(Updated) T-Mobile Offering The HTC Wildfire S To Customers Canceling Over iPhone 4S?

Update: Now, anyone who has ever called retentions knows that the offers will vary based on the caller, tenure, upgrade eligibility etc. Still, this offer seems released specifically in response to the iPhone 4S which makes it worth noting. There are other offers we’ve been hearing in the last few hours that far and away offer a compelling reason to stick with T-Mobile. The HTC Wildfire S has been added to the list of devices that are available for retention offers in order to stem the iPhone cancellation flow. 

The iPhone 4S has already proven to be a runaway success and given that, T-Mobile is concerned about customers canceling and heading elsewhere as they remain the last national carrier not to have an iPhone. No matter your operating system preference, there is little hope the HTC Wildfire S (even as a starting offer) is going to entice iPhone 4S customers to stay on T-Mobile.

This offer does however, make complete sense given the highlighted portion of this image that specifically refers to the 3GS. The 3GS and the Wildfire S are very much in a comparable position and this deal would work quite well. However, the bulk of this image text leads us to believe that the Wildfire S is being offered a a starting point for customers looking to leave for the iPhone 4S and working their way up from there.

T-Mobile needs to do more, way more to stem the tide of customers who wish to leave as they see Magenta being the last national carrier without the iPhone. With the recent additions of the Galaxy S II and Amaze 4G T-Mobile has beefed up their Android line-up considerably and has therefore put the focus on showcasing the strength of their Android line-up. Given those additions, this would be the right opportunity to do exactly that, offer customers wishing to leave for the iPhone 4S a truly competitive reason to stay.


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