T-Mobile Takes Easy Second Place In PCMag’s Fastest Mobile Network 2011 Contest

T-Mobile’s 4G network claim right now remains the nation’s largest 4G network while Verizon’s claims the fastest. The results of PCMag’s nationwide mobile speed test support the claim that Verizon is indeed the fastest against T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 21Mbps network but T-Mobile holds second place down like a boss. With the obvious mention that this test might have had different results should T-Mobile have a larger network of HSPA+ 42Mbps along with the devices to serve it. Needless to say Verizon’s LTE network took down all competitors with blazing fast speeds that even T-Mobile at it’s most capable speeds couldn’t keep up with. We’ll really enjoy the next series of tests when T-Mobile has the phones capable of running on the fastest speeds the network can offer. So how did T-Mobile truly compare?

  • In the Northeast T-Mobile fared very well easily besting Sprint 3G/4G and AT&T with a max download speed of 14.11Mbps. Verizon’s 4G really shined though producing a 19.46 max download speed.
  • In the Southeast T-Mobile again turned in a solid performance edging out AT&T and Sprint yet again with a top download speed of 14.04Mbps. Verizon took home top honors with a blazing fast speed of 31.76Mbps.
  • In the Central region T-Mobile took second place for a third time with a max download speed of 15.23Mbps against Verizon’s winning speed of 37.66Mbps.
  • In the West T-Mobile maintained it’s second best performance with a max download speed of 12.88Mbps against Verizon’s 26.87.
  • So how did T-Mobile fare in “rural America?” Once again a second place victory barely beaten by AT&T but absolutely beating both Sprint and Verizon’s 3G networks.

While Verizon was the clear winner trouncing the competition T-Mobile still fared well with speeds that are completely awesome. Even with Verizon’s 4G network being newer, less congested than T-Mobile’s and having less hardware running on it, it still managed to easily maintain the company’s marking speak of nation’s fastest 4G network. Enjoy the prize Verizon, next year could very well be a totally different story.


Check out the PCMag story for the full results breakdown and see how your city fared in the tests!

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