What Kept You From Buying Your First Smartphone?

T-Mobile’s released a short press release earlier today highlighting the introduction of “unlimited” web for Walmart’s Family Mobile plan. Specifically, T-Mobile suggested that their survey discovered that “44% of first-time smartphone buyers in 2012 say the cost of the data plan associated with a smartphone is the most influential reason they have not purchased a smartphone before.” It’s an interesting statistic and it got me thinking, what was the reason you, our dear TmoNews readers, held off on buying your first smartphone? As tech blog readers, you’re likely a very different sample size than the group T-Mobile polled, still, we’re curious about why you held off on that first smartphone purchase? It’ll be interesting to see if the numbers match.

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  • Anonymous

    I still hate that I have to have that data plan.  I use about 40 MB a month with my phone since I’m around WiFi about 95% of the time.Granted, I have the 200 MB plan, but I think I should’ve still been able to get my phone with my old t-zones data plan…

  • My first smart phone was like the phone you have above. The T-Mobile Palm Treo 600. It was the most crappy phone I have ever had…I quickly switched to a blackberry after a few months.

  • Data isn’t that much $30 for unlimted everything is still a good deal. My first Smartphones I had Edge and it was $20.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly where can you get truly unlimited data for $30?

  • Anonymous

    My first smartphone was the TMobile Shadow in 2007. The phone was $100, which was astronomical, but the unlimited data plan was only $9.99/mo.  

    Now, my main issue would be the data cost and data caps. In fact, that’s one of the main things keeping me from switching from TMo. That and my only alternatives for 4G in my area is AT&T & Verizon. Sprint is 3g-only in Oklahoma, yet I’d still pay the $10 4G surcharge. 

    • Brad

      I too am in Oklahoma (City) and always thought it was nonsense that Sprint charges extra for 4G even though it’s not in this area. On the other hand, I’ve gotten 22Mbps on my HTC Amaze 4G. Winning.

  • I have never minded paying more up front for a device that can do so many different things.  It’s being tied into that contract for 24 months which is hard to swallow for lots of people.  Multiply your data price + tax over 24 months and you might be shocked at how much of your budget you just lost.

  • I used to want a T-Mobile Wing super bad. I ended up going with a Sidekick.

    • Spanky

      Was that the phone with the blue casing? I wanted that one also.

  • Factura5

    my first was a used blackberry pearl. i liked it. then it broke. i always wanted to get the g1 after hearing about it in attack of the show. but then i officially bought my first smartphone which is the mytouch 3g. its small and kinda regret it because less then 14 days later the new htc hd2 came out. :/

  • sainth

    I bought my first smartphone from craigslist without a data plan (G1). Been using phones without data the entire time. Have a Galaxy Nexus coming now. I love T-Mobile!

    • Cupcake

      How in the world do u pull that off??

    • Cupcake

      How in the world do u pull that off??

      • Anonymous

        i would like to know this too…. what is the point of having a smart phone…

        • TMOSince2003

          If you have good wifi coverage, and/or patience/discipline with internet use it’s not that bad. If you HAVE to be online all the time, especially if you watch a lot of video, then no, it won’t work for you.

          I use an Android device that I paid full price for (used) and by installing APN manager widget from the market, I can keep well under the 200 MB ceiling. Takes discipline but if I need data while away from wifi it’s there. No watching video and it’s not that hard to do. $5 is not a bad amount, but $10 is more than I want to pay.

          Use a 3G watchdog or similar to keep an eye on usage. (Don’t get me started on the My Account app.)

        • Anonymous

          Yes I understand how it is possible, but WHY lol so much work to save a few dollars

  • C Alejandr00

    My first was the wing and it was a badbadbad windows phone until i got my beloved G1 and my life changed completely. i love android with all its imperfections

  • Dat577

    Two year contract jjust for mergin your current line into a family plan freaking thieves i need to cancel asap

    • Dat’s a great idea…cancel. Bye :p

    • Dat’s a great idea…cancel. Bye :p

  • Anonymous

    “What Kept You From Buying Your First Smartphone?”

