T-Mobile Posts Full Breakdown For HTC Amaze 4G Update, Wi-Fi Calling Is A Go

Word came early this morning from Twitter that the HTC Amaze 4G had a software update ready and waiting…it included Wi-Fi calling. Hallelujah. Now we have word T-Mobile posted a complete breakdown on the update via their support forums and it says in no uncertain terms, “IMS Wi-Fi Calling” as a new feature. Hallelujah x2. The complete list for software version 1.43.531.3:

New Features

    • IMS Wi-Fi Calling
    • Google Music


    • Improvements to Bluetooth connection
    • Clock widget not updating with time zone change
    • Improvement to Twitter and Peep application
    • Improved Wi-Fi connection

If you want manually check for the update press Menu > About Phone > HTC software updates > Check and follow the on-screen prompts. The update will continue rolling out through January 20th.


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  • David

    What about Galaxy S2

    • Anonymous

      I hope they fix the time it takes to establish a data connection after leaving WiFi.  Aside from that (and WiFi calling that everybody wants) there isn’t much that needs to be updated.  On my phone at least.

    • GS2owner

      I’m hoping it’ll be included in an ICS update soon.  But knowing how slow Samsung US phones tend to get updated, it probably won’t come for another 6-12 months.

    • Michael Prentice

      Right, I hope that Samsung doesn’t lag too far behind HTC with their update to WiFi calling. I certainly don’t think that they will try to bundle it with an ICS upgrade (which would come later).

  • Guest11134564

    IMS wifi calling is a piece of crap. Walk out of wifi coverage and you lose your call.

    • Rudy Belova

      All android wifi calling is like that. This update is NOTHING new in that regards. You must have an older nokia or blackberry to have handoff. No android has wifi to cell call handoff.

  • Bluemoon737

    Now if only TMO/HTC would fix the bluetooth profile to make MAP (message access profile) work as the HTC specs list it as one of the supported profiles. Then this phone would be a true upgrade to the Sensation.

  • Djdannyb

    Google MUSIC updated on it’s own and has STOPPED WORKING! Uninstalled Updates and now it’s working again. Heads up y’all. Thanks HTC!

  • the

    What did the mytouch 4g update do?

  • Anonymous

    Why IMS instead of Kinecto UMA? T-Mobile doesn’t need to worry about CDMA hand-over, so IMS is pointless.

    Is this pointing to a wider strategy of roaming over CDMA?

    • Michael Prentice

      TMO is working on switching their entire WiFi calling system over to IMS.

      • Anonymous

        So will former headliner Kinecto devices such as the G2 get transitioned, or will be left behind?

        • Michael Prentice

          As far as I know, they will continue to be supported on the Kinecto system. I have not heard of any plans to transition old devices to IMS or to drop support for Kinecto phones. So you should be just fine keeping your older phone and using WiFi calling.

    • The point of IMS based Wi-Fi Calling is the eventual capability of LTE/HSPA+ voice handover. They’ve essentially deployed the necessary components to support VoLTE. In fact, they are now free to turn off the circuit-switched channel of HSPA+. You can actually run IMS over UMTS HSPA+ as well as UMTS LTE. The idea is that shutting down the circuit-switched channel for HSPA+ will free up around 5-10MHz for more data bandwidth. That’s a lot more capacity when you think in terms of the number of towers that just gained more data capacity.

  • Azberna

    Can someone explain what the update will do to a my touch 4g……PLEASE??

  • hatersontherocks

    I wish they fixed it for my g2x

    • Ibleedmagenta

      Haters whats wrong with yours? Have you tried a master reset? Only issue I had with my phone was screen blacking out but went away once I uninstalled vevo. Anybody ever have that happen?

  • Anonymous

    So are Gal S2 users a disenfranchised  group.  No WI FI for us..
    I bought the phone and told WI FI coming. Phone will be out of date by the time,it comes, if ever…

  • Dennis Morales

    is anyone elses wifi messing up after update like not being able to connect to wifi at all cause thats whats happening to me

  • Jan Sergei Santos

    I sure hate it when Samsung Galaxy S2 users complain in a HTC Amaze thread… It’s like going to a McDonald’s and complaining about their Whopper.

    • Anonymous

      But guess what bud… That’s why there’s beauty in the power of free speech.

  • Amaze Me

    That makes two of us with the wifi calling issue. When I try to make a call it gives ma an error about making sure airplane mode is diabled. I can get calls but cannot make them. I have to keep restarting, anyone else with these same issues? Aside from that phone feels faster and available memory has increased.

    • Vitamins2drink

      I am having the same issue as you, did you get it corrected yet, I am so frustrated, I need wifi because I have no signal in my house and the phone keeps losing wifi, sometimes says it is an airplane mode as well

  • Anonymous

    The call quality has vastly improved and the WiFi Calling sound quality is crystal clear, even better than the cellular network (90% signal).  Calls used to sound muddled 7 on a scale of 10.  Now (based on 2 calls WiFi and cellular) I would give sound quality 10 out of 10 on WiFi and 9 out of 10 on cellular.  It even fixed 2 other problems I was having with the power button not working, and the clock not auto adjusting when I change time zones.  LOVE IT SO FAR !   Again, only running it 2 hours so far and I have not had time to test every application, but so far it fixes my number 1 problem (WiFi Calling from home where I have 0 bars).

  • Anonymous

    Hi can anyone clarify if the IMS wifi calling feature now include seamless handoffs between wifi and cell service during phone calls?

  • Chow_yun

    Now if Samsung would hurry up and do the same to gs2 that’ll be nice

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  • akemai

    I had an unlocked Tmobile Amaze which I am now using it overseas, and it just shows no update available. What’s wrong with it? Please advise.

    • Anonymous

      Can someone please tell me if unlocked amaze can receive the fucking update?