T-Mobile Follows Up On January Promise, Launches 25 4G Devices In 2011

T-Mobile announced just a short while ago the completion of a mission promised all the way back on January 6th, 2011 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. During the T-Mobile keynote, CEO Philip Humm announced that T-Mobile would launch 25 HSPA+ devices in 2011 and they’ve done exactly that. Furthermore, T-Mobile promised at least some of those devices would run on the 42Mbps HSPA+ network and they’ve achieved that with two smartphones, the Galaxy S II along with the HTC Amaze 4G and one Sonic 4G Mobile Hotspot.

Now for the question of the day…who can name them all?


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  • Youngt82

    Got my Htc Sensation 4g yezzirrrrr:)

  • abel2fresh4u

    tmobile this is all we wanted for chrismast. atleast 1 4G, stock android (ice cream sandwhich)  or since it looks like we’re not getting the galaxy nexus. atleast something like the GN. 

    idk about you guys but this is all i want. and been waiting for. im about to shich to any of those carriers with the GN. real talk

    • android noob

      But why do that when the gn on Verizon has Apps preinstalled, yes they give you the option to remove them, my friend don’t be a dummy buy a gs2 and root it
      You’ll get better battery life, “stock android” and cm9 of course when it comes out for the gs2

      • Abel2fresh4u

        Nah man I dont.like rooting.my phone. I know its cool n stuff, Ive rooted about 5 phones myself but I like to keep my phone the way it is…
        And how about for ppl who dont know how to root phones?

    • Matlcok

      If you want a GNexus, then pony up the money and get one! I have mine running on Tmo and am loving it! the cost difference between going to VZW to get one and sticking with TMO will more than make up for the cost of the phone. 

      Then again youre probably one of those who cries about not being able to get the GNexus, and the day they release will cry about how expensive it is, LoL!!!!

  • Jamar Eccleston

    sidekick 4g,amaze,mt4g slide , 2 lg mytouchs, galaxys 4g, blackberry bold, torch, curve,galaxy s 2, exhibit 1 and 2 ,doubleplay,sensation 4g, radar 4g, glaxaxy tab 10.1 ,sonice 4g hotspot , t-mobile jet 2.0 , galaxy tab 7, t-mobile springboard, t-mobile rocket 3.0

    • Eddie_k85

      You have 4 different mmb data sticks ( rocket2 and 3, jet 2.0 the 2 hotspots plus 4 tablets ) there you got

      • Jamar Eccleston

        oh the tablets is what i was missing mostly

  • Anonymous

    Dell Streak 7″
    Samsung Galaxy S 4G
    Jet 2.0
    Tmo Mobile Hotspot (21 HSPA+)
    LG G2x
    Samsung Sidekick 4G
    Rocket 3.0
    HTC Sensation
    Samsung Exhibit 4G
    HTC MT4G Slide
    BB Bold Touch 9900
    HTC Flyer
    Samsung Galaxy S II
    HTC Amaze 4G
    Tmo Mobile Hotspot (42 HSPA+)
    HTC Radar 4G
    LG Doubleplay
    Samsung Exhibit 2
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 10″
    myTouch Q by LG
    myTouch by LG
    BB Torch 9810
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus
    Huawei Springboard

    I think that’s all of them

  • randyohsofly

    The curve is not 4 g.

    • Whyusuck

      Yes it is tbe new bb curve

    • The curve 9360 is 4G.

  • 1 sensation 4g 
    2 galaxy s 4g
    3 sidekick 4g
    4 mytouch slide 4g
    5 amaze 4g 
    6 lg mytouch
    7 lg mytouch q
    8 blackberry 9900
    9 htc radar 4g 
    10 blackberry 9810 4g 
    11 samsung galaxy s2 4g 
    12 lg double play 4g
    13 samsung exhibit 2 4g
    14 t-mobile jet 2.0 4g
    15 t-mobile rocket 3.0 4g 
    16 t-mobile sonic 4g
    17 lg g2x w/ google
    18 t-mobile spring board
    19 samsung 7.0 plus tab
    20 samsung 10.1
    21 t-mobile 4g hotspot
    22 exhibit 4g
    23 lg g-slate
    24 dell streak
    25 lg rocket 2.0

    • hater on the rock

      How are u sure that the g2x will get the ics?