    They weren’t sold unlocked in the US. ;-)

  • MichaelMichael

    Wow, the first time I played bejeweled was on  Treo 650. That was the frist platform I know of that actually hap an app store. Ofcourse all teh apps were thrid party and sold through a comapny (i think it was called Handango or something like that). I had so many games on that touch screen phone, but the web sucked and Battrey was a joke even by today’s smart phone standards. So I got an MDA when it came out.

    Wow, sometimes I forget they had all those resistive (stylus required) touch screens back then.
    Glad Iphone finally came along and started the whole capacitive movement.

  • Anonymous

    I still have my Handspring Visor. Nothing was smarter at the time.

  • Nmw407

    My first smartphone was the G1. Went without a data plan for about 3 months, and then decided it was worth it to get the data plan when they came out with the android preferred web ($20).

    $10 or $20 is the max price point I’m willing to pay for data. I find that on a normal month, I chew up about 2-3gb of data. 

    What I don’t like is the current trend of new phones being smartphones. I currently have 5 lines on the family plan, and 4 of those lines do not have data plan, nor would they ever have a data plan. You can’t even find a decent dumbphone in T-Mo’s lineup anymore. 

    • MichaelMichael

      Yeah, it sucks. Just because you want a touch screen phone doesnt mean you want data. Today there are no high-quality flip phones like the old razors. If you don’t want data you are stuck with crap. But if you want the best specs, you have to buy a huge or bulky 4+ inch screen like amaze or SGS2 (which is a nice phone but a little too big).

      Middle Ground People.

  • MichaelMichael

    I did not hold off at all. As soon as I saw the first smartphone I saw, I ordered one on ebay, It was an old monochrome (yes…not color) blackberry.

  • Joe

    Everyone is crying about prices or using old grandfather plans. Man up and pay it. Tmobile has the lowest data out there. Geeez

  • bonquiqui

    Well, I bought the Sidekick 3, I could say that it was my first smartphone.  I was a little sketchy of having it because of the price of the data that I had to pay to have for.  Since then, I have been having a roller coaster of phones, from the nuron to an unlocked BB Storm to now having the HTC Sensation.  I’m glad that I have the Sensation, it is such a nice phone.  I hope that it will last me 2 years. :-/

  • Anonymous

    First smartphone was an N1. Loved it. Now I have an HTC Sensation, and HTC can suck it, their quality has went downhill due to trying to spit out a new phone every 3 months.

  • 21stNow

    I got the Nokia E62 (AT&T) in 2007 as my first smartphone.  I came from what is now considered a feature phone before that. The cost of the data plan almost caused me not to buy the Nokia E62, but AT&T worked that out for me.  I have had a data plan since 2002 back on VZW, but the cost kept rising.  In 2007, I didn’t care that I got to use a higher amount of data for the increased data price, as I didn’t use that much data back then.

    Now, I don’t care about data prices as much, because I use the phone for data more than I use it for voice or text.

  • TMoFan

    It never made sense to me to pay $30 for a data plan when I’m blanketed with wifi between work and home. When T-Mobile introduced their “budget data plan” I pulled the trigger on my G2. With wifi I use about a couple gigs but I’m always below my 200mb limit on my data plan. I give credit to T-Mobile and at&t for having plans like these because it make sense to people like us. The other carriers don’t seem to get it.

  • Roger

    Tmobile has terrible coverage where I live.  The coverage map says good to very good.  At my desk at home there is zero coverage.  At work in Silicon Valley it is unreliable coverage.  Consequently I have to use UMA.  That meant a Blackberry for a while (Flip, no data plan), until going for the G2 which they refuse to sell without a data plan.  Of course I can’t get any data anyway in the places I spend the majority of my time.  While out and about I generally find that there is no coverage when I really need it, and 4G when it doesn’t really matter.

    Currently I use about 30MB a month, so the data is costing me $1/MB.  It is only that much because I turned on aerial view in Google navigation – I also have a Garmin GPS so this isn’t really needed.

    I really resent being forced to have a data plan I don’t need, paying so much for what is used, and tmobile not even providing data in the places that matter.  On the plus side being able to use the phone internationally (using a local SIM) and UMA redeem Tmobile somewhat although it looks like the latest UMA stuff won’t work outside of the US.

    • OK Roger, go away

      • Tbyrne

        Yes Roger, we know fear. Now go away.

