On GigaOM Mobilize Stage T-Mobile CMO Cole Brodman Talks Android, Data, iPhone

We just finished our live-blog coverage of T-Mobile CMO Cole Brodman on stage at GigaOM Mobilize and of course the all-important question surrounding the iPhone was asked by host Om Malik. In response Brodman responded elusively that “the ball is in Apple’s court.” Brodman further said that T-Mobile has made it clear to Apple “our desire to have the iPhone.” When asked about an iPhone for T-Mobile this October, Brodman said he did not expect it. However, we heard the same thing from Verizon’s executive team weeks before the iPhone launched on Verizon.

Few more key points if you weren’t able to check the live video or live blog:

  • Over 75% of phones sold in 2011 by T-Mobile have been smartphones and over 90& of those phones have been Android
  • When asked about other platforms and who might take a now coveted third spot behind Apple and Google, Brodman only said that he was hopeful RIM could make a comeback and that WP7 gains traction
  • 170 million Americans in 150 markets have 4G
  • More than 10 million customers are using 3G/4G devices on T-Mobile network
  • 40% of social media consumption is done from your smartphone
  • 4G devices account for half of all data traffic but only about 15% of smartphone sales
  • Half of all 4G traffic is video
  • Blackberry and Microsoft need to take advantage of cloud internet and applications to mount serious challenge to Apple and Google
  • T-Mobile is trying to preserve worry free nature of data plans and they do not want customers worry about going over their data allotment month to month
  • “Value plans represent the best value in wireless”
  • T-Mobile needs more spectrum and capacity to roll out LTE, would need solution for capacity troubles
  • AT&T deal has almost daily activity, still expects deal to close “eventually”
  • T-Mobile needs to remain competitive in marketplace regardless of AT&T
  • Regardless of whether or not AT&T completes T-Mobile deal, customers win

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