      • @2b151c65e95291d525b3b487d3eb1b3d:disqus not sure wat ur talking about..

    • Snapdragon S4

      Cool man. You seem to know your T Mo products. Do you know anything on the HTC Edge? I haven’t heard much about it lately. That phone would be sweet on T-Mobiles HSPA+42 here in Vegas.

  • Prettyboy85712

    And how many of the 25 that are Android devices will receive ICS?

    • Kahlayoh

      Galaxy S2!! Yea buddy!

  • t-mobile never officially release the htc flyer on there website. check yourself..

  • you forgot the rocket 2.0

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  • Anonymous

    You all forgot to mention the myTouch 4G

    • Factura5

      myTouch 4g was released on november 2010 actually. just like how in 2009 mytouch 3g was released and one year after comes the mytouch 3g slide. 

      • Kahlayoh

        maybe he was talking about the mytouch from LG!

  • I just upgraded to a G2X and am very happy with it.  4G and dual core.  Woo Hoo.

    • Antoinetrenton

      LG g2x is the best t mobile has and it has android 2.3.3 its a best of a phone

      • Kahlayoh

        I thought the Galaxy S2 was better in my opinion…I test drove the G2X comparing it to Galaxy S2 and I thought the Galaxy S2 was a all around better phone! 

        • manup

          really depends, gx2 is more responsive than the gs2. with the full mirror its pretty cool. gs2 does it but cannot mirror media hub.

  • Lawrence of Arabia

    yet I bought the Nexus S.

  • Vic

    I don’t understand why they are acting like this is an accomplishment, that somehow releasing a ton of 4G phones will improve their image. I rather have them come out with a solid few devices instead of releasing a ton. Example, the Sensation and the Amaze. To be outdating phones in less than four months is insane. Unless there is a major change in tech (e.g. going from single to dual cores), they shouldn’t be updating phones for 6-12 months. Apple has what is considered the most successful mobile device and they only update once a year (in one case, longer than that).

    Also, don’t get me wrong, other carriers are notorious for this as well (Verizon with the Motorola Droid Bionic and the Droid RAZR, which had a two month difference in launch dates, and AT&T with the Galaxy S II and the Galaxy S II LTE, which had about a two month launch date difference and the LTE version launched at a cheaper price).

    • manup

      lol goodluck cheap phones expensive surprises lmao

  • Michaeldiazh

    Umm they made a mistake. Its not 4g its 3G+

    • jay_max

      Tell it to the ITU.

    • Aaron Tant

      Are we really having this debate again?  So, with your statement… who has 4G?  I’ll wait… oh, that’s right, if you’re bringing up that old argument all over, the original definition from the ITU was 100 Mbps.  True.  Well, darn those ITU people for creating a new rule.

    • manup

      aws for your correction.

  • Penguirl

    With that many devices launched it makes it difficult to keep track of each phone’s features. Rather than launching a gazillion new devices I’d rather T-Mo gave better OS upgrade support for existing phones.

    Better even than that would be the iPhone. If a small regional carrier can get the iPhone why can’t T-Mo?

    • Anonymous

      They can’t. They have to waut for the vendor to support the phone in their range offering.

  • trife

    Quality over quantity.

    NOT saying that TMO hasn’t released some quality handsets this year.  But releasing 25 in a year isn’t anything special when 2/3 of them are “meh” and forgettable.  

    • jon

      Couldn’t agree more. There were only four or so devices worth mentioning this year. I’d say the Amaze, SGS2, galaxy tab 10.1, sensation are the noteworthy and the rest was just middle of the road blah.
      Btw, not to start any flame wars, but g2x is junk. I can’t believe anyone likes something made by LG. They are, by far, the worst manufacturer. Additionally, they are the worst at updating their devices. LG and Motorola will always be on my “never buy” list…just my opinion.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think so. Despite the fact the G2X is a buggy phone (which I think I found the solution to stop freezing, but still testing) it pretty much is a smooth phone. On top of that LG I feel is very good with updates. 3 months after the phone debuted, gengerbread was made available by them. I can’t believe people think that is bad.

