T-Mobile Stores Start To Receive Nokia Lumia 710 Units

We’re still over a week away from the launch of the Nokia Lumia 710 and T-Mobile stores are already beginning to receive their inventory and we’ve got some pictures for your viewing pleasure. The Lumia 710 is dropping on T-Mobile on January 11th for $50 and is Nokia’s first Window Phone entry in the United States. All eyes will be on the early feedback of the 710 which we hope performs admirably so we can encourage Nokia to bring the Lumia 800 to Magenta shelves in the near future. There’s just five pictures but a good look at both the white and black variants arriving on January 11th.

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  • Lee


  • Is T-Mobile going to market this thing or are people who walk in the store going to be oblivious to it’s exsistance as they are with the Radar?

  • Disgruntled TMO Customer

    Is the phone $50 or $50* (plus $20 monthly EIP for 20 months)?

    • CRT24

      Depends on whether you do value or classic

    • Landmarkcm

      It should be like 49 down and 15 a month! :)


    oh, this reminded me of my NOKIA LUMA 800 model order, let me call the store in germany.

    LUMIA 700 is old model folks

    • Misterstockwell

      It’s 710–NOT the old 700


        i mistyped yes, nokia 710 coming to tmo is an old device  outside the US, thats why i am getting the brand new release nokia lumia 800. dont want to get used device from europe again

        • Anonymous

          You do know that the Lumia 800 is OLDER than the 710 right? The 800 (aka Searay) was Nokias FIRST Windows Phone. The 710 is the second. The 800 isn’t new. Please know what you are talking about before taking a high minded stance and putting something else down.

  • thatguy

    Using it now very nice phone going to be pushed as a phone for first time smartphone users

    • Misterstockwell

      So then you must work there(or be in Taiwan)…whats the off contract price?

    • Landmarkcm

      So I switched from Sprint due to there lack of wp support and faster data on tmobile. Ive used alot of smartphones and love wp now. I was going to go with the Radar but holding out for this. So I would say it’s just as good for people already using smartphones too esp if you want a good wp. Do you think its better then the radar?? They both only have slight differences.

  • I would be in line on launch day if this was the 900.

    • Landmarkcm

      There not that much different spec wise. and even know the camera is 8mp on the 900 I read the 710 still takes great shots same processor on both too. I personally think the 710 looks better too.

  • Anonymous

    Do we have a price off contract for this? I’d love to try out WP, but I don’t want to burn up an upgrade (especially as I’m not eligible for a while). If they can hit a $300 or $350 price point off contract, I’m there (and this, IMO, is what Microsoft needs to do to take off).

    • Landmarkcm

      Well its priced at like 270 euro full retail which equals like between 349-400 in US dollars.

      • Moneyman

        It has to be $350 because it has to coincide with value plan which would be $50 down and $300 over 20 month payment plan.

  • Does anyone know the full cost?  This will be a nice gift for the wife…

    • Anonymous

      It’s supposed to be $49.00 on a new 2yr contract..

    • Landmarkcm

      Full cost should be like 350 range.

  • Ryan

    WiFi Calling? ….. For some reason, I doubt it.

    • Misterstockwell

      No WiFi calling on Windows Phones at this time–I inquired at both Kineto and Tmobile’s head of Wifi calling. No luck, and many months to implement once they decide to go with it.

    • Landmarkcm

      No but there is an app now in the market place and if you choose the right provider with it for ten bucks like every 3 months you can make free wifi calls in the US

  • BigMixxx

    It’s a decent device.  I may pick one up for the Baby Girl, if the price is right.  She has the C7, loves it (great camera on the phone), but wants something a bit more…

  • Tempestlegacy

    been using this for a few days.  I like it more then the radar due to I believe it has a more business look too it.  I also like the Nokia Drive and Maps apps.  However ran into an issue where it stays on a black screen until the caller on the other end, ends their call.

    • Bassam El-azzeh

      Hows the screen? Are the viewing angles good and is there an air gap between glass and LCD?


  • Tmoguy1

    I like the feel of the Radar more; however The solid color of the Nokias look better. The screen fewels like cheap plastic though. I was checking it out and I really like the screen on the Radar more.

  • Matlcok

    I compared this phone with my Radar 4G and IMO, the Radar is a much better phone! build quality, screen quality, and camera quality are much, much, much better on the Radar then on the Lumia! I hope we get some of the higher end Nokia Windows Phone devices, cuz this one just aint cutting it! 

    I really like Windows Phone, I just want to see more apps, a better, more user friendly, interface for the Marketplace, more powerful hardware to handle higher end games, and also allow the ability for third parties like Swype to be able to make keyboards for Windows Phone.

