T-Mobile Shows Renewal Customer Growth Is Strong

There has been a lot of negative news lately surrounding T-Mobile’s financial performance given AT&T’s efforts to portray them as a carrier steps away from financial ruin. While that may be the way AT&T is attempting to portray T-Mobile, there is some good news considering T-Mobile’s recent internal report regarding the number of customer renewals in the last three months. A total of 5 million customers have renewed their service with T-Mobile in the last three months alone.

During the month of June T-Mobile renewed 1.7 million customers, 1.6 million customers in July and 1.7 million customers were renewed on contract in August.

“Our 4G network, strong handset lineup, and the introduction of the classic and value plans are giving customers are reason to stay and our RSRs/CSRs are executing flawlessly,” says Greg Hoffman, VP of Churn and Retention. “The renewals programs we implemented are showing big results. We’ve had three terrific months in a row.”

T-Mobile is taking a long hard look at their churn results and has begun attacking the causes individually. T-Mobile is working toward a renewal goal of 85% translating to 16.5 million on-contract customers by years-end. At the end of August T-Mobile is at 83.4%.

While three months of renewal success isn’t enough to turn T-Mobile detractors around in their overall beliefs of the company’s health, it shows that T-Mobile isn’t quite as dead in the water as some would believe. Furthermore, it will definitely take more than three months numbers to turn around the overall impression that AT&T is attempting to spread surrounding T-Mobile’s future without a partner such as AT&T. So T-Mobile we salute your continued efforts to work for your customers and continuing to provide great value.

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