        • enveed05

          If you have a solution… please share

        • Anonymous

          my theory is that Gingerbread plus the amount of apps I have uses up almost all of the 512mb of RAM causing the phone to freeze up and or lag. I downloaded the paid versions of 2 task killer apps; Advance Task Killer, and Memory Booster. I set them both to automatically kill running apps every hour. That seem to have reduced the freezing and lagging frequency significantly. later on, Memory booster was updated, which made it possible to kill more apps. I also change the settings to kill running apps every 30 minutes. Since then the lagging and freezing hasn’t happened. It has been 72 hours since I did that and my phone has been on and I haven’t experuenced lag yet.

          I used two task killers because one task killer can kill some apps amd the other one kills others that the first task killer does not. My phone is nit rooted.

        • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        I would buy HTC over LG and I don’t even like HTC.

    • Anonymous

       Unfortunately, not all of the devices can be high-end blockbuster phones as there is a market for *GASP* low and mid-range phones! Of course I’m sure you’re the same one complaining about the prices on these high-end phones.

      • Anonymous

        Wham and Bam!

      • trife

        After being with TMO since the Voicestream days, yes, sadly I’m well aware that not every device will be high end. That’s kind of what I was getting at though. T-Mobile is known as a value carrier and we have the reputation of carrying value phones to boot.

        If you haven’t noticed, our Magenta is on the verge of collapse even despite the ATT deal falling through. Okay they sold 25 4G phones….and their future is still just as uncertain. My point is that bragging about bringing to market X amount of phones isn’t doing a thing when most of them were rather forgettable. In our predicament we need the wow factor, not the run of the mill, low to midrange standard that we have become known for. We have that market on lock…and look where that has us positioned.

        So again….quality over quantity. There aren’t many devices on that list that would tempt an individual on another carrier to jump ship and that’s what T-mobile needs.

        And naw….no complaints about phone pricing. Prior to actually using an upgrade on my account last September, buying the newest/latest at retail was the norm.

        • Anonymous

          Not even Verizon or AT&T exclusively sells high-end devices. It has nothing to do with T-Mobile’s “Value” position as many of their phones cost more than they can have or do at other carriers! PS more than 3 of those 25 are high end.

          myTouch 4G Slide, Sensation 4G, G2x(POS or not), Amaze 4G, 9900, 9810, Galaxy S 4G, Galaxy S II, G-Slate, Galaxy Tabs, etc. the modem devices should be excluded… that’s not too bad IMO.
          and for the cheaper folks (of which also need phones!) There is the Exhibit 4G, some of the aforementioned phones now free or 99 dollars, The Radar 4G (which has the highest customer satisfaction.. EVER and is NOT high-end!), Dell Streak, the Springboard… etc. get a grip. Not one Android phone released this year was memorable or a huge standout due to market saturation from OTHER carriers like Verizon and Sprint.

        • trife

          I wouldn’t go so far as to say that no Android device released this year was a standout–that’s kind of extreme.  I can think of several off the top of my head.  Also, note I initially said that T-Mobile HAS released some quality handsets this year.  But just to entertain your list, I’ll play…

          myTouch 4G Slide — meh…myTouch line is tired, IMO, 
          Sensation 4G — one of the best devices released this year
          G2x — Up for debate–just ask some early adopters.
          Amaze 4G — pretty decent
          9900/9810 — everyone has these…and they’re BB’s in 2011.   
          Galaxy S 4G — solid release for sure, but didn’t quite live up to hype
          Galaxy S II — best TMO release, IMO
          G-Slate — no thanks
          Galaxy Tab — why would I buy this over an iPad w/out a contract?
          Exhibit 4G — meh
          Radar 4G — very, very solid WP deviceDell Streak — ROTFLMAO…my sis got one for Xmas and was sad.  Springboard — not even gonna lie and say I’m familiar w/ itOf course, this is all just my opinion and not fact or truth.  But I have a feeling that a lot of people ARE craving better, standout devices from T-Mobile.  We have everything BUT that (besides consistent coverage in the middle of nowhere lol).  Great pricing, good customer service (IMO), quality coverage in most metro areas and super fast data in a lot of metro areas–but….not the greatest 4G phone lineup despite having released 25 this year.  Again, this is just my opinion so “get a grip” and don’t get your panties in a bunch, ok?  Quality over quantity all day.    

