T-Mobile Holding President’s Day Loyalty Offer This Weekend?

Time and time again we hear that T-Mobile doesn’t do enough for its “loyal” customers which make to know that a select group of loyal customers will find themselves ¬†with a really great T-Mobile offer this weekend. T-Mobile’s looking to continue their efforts to drive down churn by rewarding customer loyalty with a President’s Day Weekend Loyal Customer Offer. Over President’s Day Weekend (February 18-20), T-Mobile will hold a special three-day sale for preselected loyal classic/legacy contract customers. Customer mailers will go out to close to 440,000 customers inviting them to their local T-Mobile retail store or branded store for a free device after a mail-in rebate.


  • Offer is available for preselected Classic/Legacy Contract customers who present the Customer Mailer in-store or appear as eligible in the QuikView Targeted Offers Tool.
  • Selection criteria were based on various factors; qualified customers can be identified in QuikView targeted offers and CIHU.
  • More than the 440,000 customers who receive the Customer Mailer will show as qualified; however, RSAs should only proactively offer to customers who present the Customer Mailer or appear as eligible for the offer in QuikView Targeted Offers Tool.

We’re a little short on details about how customers are being targeted for this promotion, but we assume it could be a matter of service tenure, contract tenure, monthly billing level, etc. That’s all my hypothesis though.

This story is still developing I’ll update it as soon as I know more.

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