HTC Bootloader Unlock Now Supports myTouch 4G Slide

HTC has kept their word, albeit slower than we expected to continue offering bootloader unlocks for various devices within their line up. As of today they’ve officially added the myTouch 4G Slide to the mix and that’s news we’re very happy to report. If you’re eager to unlock the 4G Slide bootloader, you can begin your quest at the HTCDev website linked below to get started. Happy unlocking.

Android Central via @HTCDev

HTCDev website

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  • Anonymous

    sa-weet….i’ll mess with the wife’s, if she’ll allow me.

    • Hyosj

      I bet you will.

      • Mooch


      • Anonymous

        Ya…not happening lol.

  • CantItAllBeSimple

    Has everyone forgotten about the MyTouch 4g?? 

  • Mega G

    Still no T-Mobile G2?  Fail.

    • Anonymous

      When was the G2’s bootloader locked?

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  • John

    What does this mean and do I take advantage and use this?

    • antony

      it means that you sir are a fucking moron, take full advantage.

      • Joe

        Seriously dude? I think you need to go deal with your daddy issues before you start calling people morons, troll.

  • alt-mobile

    This may be a very n00b-ish question but what is a bootloader?

  • I rooted mine a while back the old way, but it’s great to see HTC provide an official bootloader unlock option.

  • tmotech

    I’ve been reading about this on the xda forums and apparently it’s not working for people. Nobody has reported successfully unlocking yet.

  • Anonymous

    Still no ICS, though. :/