HTC Unlocks All Android Bootloaders From Smartphones Launched After September 2011

HTC has updated their developer site yet again, and they did so with some excellent news:

All HTC Android devices launched after September 2011 are unlockable. The website will be updated accordingly to reflect this in the coming weeks. We continue to work on models launched prior to September 2011, please check back often for the status of older devices.

For T-Mobile, you’ve got the HTC Sensation 4G, the myTouch 4G Slide and the HTC Amaze 4G all with unlocked bootloaders now. HTC has followed up on their promise and this is a big step in the right direction for manufacturers listening to consumer feedback.

Samsung, take note of this as you consider the future of the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the original Galaxy S!

HTCDev website

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  • Kiki

    But only the amaze was released after Sept.

    • The whole list has more than the T-Mobile phones, I think there are close to 20 phones on the list.

      • Shwnmrshinc

        David.. I’m not a developer, do I need to download a bunch of programs to my computer in order to unlock HTC Sensation? What’s your suggestion?

        • Anonymous

          just google it and see what comes back.  Im sure the its out there somewhere.

        • Shwnmrshinc

          THANKS LEWS. GOD BLESS :-)

        • Kelly

          Below the article, there is a link to the HTC Developer website. That tells you everything you have to do depending on your phone model.

  • Anonymous

    The Sensation wasn’t released after September… I still hope they unlock it though.

    • It is already unlocked!

  • Tbyrne

    David. The HTC Sensation was released before September. Does it qualify?

    • It does, in fact it was among the first devices HTC unlocked. It was one of the first two.

  • Anonymous

    Verizon’s HTC Rezound was released in November; however, it isn’t on the supported list.

    Boo, hiss.

  • kkkk

    what you mean unlock?  we can use on other carriers without having to unlock?
     what is boot loader?
    sorry for not being smart

    • Stjimmy

      It means it is now unlocked to ROOT the phone.  This means that you are able to install a custom ROM on the phone, such as CyagenMod, instead of the manufacturer’s ROM. (For HTC this would be Sense) No you would not be able to use other carriers, you are still locked in to the provider you have. But you should definitely look in to rooting your phone as it opens up WAY more options for customization.

  • Cyclone

    For all ignorant people:


    It is just a boot-loader unlock so you can install, modify firmware on the phone.

    • Msprinkl

      Cyclone, don’t be a putz…

    • Treyshawn214

      man we all can read. no need for all that here. it do unlock the phone also 

  • Scott Miller

    Know it was released before Sept, but what about G2?

  • Ricanprincess334

    Has this been working for people who tried it??

  • FrogsOnATrain

    Why are you calling out Samsung?  They’ve never locked their bootloaders in the first place.  What should they take note of?  

    • matt

      Samsung is getting called out because of their statements that they won’t update the Galaxy S to ICS

      • FrogsOnATrain

        What does that have to do with bootloaders?  Because of its unlocked bootloader it can be updated via the android community.  The fact that Samsung said they wont update the Galaxy S has absolutely nothing to do with locked bootloaders.  

        • chris23

          It’s about listening to customer feedback

    • samsung/htc/sony/lg/yourmom

      actually samsung locked their bootloaders with the android 2.2 update. my vibrant is locked but thats not the case here. this is mainly about manufacturers listening to their customers 

      • badaphooko01

        if you mean if you cant get into recovery with the 3 button combo, there is a easy fix for that.

  • Rpedigo

    What’s going on with people that bought the Desire S?  Are we getting any update of any kind?  I’ve read of some people in certain areas at least getting an upgrade to Sense 3.0 but I’m here in Taiwan and can’t even get that.  What gives?

  • Martin Jönsson

    Fantastic… Will they now do anything about the HTC Legend that barely got 6 months worth of software update attention before they fucked all their customers over and pretended that product never existed? No?

    No more HTC for me.

  • tommy

    How great is that? Now, they can do something about lousy audio fidelity of phone recording (not playback, Recording!) …. At least, the next Android high-end phone can fix this.

  • princess

    Does my touch 4g qualify?

  • An Mendez

    does unlocking void warranty though?

  • Davidisaniphoneloverandsoami

    Time to leave for real lte. Hello Verizon. So long tmo …..