    • OK Roger, go away

      • Roger

        Disqus kept failing.  Looks like it wasn’t.  I can’t remove the dupe.

  • Roger

    Tmobile has terrible coverage where I live.  The coverage map says good to very good.  At my desk at home there is zero coverage.  At work in Silicon Valley it is unreliable coverage.  Consequently I have to use UMA.  That meant a Blackberry for a while (Flip, no data plan), until going for the G2 which they refuse to sell without a data plan.  Of course I can’t get any data anyway in the places I spend the majority of my time.  While out and about I generally find that there is no coverage when I really need it, and 4G when it doesn’t really matter.

    Currently I use about 30MB a month, so the data is costing me $1/MB.  It is only that much because I turned on aerial view in Google navigation – I also have a Garmin GPS so this isn’t really needed.

    I really resent being forced to have a data plan I don’t need, paying so much for what is used, and tmobile not even providing data in the places that matter.  On the plus side being able to use the phone internationally (using a local SIM) and UMA redeem Tmobile somewhat although it looks like the latest UMA stuff won’t work outside of the US.

    • Anonymous

      The value plans don’t require data because you pay full retail price for the phone but broken up on you Bill interest free.

      Also are you saying the new ims based WiFI calling doesn’t work outside the US? Because that’s the first I’m hearing of this. I don’t see why tmobile would do this, they don’t lose money international roaming charges usually go the foreign operator you’re connected to not tmobile

      • Roger

        The value plans weren’t appropriate when I got the phone and I was on a family plan at the time under contract with some line shuffling going on.  My line will be off contract in November at which point I’ll be revisiting getting a value plan although it may not make financial sense because of Tmo’s phone pricing.

        UMA on the Blackberry definitely works overseas and works extremely well.  I had a 3 hour conversation while halfway around the world that was flawless.  With the new stuff they have on Android things were pretty dismal while in the US at home (using the exact same network as with Blackberry UMA).  Calls would fail to connect often (incoming and outgoing), for the first 10-15 seconds of the calls no one could hear me etc.  I gave up on them completely and that was the case the last time I was out of the country.  Since the Gingerbread update things have improved dramatically.

        My qualms about it working internationally are because it shows a message about finding your location when starting up.  Additionally there was no way to turn off the cellular radio.  At $4 per roaming minute for the locations I was in there was no way I was going to experiment.  I don’t for a moment believe all $4 per minute goes to the foreign operator.

        • Anonymous

          The HTC Amaze and Galaxy S II are IMS based WiFi Calling which is a more advanced technology similar to UMA so you might get better results there.  Verizon is going to use IMS for Voice over LTE, for example.

          The other Android devices use Gan-lite WiFi Calling which is not as advanced as UMA.

          Also, in the T-Mobile Android. WiFi Calling app, the ‘WiFi Preferred’ option will always ensure your cellular radio is off when connected to WiFi.  There is also the ‘WiFi Only’ option which is specifically designed for those who travel overseas and that way your device will NEVER connect to the mobile network unless through WiFi.

        • Roger

          The calling code includes a kernel module so you are tied to OS upgrade cycles etc.  I’m happy with the Gingerbread update to the G2 which did the wifi calling issues I was experiencing, although my call volumes have also dropped considerably (I do a lot more on Skype).

          On my phone switching to Wifi Only option does not turn off the cellular radio.  I have a network status app that shows radio connectivity and does correctly show when the radio is off.  I have since found another app that does actually turn off the radio, but haven’t been out of the US to test yet.

      • If you pop in a local SIM, Wi-Fi Calling doesn’t work, period. Your T-Mobile USA SIM is required to authenticate against the core network to establish a connection for calls and texts over Wi-Fi.

  • JBLmobileG1

    For me with the G1 it was the cost of the data plan because I thought to myself… would it really be worth losing my $4.99 tzones plan and pay an extra $20. It definitely was and its even better now since I have the old $24.99 data with 400 messages.

  • Anonymous

    was this the january 18 release (unlimited plan for wal-mart)?

  • I didn’t held back. When the Treo 600 was available on Sprint (I was on Sprint), I jumped in. Of course I had the SERO plan at the time.

