T-Mobile Posts Sensation 4G Trivia Details

T-Mobile promised to give away 10 HTC Sensations, and they are looking to unload a few more (four if  you include the one you can win if you are attending gdgtNY, and you probably should) tonight.  As their tweet says, their trivia game starts at 4pm PT, or 7pm ET (so you have an hour and a half).  The official rules make it out to be a random drawing, with no limit on the number of eligible submissions (read tweets).  So keep your eyes peeled, the fun starts soon and you could win your very own HTC Sensation, just don’t forget the hashtag (#gdgtNY), no, not the hashtag.

On a side note, @Tmonews and @Tmonews_Andrew will be tuned in, and responding to trivia questions, and probably arguing a bit too (it’s all in great fun though)


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