont stray from your partner…Tell them you appreciate them and mean it! Do something for them that you dont like doing. If you are single, do a random act of kindness for a stranger – maybe pay for their bus fare, help them carry groceries to the car, or something like that. Something I found people love having done for them..DISHES! DO THE DISHES FOR THEM! 
    Things like that are what Valentines Day should be about. Not exchanging MORE gifts you didnt get at Christmas! 

    • Tortionist

      A recent poll shows that Oriental men spend a lot more for gifts on Valentine’s day than we Americans do. Middle eastern men spend a few dollars less, and if I remember correctly Europeans spend more than us as well.

    • Guest

      Good call! I’ve noticed that people who buy their spouse gifts for no reason are doing so out of guilt. Valentine’s Day is a b.s. holiday for vapid new couples. Married people who still do something other than dinner, favors, flowers are in serious trouble and may want reevaluate their priorities.

  • Blynfinestpapi

    Honestly I’m starting to ‘HATE’ T-Mobile they don’t have a LTE network & there phone’s are a piece of shit!! Bottom line I’m ready to switch & go to Verizon at least they didn’t take the exyons processor out of the galaxy S 2 like they did in T-Mobile …. smh is a shame

  • Emly

    We celebrated our Valentines Day by  canceling Tmobile service after 9 years. hahaha .
    I had no choice due to poor customer service and junk deals.

    • Anonymous

      …It’s just a cell phone service provider.  If a sale makes you this angry you gots some problems.

      • Guest

        Trust me, they didn’t switch just because of those two reasons. Let’s be honest here… we have ALL been thinking about doing it lately. I’ve been with tmobile for 10 years almost but will have doing some serious thinking this summer when my contact is up. The Droid 4 may be too good to pass up if we don’t get the G3 shortly. My wife has the MT4GS and it’s okay but I’d rather have a less plasticy phone.

        Hopefully, our good friend David will get a 2012 roadmap or something. Enough about sales, events, plans, and buyouts! Let’s get some news about PHONES please! Thanks! I know he’ll be the first to let us know. I love Tmonews and miss the old T-Mobile!

        • Anonymous

          When you talk about the ‘old’ T-Mobile I have no idea what you’re talking about.  Currently, T-Mobile has the BEST device portfolio when compared to it’s competition (except for the iPhone) then it’s ever had at any other point in time.  There’s just a huge selection of high end devices right now.  More so than at&t, sprint, and verizon.  When was this ever true before?  There’s a comprable device to just about everything out there and then some.

          If you’re just looking for a new high end phone with a keyboard, I’m sure that will all come in time.  Remember the original htc G2 came out of nowhere.  There was something on the 2011 road map called the G infinity that never materialized but may come out this year like the sidekick last year.  

          I think since the Vibrant launched on T-Mobile, every other carrier’s device lineup was no where as good as T-Mobile.  Pre Vibrant, I would agree T-Mobile was lacking good high end devices.   But since the Vibrant it’s been a non stop onslaught of high end device every few months from that point.  Q4 2010 when the myTouch 4G and G2 launched they were the most high end htc devices on the market with nothing else comparable on any other carrier (in terms of technical specs) but that’s unfortunately when the record customer losses started to happen… go figure.

        • Guest

          I hope you’re right! They have improved their phone line up, for sure. I’m just getting bored with my G2. I’m sure Tmobile will come through for me by summer/fall. I hope…

    • Tbyrne

      You’ll also have no choice in paying $$mucho denaro$$ wherever you’re going. Bye emy.

  • I Have to Girl Friend For Valentines day

    • Guest

      I think this was our saddest answer. I think… if I interpreted it correctly.

  • Anonymous

    Samsung themselves called the Tmo version of the GSII the fastest GSII ever made.  A lot of Benchmark tests showed the T-Mobile one coming out on top.  Plus if you have an HSPA+ 42 modem like the GSII does you pretty much get the same speeds as LTE.  Sometimes better.  Plus better battery life and you pay a whole lot less than Verizon.  There’s nothing to justify Verizon’s prices.

    • Tortionist

      Not only that, but Tmo has a great line up of phones, better than everyone else. So, for the people that say Tmo’s lineup is junk, realize that no other wireless carrier has a better lineup. I’ve seen the lineups of all four major carriers. Heck, Verizon’s line up is twice as bad as Tmo’s. Sprint and AT&T are even worse. 

      • Mobile

         EVERYONE KNOWS TMOBILE HAS WORST PHONES AND WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE, THATS WHY TMO  IS STILL NO 4  AFTER VERIZON, AT&T AND SPRINT and also worst customer satisfaction of all top 4 carriers. so there you go, facts! but i know the tmobile employees will start their nonsense  replies.

        • JBLMOBILEG1

          FACT: You’ve probably never had Tmobile as a carrier personally. They aren’t as bad as some people make them out to be. As for being last with JD Power and Associates… just wait. The only reason they are last is because of At&t. They will be back on top.

        • Anonymous

          This was the FIRST time T-Mobile has been last in customer service.  Normally they are number 1 or 2.  T-Mobile has the best line up of phones and have some of the fastest internet speeds in the US wireless industry.  They are also the only carrier in the US with WiFi Calling, so you have the same reliability of a landline phone on your T-Mobile cell phone in case the towers go out due to weather or various other outages.  

          If T-Mobile doesn’t work well where you live you SHOULD switch to another provider.  No one is forcing you to use T-Mobile.  The rest of us who live in the majority of America will enjoy paying a fraction of the cost that you do and get better service with T-Mobile.

        • Seriously, this is getting ridiculous. Some of these complaints are so unwarranted and the fault of the customer for not taking time to research the deal.