  • Ibleedmagenta

    my first smartphone was a sidekick 2008. keep in mind this was during myfaves and the smartphone data plans were 20 bucks and i dont remember the sidekick data plan having a data cap. it was still high: 90 bucks for a sidekick bill on t-mobile. this was also around the time when t mobile bought a small regional carrier known as suncom.

  • I bleed magenta

    my first smartphone was a sidekick 2008. keep in mind this was during myfaves and the smartphone data plans were 20 bucks and i dont remember the sidekick data plan having a data cap. it was still high: 90 bucks for a sidekick bill on t-mobile. this was also around the time when t mobile bought a small regional carrier known as suncom.

  • hecg55

    My first was the tmobile “wing” by htc. Thought it was an AMAZING phone at the time. Still think that the design was awesome. Best keyboard ive ever felt. Think they should revive it! Thinner, and updated specs same keyboard.

    • Tim4w5

      It was and they called it touch pro 2

      • hecg55

        True but I ment a new one with android maybe even wp7! That same amazing keyboard.. the touch pro two had a 3.2 camera. I guess I’m kind of looking for a mytouch 4g slide but with the perfect keyboard of the wing. Lol

        • HTC Arrive.. but for T-Mo, basically?

  • JustADude

    I was mooching off my parent’s plan, so I didn’t really have a choice in getting a smart phone.

    I didn’t switch phones until I was hired on by T-Mobile. Lucky for me, the Samsung Vibrant was just released. My co-workers were telling me to go with the MyTouch 3g Slide, but the Vibrant’s screen was too dang good.

    The bad part of the story. I unlocked my Motorola SLVR L7 to use until my phone came in the mail. I turned on the phone and 3 hours later my phone bricked. Black screen except for a notification bar on top. 15 minutes to get past the boot screen. The second Vibrant worked perfectly fine ever since.

    • Similar story for me (I have a SLVR too, high five!), except I got to get a smartphone a little earlier, the best phone at the time was the Cliq (I didnt like how over saturated the Behold II looked, plus the UI). Bad choice.. anyways, got a G2x on CM7 now :).

  • Anonymous

    How about “Feature phones were still cool”

  • Going_home

    My first “smart” phone was the T-Mobile Dash.
    It reminded me of Windows 95 as it was constantly freezing up, causing me to remove the battery several times a day.
    Next was the G1, and then a string of Android phones Nexus One etc.
    Current phone the Amaze although not a fan of Sense UI, but its tolerable compared to Touchwiz UI.

  • Anonymous

    I stayed away for as long as I could because the prices were ridiculous. They still are, but having a smart phone now is almost a necessity. I have always felt that mobile plan prices were too high, even before Data was really in the game. I still can’t believe its $10+ per month for unlimited texting. That costs the cell phone companies such little bandwidth. We pay the highest per month prices here in the USA than almost every other country. But unfortunately since people are sheeple and don’t realize what is a rip off and what isn’t they will pay the high prices. Same issue with cable TV really.

    • JustSaying

      it’s really not a necessity for so many people… they just want what everyone else has. So many people who have smartphones say “oh i need it for texting and Facebook” what a waste of money! Some people don’t even realize how much money they are losing just having a smartphone.

    • Scorpiok

      Att is $20 for unlimited texts.

  • The Orginial T-Mobile Shadow in Sage Mint I believe was the color. 

  • It was definitely a balance between the cost of the data plan, I was a teen when smartphone were out, you think my grandma would pay for that? Plus the idea of a smartphone, I figured it wouldn’t appeal to me, & it’d be boring to have a smartphone because it was more professional. Plus, who really wanted a Windows Mobile phone then? & the only other option then was Blackberry, & I really didn’t want one of them. There was iPhone, but I never had AT&T. I have had T-Mobile since 9th grade. It’s been about 8-9 years now.

  • Tmosince2003

    I Cool to see the several early adopters who bought the Wing. I bought a Wing used off Ebay so I wouldn’t * have * to get a data plan. I use wifi everywhere. Still use the Wing as a Pandora source for the stereo even today. It was a decent PDA and a horrible phone.

    Swiched back to feature phones for a couple of years, a slide up and a slide out.