        • Anonymous

          Obviously you didn’t read my post and you don’t get the point so I’m done talking to a complete moron. 

        • trife

          When people start name calling, clearly a nerve has been struck. If picking up your toys and leaving the sandbox is how you end conversations, then so be it.

          Why are you mad though lol? We’re talking phones lol.

        • Anonymous

          You couldn’t get me upset over your stupidity even if you actually tried a little harder.

        • trife

          Yeah, you’re mad.  

        • Kahlayoh

          I have to agree…lol!!

        • manup

          trife didn’t you read the last post? Att backed out and tmobile was smart enough to play a poker face the whole time knowing that the deal wasn’t going through to begin with. Seems like you haven’t played with these devices before just by reading your post. Sounds like an amateur. Let me redo your list:

          mytouch slide 4g-good and fast with a  great smartshot tmobiles new signature phone ppl not tired of it that’s why the new mytouch made by lg sold out

          sensation-obviously you loved it
          g2x-I have it and I love it still my first model and I do pretty much everything on it 10/10
          amaze-sensation and mytouch 4g slide combine and what do you get (amazing ain’t it)
          9900/9360/torch-newest bb 7 not 6 with a 1ghz processor with touch responsive on botn 9900 and torch but I do admit it is pricy ppl still bought it. Its a crackberry lol ppl loves crack they always go back for more even if its old lmao
          galaxy s 4g -sold out how can you say not up to its hype?
          gs2-yes I agree and soon to wait on ice cream sandwich
          g-slate-what a bummer but 3d capable was available and first to sport honeycomb
          galaxy tab-my opinion its better then an ipad in every way.browsing exerience is so much better and plus free apps v. Restrictions who wants that? Don’t need to hack it to void warrantys plus I hate syncing can’t we just bluetooth files and stop being greedy using icloud?
          exhibit and exhibit 2-hot devices for the price its going for believe it or not ppl are buying a shit load of it. Sellout!
          radar-solid but has potential future updates can’t wait.
          springboard-rated #1 for best user experience and I played with it I got one myself boyyyy! For a good price

          lmao just my opinion trife. Don’t get offended.

        • manup

          totally wrong trife lol…

  • Too bad one of them wasn’t the HTC Titan 4G

  • Anonymous

    I just love how the Galaxy S II is not called a 4G phone to boost sales.  The phone sells itself.

  • John Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt

    25 more 4G cell sites would be better!

    • Sdcranford

      I agree to that. Even 3g would be nice

  • trife

    Offended? LMAO. Over your opinion that you’re entitled to? Never that. It’s all good. Fortunately that’s what makes this country great…the freedom to have an opinion even if it doesn’t align with what the next person believes.

    I still stand behind my original point though. Less crap and more quality.

    • Kahlayoh

      Maybe to you it’s crap, but in each of those phones..theres a thing that attact it’s new owner. From price to screen size to camera to the feel…what ever it is. I was a previous mytouch owner and before that a sidekick fanatic and now a former Galaxy S2 which I must say is the best s2 then the other carriers have!! But I do agree with you…quality is always better then quanity. But maybe your type of quality is different from others. Maybe and hopefully soon, Tmo will finally get the “Iphone” which everyone has been crying for and it’ll make everyone happy. I myself, used to have the iphone and loved it…except for certain things! Still on 3G…you can only sync it to 1 itunes and too small! But amazingly people love it…what i do actually like about it which is entertaining…is Siri! I had a blast chatting with her!! 

      • manup

        kahlayoh havent you seen the youtube clip between siri and vlingo? lol vlingo was said to be better than siri due to the fact  siri couldn’t live up to its hype. vlingo worked a lot better on android especially. Entertaining…who gets a girl dancing on their wallpaper everyday and every morning watching her thong while she bends over. lol i do…i had a blast drooling over her while the girl on the other end read my messages…vlingo.

    • Badandy_vang

      quality is in every device to be honest comes from the same manufactures.

  • Anonymous

    They just need to one good 42 Mbps HSPA+ phone a quarrter next year.