        • Tbyrne

          Worst customer service? Check out the news today? At&t is in hot water over their new malicious throttling program. All their customers are up in arms over the new gouging plan. Sucks to be an At&t customer right now if you ask me.

      • I am a T-Mo fan, have had them for about 10 years (since Voicestream)…but I don’t think they have the best phone lineup…at least not high-end phone lineup.  You can’t say T-Mo has the best lineup without the best selling iPhone.  If they had the iPhone I’d agree, but Verizon’s high-end lineup looks pretty good to me.  I’m still sticking with T-Mo for my upgrade (tomorrow) but let’s not say things just to say things.

  • Tortionist

    I spent my day sick on the couch, as did my wife, some bug that our 2 year old had when he threw up all over me not too long ago(the joys of fatherhood). My wife has been sick three days and is slowly getting over it, meanwhile I finally got over it and it took only a day. She seriously pampered me. Now here we are a day later and I feel great and she’s still sick. Looks like i’m babysitting. We’ll celebrate Valentine’s Day and our Anniversary(Feb. 9th)when she’s feeling well again.

  • Anonymous

    I proposed to my now fiancé in front in the Disneyland castle! :-)

    • Guest

      What are you 10 lol?! People who are obsessed with Disney after the age of 21 are seriously fucked up.

      • Tbyrne

        Your comment will no doubt be deleted. Yay!!

        • Guest

          wow! get a sense of humor, friend. I’m sure your hand had a good time last night lol!

      • I love Disney World, get over it.

        • guest what

          and that surprises us? this plus your love of apple puts all the pieces together ;)

      • Guest

        hahahha! Just teasing abit, guys! Nothing wrong with Disneyland… A bit strange to propose in front of a big fake castle but whatever floats your boat.

      • He didn’t say he was obsessed, he just chose a cool place to propose to his fiance.  Congrats drivethruboy, glad she said yes!

        • Guest

          I already said I was teasing. It’s fine. My whole point was he could have done it anywhere. Take it from someone who’s been married for 10 years. The more extravagant these things you guys do… the even more so you’ll have to do next year. It’s a vicious circle from which there is no return! Keep it simple guys, especially if she is materialistic. But that’s a whole other issue ;)

        • Anonymous

          Your supposed ‘tease’ backfired.  And you’re still mocking and trying to derail what this guy did.  Doesn’t look like you’re ‘teasing’ but looks like you have some issues about Disneyland and materialistic girls… there’s always a source of all that anger~  :O)

          Congrats Disney proposer~

        • Guest

          Whatever… I have no anger with any of that but now you have annoyed me. I thought it was a super douchey way to propose, that’s all. If you can’t see that, then you are just as stupid. You’ll figure out life one day. I can’t deny that the super gay media has brainwashed most of you children. Guys don’t act like men anymore and are sensitive pc fags like you. Go to disneyland, blow mickey mouse, and whatever other big corporations you hipster douches love.

        • guest this

          okay, hipster. go blow mickey mouse, you corporate loving douche

  • Dave Macias

    i lied to my fiancee telling her i was going to wait on the train station with my cousin and he will give us a ride back home, when she came back i was waiting for her with a present and a valentine’s card. she loved it!

    my plan was perfect i totally surprised her.

  • LC

    My boyfriend surprised me with a weekend getaway to Disneyland :)

    • Guest

      You must be drivethruboy’s girl. You might wanna reconsider based on that job of his lol! Please don’t be another adult obsessed with Disney! Going to Disneyland won’t make up for your terrible childhood, sorry…

      • Anonymous

        This isn’t my girl but considering my fiancé isn’t a big fan of rollercoasters, Disneyland is our favorite place to go we love close by and why not? Nothing like slipping on a Tiffanys ring in front of the castle on the happiest place on earth!… Idiot

        • Guest

          Lol! Fair enough… my apologies! Just teasing a bit ;)

      • Tbyrne

        Since your response to LC wasn’t based on anything cogent, I’ll have to assume you’re a pathetic loser, poser and brown noser!

        • Last warning Tbryne…I appreciate your time in these comments, but I’m not going to ask you to stop making negative attacks on users again.

        • Guest

          It’s my fault, David. Apparently, people have mistaken my jokes as a being a troll. I’ll just chill out. Everyone seems to be extra defensive these days.

        • Tbyrne

          You’re right. I shouldn’t have used profanity. It’s Tbyrne by the way.

      • LC

        Nope, someone else’s. And no, I’m not just another adult obsessed with Disneyland, I just enjoy some of the rides and haven’t been to California Adventure since it opened.

        I think someone is just a little bitter :)

        • Guest

          nah, lol (good one though!) I’ve been before as a child. Adventure is alot of fun. I recommend going once, at least.

  • Virginia

    We celebrated the same way we have for the past 3 years…flowers, dinner, then oral.

    • Guest

      Lol! The best things in life are free ;)

  • Chris Johnson

    Well I took my lady on a wine tour on Saturday, then yesterday I surprised her with flowers and tickets to a concert she has been wanting to go to. 

  • Thanks for sharing this info post.

  • 123

    You know ;)

    • Sanman202

      Got her dozen tulips that came with a teddy bear and chocolates delivered to her job. That is a winner guys.
      Also a nice card and chocolate rose.

  • Anonymous

    Long stem roses and love lillies to her office … $90
    Her favorite chocolates from godiva in a heart shaped box with a nice card ….$30
    Theater tickets for next week (it’s going to suck for me!!!)… $200

    Valentines day sex payout…. VERY NICE!!!

    American express points earned ….  WINNING!!

  • Tomnewtn

    All the usual but also paid for her Nokia Lumia 710. She loves it. I think it’s one hell of a hell of a phone for the money.