    Finally caved to the $5 200 MB plan for light surfing, email and social networking and then returned to a smartphone with the MT3G Slide, also used, Ebay. Usually use 30 to 40 MB. Never been over 100 MB b/c I turn off the APN unless I really need 3G. Wish I had the time and nerve to attempt to root it. Memory is so tight it would be great to unload the junk apps.

    I like Android, wish I could afford a Galaxy Nexus so I could be as free of bloatware as possible and of course have the latest and coolest.

    I don’t text and refuse to pay for a text plan. The cost of texting to consumers is the greatest ripoff in the industry. I only get a few wrong number texts a month, so it’s not too bad. Data plan costs are a close second in this category. If pooled data for family plans doe not show up by my renewal time, we may have to switch.

    • Scorpiok

      Textfree by pinger gives u free text only number and uses your data or wifi but works exactly as text and the other person doesnt need the app. I text international for free all the time

  • Bstaruk1027

    The wait for an upgrade

  • Wilma Flintstone

    I held off from buying a smartphone because my old Nokia 3220 was actually durable enough to last me for as long as it did.  (That little phone lasted me about 7 years with no hiccups, shut offs, battery lasted all day with heavy use, dropped it plenty of times and still worked, I even had an animated wallpaper on it (Yep I had a Live Wallpaper on my Nokia 3220 – No Touch Screen though). 

    After it finally was at the end of it’s life, I had to decide between he Xperia X10 and the HD2. 

    It was whichever came out for Tmobile US first, The X10 was supposed to come out before the HD2 and I was going to get that but it never came out and instead went to AT&T. 

    So after a while, here I am with the HD2.  Already been through 7 of them since release (Hardware and Software Related issues so custom rom’s won’t help the Hardware issued ones).

    Now, I’m just waiting for a durable device that’ll hold me over until the first couple of Tizen devices release this year.  GS2 is in my sights but I’m holding off until MWC to make my decision.  Will be the first time I used an Upgrade out of the 9 years I’ve been with Tmo.

  • Commander_Fury

    I held off buying a smartphone until I read on this site that T-Mobile was offering unlimited everything for 60 dollars off contract in the spring for like a day . After I got that plan on T-Mobiles website I was forced to buy a phone . Weird I had that motozine for like three years and was content . Half a year later I want another phone , This feels like it could be an on going thing .

  • Anonymous

    For the longest time as a kid, like 13/14 years old, I wanted the Sidekick. Never got it, but I did get the iPhone as my first phone when I was 17.

    Anyway, today I was in a T-Mobile store and finally bought me a Sidekick (of the 4G variety).

  • Listen2themusic

    I purchased a Wing (pocket pc) and data was NOT required.  Even before that I had an HP Ipaq. I later added T-Zones at a good price but lately the cost of data is pricey. In recent years, I would have hesitated to purchased a smartphone because of data costs. 

  • RAGE

    Data plan cost, $30 a month for 2 years is a lot of money ( $720 for 2 years of data )

    i don’t see the point of forcing their customer with a smartphone to have a data plan ( even unlocked phone need a data plan, wtf ? )
    i spent 99% of my day in a wifi zone ( school, house or a public wifi )

    • Scorpiok

      Try tmo prepaid 1500 text/min plan. It only has 30mb data which is nothing but I use it mainly in wifi so to me ive got smartphone w/o data. I download apps games on wifi & most work w/o data connection. If I start needing gps for driving or more internet access,ill switch latr

    • Justamazing87

      Purchase ur phone at full price and you don’t have to pay for data…

      • Frank

        Only Tmobile USA lets users do this. But American public doesn’t want to “pay full price” for a smartphone phone. American public can’t do the math.

        The other carriers AT&T Verizon Sprint. They force data down people’s throat regardless if the smartphone is purchased at full price or at a discount.

  • Anonymous

    My first smartphone was actually the HTC Touch on Sprint, minus any data plan.

    Then I got a paying job and looked to T-Mobile with the release of the G1. I got it a few days before my birthday and have been with Android and T-Mobile ever since.

  • Anonymous

    I just didn’t think they were worth it at the time.  I ended up buying my first smartphone back in 2007.  It was the T-Mobile Dash/HTC S621/HTC Excalibur.  It got me hooked on Windows Mobile until Windows Phone 7 came out.  Not big on WP7, so I’m hanging on to my HD2 as long as I possibly can.  Data was not required at that time, but I had T-Mobile Web on my account and was using a workaround to be able to use it instead of the more expensive data plan at that time.