    • Landmarkcm

      So you used the camera on the Nokia? I mean how is the radar better with the camera if anything they should be the same or the Nokia is supposed to be slightly better. Ive read where it takes excellent shots. Did you get a chance to really play with it??

      • Anonymous

        I think, he just compared spec sheets, typical of lazy people nowadays. 

  • Offtherack

    nobody wants this trash. lumia 800 with ffc or the titan.WHO all agree?

    • Anonymous

      This is a great device and buy for a certain segment of the market. I like the N9 or Lumia 900 much better, but the 710 is aimed at a customers who don’t want or need the higher end. Everything I’ve read about the purpose of this device and the price made that clear. I have a new E7, G2X and Nexus One and I like this device. I’ll opt for an unlocked high end pentaband device, however.

      • Landmarkcm

        I mean really the only higher end things on the 800 are the camera specs are slightly better and the display other then that not much difference!

        • Michael Prince

          Compared to the 710, the Nokia has a 1.4Ghz processor compared to 1Ghz on the Radar. Also the free turn-by-turn navigation.  And the normal (not sale) price will be 50 bucks cheaper likely due to bigger subsidies from T-Mo and incentives from Nokia.

          There is no comparison to the 800 in regard to design and construction, but the 800 is more expensive, so I would expect it to be superior.

    • Landmarkcm


  • CJ

    I want the Nokia 800 any chance to unlock it on T-Mobiles 3g network if it comes to ATT :)

  • Anonymous

    If TMO doesn’t get the 900, they won’t get me. Getting tired of this droid shop. My friends have dumped their droids (tired of hard resets) and gone to the iphone. something i won’t do.

    • Littlesis1774

      All what T-mobile has is androids and windows phones.

      • Jms122589

        Yea but you can get a jailbroken iphone

  • William Cron

    You guys need to get Andrew one of these ASAP. I need an honest opinion on whether I should get this or the Radar.

    • rvg911

      I have the Lumia 710 in my hands now and its run smoother and faster than radar ! also has micro sim card battery last an eternity !

  • Michael Prince

    You don’t have long to wait until you get a better idea of the line-up for the near future. The Jan 9th media event at CES should clear up any questions about what carrier is getting what device. Current rumors suggest the 710 to T-mobile first, then Verizon after 3 months. the 900 straight to AT&T on 3/18. We know the 800 passed FCC but have no reports of what carrier it is headed to.

    The 800 doesn’t have an FFC and I doubt the U.S version will, the 900 will have an FFC.

    You’ll buy the Nokia for the quality of build and components, not for the freakishly awesome specs. Also Nokia drive gives it an edge over other Windows Phone handsets.

    If you haven’t owned a Nokia phone before you probably won’t understand what I am talking about re:quality.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve owned a few Nokia phones. Some were excellent, but the last few were garbage. The Nokia 3390, I returned 4 times to the store within the first week and they gave me a Motorola instead. The 6086 stopped sending/receiving text messages after 6 weeks. The 6101 fell apart within about 6 months. I’ve had a worse track record with Nokia than any other phone. 

  • Littlesis1774

    Does anyone what going to happen with at&t spectrum and roaming?

  • Anonymous

    I have an upgrade in Jan and Feb…I may add this to my collection of Nokias… FTR….I hate mail in rebates…..I hope Walmart will come to the rescue with a $50 price without a mail in rebate….I’ll take 2!

  • Anonymous

    Why isn’t T-Mobile getting any of the top of the line Windows Phone devices? The Nokia 710 is nice, don’t get me wrong. If I was looking for that size of a phone, I would get that. But I have an HD7, and I don’t want to go to a smaller screen. AT&T has the Focus S, Titan and Titan II, and the Nokia 900.

    Of those phones, I want the Focus S or the Nokia 900. I personally don’t want another HTC nightmare.

    T-Mobile needs to get off their asses and get with the program. Otherwise, as much as I hate AT&T, I will have to make the move.

  • Vlasik Serhiy

    Can I use the Nokia Lumia 710 in Europe?

  • Vlasik Serhiy

    Can I use the Nokia Lumia 710 in Europe? or how to unlock it?

  • Brianbb

    By the way part of the breakup deal/fail with AT&T should have put in the contract that any AT&T phone could come to T-mobile if they wanted it.  Little alterations are needed for AT&T to T-mobile handset.  Just the 3G band change and many phone already added it since they thought the merger would go through.  AT&T needs to stop pressuring cell companies for only excusivity on their network.

  • Anonymous

    After the HD2 and Windows 6.5 I don’t trust a Windows phone anymore.

    Next please!

  • Breatheeasyyboo