T-Mobile To Increase Regulatory Fee, Doesn’t Allow You To Exit Contract

Word has gotten out that T-Mobile has been sending out notices like the one seen in the image above regarding an upcoming increase in T-Mobile’s Regulatory Programs Fee. While plenty of you have emailed in the last 24 hours with hopes this might give you an escape from your T-Mobile contract we don’t believe that is the case.

T-Mobile’s dedicated page to Regulatory Programs Fees highlights that any change doesn’t mandate a change in the contract or a waiver of the Early Termination Fee. While in years past carriers have often allowed customers to exit their contract early due to such changes, newer contracts allow for the company to change the fees without allowing the customer an early exit. Read the full FAQ below:

Regulatory Programs Fee

Since 2004, customers have been charged a Regulatory Programs Fee on their bill. The Regulatory Programs Fee is used to help offset costs T-Mobile incurs to comply with local, state, and federal regulations, such as E911. This fee is not a government mandated charge or tax.

Regulatory Programs Fee FAQs

What is the fee for?
The fee is assessed to help offset costs of compliance with various federal, state, and local government mandates, programs, and obligations.

Does your competition charge the fee?
Other wireless operators charge a Regulatory Programs Fee, a Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge, and/or an Administrative Charge.

Can I terminate my contract without incurring an Early Termination Fee because of the Regulatory Programs Fee increase?
No. Early Termination Fees will apply if you choose to terminate because of the Regulatory Programs Fee increase.

Is this fee applied to the account or to each line on the account?
The fee is applied to each line on the account.

Is this a one time fee?
The fee is a monthly recurring fee.

Has this fee always been assessed?
A Regulatory Programs Fee has been charged since 2004, and is disclosed at the point of sale.

How much is the fee?
The fee is currently $1.41. Effective August 15, the fee will be $1.61.

I am currently exempt from this fee. Will I now be charged as of August 15?
If you are currently exempt from the Regulatory Programs Fee, you will continue to be exempt and will not be charged.

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