  • jon

    My first “smart phone” was the HP Ipaq. Man, that thing was a p.o.s. looking back. I remember there being an issue with an annoying echo and the phone would freeze for no reason..I went back to a dumb phone until the blackberry pearl and curve. Then along came the HTC G1.

  • Lawrence of Arabia

    My first smartphone was the iphone 3gs, I bot it on plan on att, then cancelled after 30 days, kept the phone, unlocked it, and brought it 2 T-mo on prepaid, no data.

  • Anonymous

    My first smartphone was the HTC-Made UTStarcom xv6700 for Verizon that I bought in 2006. I flashed it to cricket myself! I did the PRL change and registry edits so I could get SMS, MMS, and internet working. My first T-Mo smartphone was the dash. That phone kicked ass! Except when it would freeze! But it was 2007 before the iPOS came out. I loved the old windows mobile. A touch pro 2 is what i got after that, now I have the MyTouch 4G, I have fallen in love with Android! It reminds me of the old WinMo 5/6-6.1&6.5 days! you can tinker and suit it to your own liking!

  • Rinthos

    Why did I not immediately get a smartphone? Answer: The functionality of the first, second, and yes, even third-gen. smartphones offered nothing other than email which wasn’t too much of a requirement back then.  With the introduction of the original iPhone, the iPhone (and other smartphones released soon after) actually had usable web-browsers! :)

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, but there were usable web browsers before the iPhone.

      • Anonymous

        As much as I’m anti apple i’m going to disagree here.  Web browsing on mobile devices pre iPhone was just plain awful.  Even when android launched, the web browser was ‘next’ best to the iPhone.  The iPhone with all it’s pinch to zoom was a much better experience.  It’s only now that it’s a standard on ALL modern blackberries, iPhones, Windows Phones, and Android phones.

        • Anonymous

          That would be because the mobile web was all that was available.  They were still usable web browsers.  I actually used my phone a lot when I was out and about, and although it was just the mobile web, I got a lot of use out of it.  I was doing speed tests, checking forums, email, etc. from my Dash, which was out before the iPhone.  Yes, Safari on the iPhone was an improvement, but to say there were no usable browsers before the iPhone is not true.

    • 21stNow

      Rinthos (from the T-Mobile forum?), I had a Nokia E62 before the first iPhone came out.  The browser was useful, but network speeds at 2G and the available RAM on most phones hindered the whole experience.  Even with iPhones, 3G speeds did not become available until the second iteration.

  • M0rethanyouknow

    Seriously cheap people here. Its clear why Tmo can’t make a buck in the US; because people here have a hard time ponying up $5-$25/ month for data.
    Obviously,I didn’t hold back when I wanted a smartphone.

    • Kugelme

      Were living in tough economic times; people losing jobs..be a little empathetic or sensitive…Difference between a $30 prepaid plan & a 2year contract which can easily top $100 with taxes and fees is a lot. Tied of tech snobs always lookind down on others

      • Justamazing87

        Haha snobs tho…. You don’t have to be rich to have t-Mobile. It’s the most economic friendly of the big four..you’re just broke

        • Anonymous

          There’s no need to talk to someone like that.  These are tough times, and you telling someone “you’re just broke” is uncalled for.

    • Anonymous

      $30 used to cover 4 lines of unlimited and unthrottled data, that same internet, now limited, would cost me $120. Don’t cry that people are cheap. Some of us have had smartphones for years and have watched our options become limited while our bills quadruple.

  • Kevinmarchibald

    Hm. I worked for Danger and Microsoft, so my Sidekicks and Windows Phone 7 reference devices were given to me, so I’ve never purchased a smart phone. Since I left Microsoft in March and have to buy a phone, I haven’t been able to find a device that has most of the technical aspects I’m looking for, with software updates I can count on for several years, on the carrier I prefer (T-Mobile…soft spot due to Danger relationship), for a phone price that my wife won’t balk at. I’m not so concerned about the monthly plan cost – they’re all within a reasonable range of each other, and there are tradeoffs with each carrier. The GSM Galaxy Nexus is the closest fit for now, but the import price is ridiculous, about the cost of a lower end laptop (which is my wife’s argument against it). I admit one of the early hiccups was getting over my preference for physical keyboards for messaging (and no, I didn’t like the Sidekick 4G). Maybe by the end of March, I’ll have a better idea what’s coming out in the spring/early summer, including possibly a T-Mobile Galaxy Nexus, though by then maybe there may be word on a Galaxy S3 on T-Mobile with the next Exynos that hopefully is compatible with HSPA+ 42/84. Would be nice if T-Mobile offered the iPhone 5 this summer/fall because my wife, who’s never owned a smart phone could think about giving up her iPod Touch and AT&T Nokia phone for an iPhone on T-Mobile.

  • Riopato

    The fact that Tmobile never had any smartphones that was worth buying kept me from buying any phone from Tmobile. I had to search outside of Tmobile to find something usable which is almost impossible to find due to the rare GSM band that no one wants to include in their phones!

  • Scorpiok

    Pls clarify if youre a tmobile prepaid customer can tou switch to this plan and use your existing tmo phone?

  • novas

    Mine was the T-mobile MDA here on the US release date back in 06

  • Tony

    One of the simple reasons and they IGNORE is the Iphone. Tired of one android after another, and the Blackberry’s are not worth investing in. When will they wake up, considering that the German Parent company that OWNS T Mobile in Germany Has has the Iphone for quite sometime…So can they come out and tell their customers what is going on ????

    • ogopogo

      Once again – It is not something that T-Mobile has complete control over. The decision is up to Apple.Sprint took a big gamble and promised Apple billions just to carry the iPhone. It may come back to be their downfall.

  • Julian Castblanco

    Well for me it was the stupid data plan contract, which means that for example right now my smart phone is broken but Im not up for an upgrade until november that means that means that if I dont get another smartphone soon im going to pay for unlimited internet for a few months not even being able to use it and the worst part is that I cant even cancel that because its part of the 2 year contract  

    • Ashton

      You can drop it down to 200MB.  You can’t remove it but you can lower it.  Might get extended warranty or insurance next time if a broken phone is a possibility.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, times have changed! When I bought my first smartphone, unlimited data was $4.99 or LESS!

    NOW, the data plan is the hindrance. I just let go of another $5.99 unlimited web to get the 710.

    WP7+Nokia services is a winner and I don’t regret paying a little more for a better usability experience.

    • Ashton

      200MB is very reasonable…..for basic phones and BlackBerry phones.  Neither of those go over 200MB for most customers.  I even see some Android accounts that stay under 200MB but they do it by using mostly WIFI. 

  • I bought the Nokia 6680 back in 8th grade.I bought it for $400. I had t-zones for $5.99. I bought the 6680 from the money I saved up. So money back 6 – 7 years ago was a big ting, especially for an 8th grader lol

  • sloanie

    What stopped me was that the devices just weren’t that enticing to me. They were big, ugly, and not worth the price. (This is in the PocketPC phone / Treo 600 days). 

    When I saw the screen on the Treo 650 and realized I could browse, IM, and watch movies on it… I got sucked in. Prior to that, I wasn’t all that impressed. And look where we are now… 

  • Anonymous

    I was stuck on Sprint’s contract and wanted a Sidekick 2. Had to wait for end of contract.

  • Anonymous

    I just bought a Exhibit II 4G and signed up for the $30 Monthly 4G:

    100 minute,
    unlimited text,

    Previously I was waiting for the data plans to get reasonable.  The truth is 95% of the time I’m using a cable modem anyhow.

  • Acuratlguy03

    I can’t wait for the day that tmobile goes bankrupt

    • Anonymous

      And we can’t wait until you crash your yuppie mobile…..

    • For sale rusty Acura TL 03

      I hope you get off unemployment !!!!! Get a life …to hope hundreds of people lose their job. For a issue you may have had with T-Mobile in which was most likely your fault..your a Jerk and believe me im being nice !

    • Tbyrne

      Then you’ll be happy as a clam, right? Tell Randall his days are numbered. Losing 4 Billion dollars has the shareholders shitin in their pants! Don’t hold your breath. That days not coming anytime soon.

  • 1year

    INTRODUCE ONE YEAR CONTRACTS. It’s been around the standard Europe for ages, it will change everything.

  • When I first started to purchase a smart phone I was hesitant because I didn’t want to purchase a phone with features I didn’t need then again I wanted to make sure I had all the features I need/wanted it was hard but after tons of research I finally purchased one and feel I have made the right decision and Im actually happy I got it out of the way

    purchase smart phones and accessories @AFwireless.net

  • cybah

    I originally wanted a Samsung SPH-500i phone (the intergrated Palm Phone) but it was cost that kept me from doing it. And at the time it was kinda pointless, since back then it was limited to Sprint, and Sprint’s network speeds were only GPRS (19.2k) zzzzzzz

    My first “SmartPhone” was a SideKick 2. I wanted a phone I could chat and browse the web while I was riding the subway (to pass the time). I then got a SideKick 3, and then a MDA..

  • Feature Phone Lover

    Which one covers “Lack of desire for data features”?  (As in, not buying a smartphone because you didn’t — or don’t — want one.)

  • FtKnox TM User

    My first smart phone was a WP6.1 phone, the ETEN Glofish x800.  Nice phone, still have it and put my sim in it just to play some windows games.  I waited til the MyTouch3G (2nd Android phone) came out to jump on the Android bandwagon and had to buy a replacement for that because of lack of internal ram caused the most laggy phone experience that the phone was totally unuseable, even as a simple phone.  Picked up a MyTouch4G on eBay for under $100 used and my wife is still using it.  I had to wait until the two years was up on the 3G to upgrade to the Amaze.  Also waited to see if T-Mobile would offer the iPhone, but when I saw it was just a minor update of last years model, quit looking at that option.

  • Hrrogersjr

    Wait…..are you saying, TMobile NeverEvenConnectedTheDots until now regarding their Smartphone DataPlan(s)?

  • Nothing stopped me from buying my first smartphone, though I didn’t buy it myself; Dad bought it ^_^ T-Mobile Sidekick 2. I’m spoiled :D

  • mine was the crackberry pearl flip 8220 rocking still rocking it today with $5.99 t zones t mobile no data caps, no speed throttling bs internet web plan lol =)’

  • Kevin

    I had the original sidekick December 2002 :-D  a decade of smart phone use and still my plan is exactly the same cost as it was 10 years ago!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    My first daily use cell phone was a T-Mobile Sidekick specifically because it was the only phone at the time that had data with a prepaid plan.  I grew up a bit, got to the age I could legally sign a contract, and got Sprint’s SERO for the same $30/month on an HTC Mogul.  I guess you could say I’ve had nothing but smart phones for cell phones as long as you count the Sidekick as a smartphone.

  • Considering my first smart phone was a Nokia 3620, nothing. And before anyone says anything stupid, yes, that was a smartphone. This is of course a phone from 2003(!) but Symbian S60 is a bonefide smartphone os. Back in those days data plans were unheard of and super cheap, if they even charged you at all. The telcos didn’t really know how to handle data transfers like that, granted it was 2G, non-EDGE, but back then having a smart phone really put you ahead of the game.

  • WirelessRefugee

    I bought every phone as soon as it came to market. And because those were the days before eBay, I still have those phones. Motorola Elite, Star Tac, and Vader phones; the Sanyo SCP-6400 (which is still one of my all time favorite form factors, it being so slim, trim and light; Toshiba 2032SP (2002) Samsung i330, and my first T-Mobile phone, the BlackBerry 7100T.

    I remember back in the day paying $400 for the Elite, Star Tac, and “Vader” phone, where the feature we were paying for was it being “the smallest cell phone in the world” and it having space 300 contacts!

    The Toshiba 2032SP was in 2002-03 closest thing to today’s phones. It cost me a whopping $750 back then, which was a lot of money.

    And talk about data charges, remember when Sprint sold clam shell phones that could take pics, but there was no way to get them off the phone unless you uploaded them to a Sprint website, AT A COST OF 10 CENTS PER PIC! And they were really crappy pics.

    And I remember “Sprint TV” back then, which was not really TV, it was downloadable 30 to 90 second video clips; and if you wanted to pay a lot, 30 minute TV shows, in 10 minute segments.