T-Mobile Tweets Father’s Day Sensation 4G Giveaway

There are some key words that just peak our attention on Twitter and they are “father’s day, Sensation 4G, celebrate, next week, smartphones,” and they just make my heart sing. As it turns out T-Mobile is planning on giving away 10 Sensation 4G’s for a Father’s Day celebration. Do I have your attention now? We’ll find out more details on Monday as we’re unsure if this will last all week or be all in for Sunday only. Stay tuned for Monday!


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  • Clint

    or, you know, offer the Sensation 4G (along with all other cell phones) for FREE on Sunday…and here’s the kicker…for upgrades too!!!


    ** Before those that feel the need to come at me with logistics about financial attributes and what not, this would cause…trust me lol I know!  Hence the “/perfectworld.”

    • Clint

      Oh, and I hope I win one of those 10!!  Good luck to everyone that tries to get their hands on one of these bad boys!

      For those of you who have already purchased one —> I HATE YOU!!!!!!

      No, seriously, I hate you!  I really really do ='(
      jk lol.

      • dmo

        Got mines at walmart buddy yeah

      • Joemamma22

        I got one on Wednesday :)

    • Clint

      #fail the 18th is on a Saturday, not Sunday…my bad lol!

  • Title says “Fathers Day” instead of “Father’s Day”.

    • guest

      Also, “peak our attention” should be “pique our attention”, however the idiom more commonly used is “pique our interest”.

      Grammar police to the rescue!

      • Anonymous

        Commas and periods always go inside quotation marks. Grammar feds rescuing the grammar police. Ha ha. What is wrong with us correcting each other on blogs? Did we actually learn things in school? I tried so hard not to. On topic, I hope to win a Sensation 4G too!!!

        • guest2

          Not always.  Your point is correct for American usage only. What if guest was British or was taught in schools following the British system?  He’d be correct in this case. 

      • winner winner chicken dinner

        and a nose in need deserves puffs indeed

    • GDHussak

      Actually Gabriel, shouldn’t be “Father’s” either (unless we’re celebrating only one dad…proper spelling is Fathers’. :)

      And while we’re critiquing the English language, anyone know what ‘ghoti’ could also spell?

  • Richardthegrape

    I just played with a Sensation 4g today at the mall out here in Utah, beautiful phone! Way lighter in weight then I expected, the myTouch 4g is like ten times heavier haha. Super impressed and can’t wait till it comes out!

    • Rizo

      Where in utah? Was it at a t-mob store?

      • Dom

        ya im in utah too wanna try it out even though im 99% going to get it anyways

    • Jared Long

      hell yeah! utah peeps represent! ;) lol

  • Guest

    Only 10?! Uh Oh…

  • Nova

    do ya have to be a daddy? Lol my sons not due till September but ive felt him kick! that has to count.

    • Tortionist

      i think it should count bro.

  • Shardizzle

    How much do you have to put down

  • Tmmatby

    I’m a Father. How can I get one?

  • HTCSensationFan

    dont matter to me, im buying it on the release date :P

  • do i need to send pics of me to win like all those stupid congressman are doing? :)

    • Sorto7

      Jajaja that’s gunny

  • Bigmerf

    i already picked one up at walmart, but would take another for my wife :

    • Marc

      How’s the phone? Is it worth the wait?

  • Emilioburgos2003

    I’m a father I really need one still using the dash

  • BigMixxx

    I dat Baby’s pappy!  and I need a new phone!

  • Oreo

    Does anybody know if you can purchase the device from wal*mart on a equipment installment plan?

    • 675Trip

      No you can’t new Line, Full upgrade or outright purchase only, and some stores won’t sell outright

      • Oreo

        Ok another Q&A, Would I be able to purchase the device with an add a line and wait till after the 14 day period for that device and cancel my add a line and pay etf for that line and still keep the device? I really want this phone, but the economy isn’t helping me much.

        • You’ll pay $200 ETF, plus a $250 handset recovery fee. (I forgot what it’s called exactly.) If you cancel within 180 days, you pay either $250 or you return the phone.

        • Oreo

          So then its like 148 + 200 + 250 for the whole amount huh?

        • Cupcake

          huh?  handset recovery fee?

        • Oreo

          That’s what I’m wondering I’ve never heard of it until now.

  • Call me when they give them away to T-Mobile customers on a no-contract plan :-D .

    • Nate

      Makes a lot of business sense, doesn’t it?

      • Oh yea, I can respect the business logic behind giving treats to people that sign a 2 year contract.

  • Kife0301

    just had a chance to test out the sensation and it’s amazing kinda wish tmobile would include this in the fathers day sale, btw the comparison to the G2II is exaggerated most user will be more than happy with this phone (screen, camera, speed and everything) can’t wait

    • Oreo

      Your not the only one. I saw the device today at T-Mobile store in the Houston area. Wow, the phone is super sexy and really light. Sense 3.0 is Hella crazy with extra little customizations here and there. That was just first impression’s about the device. I can’t wait till I can purchase this phone.

  • Nicole02

    T-mobile can lik my dirty buthole

    • Oreo

      Are you mad that T-Mobile has an awesome phone. Ha ha.

    • J. Williams


    • Farhan

      Well, then next time use an extra wipe. :P

  • Dianna21

    Hey who recommends this phone? I live in san juan Puerto Rico. I just saw it at the T-Mobile store it looked like a good device. Idk if I should get it cuz I never had T-Mobile. Over here in Puerto rico T-Mobile has hspa+ running at 21 mbps. But I heard that since T-Mobile is new over here that they dnt have an edge or gsm or gprs network. That once u go out of the hspa+ area u get no service cuz there’s no other network available does anyone if that is true?? I have att right now while I admit its not the greatest when I go out of the 3G area my phone drops down to edge. So at least I have edge. But I known 2 people who had my touch 4gs on T-Mobile and canceled it and went to T-Mobile cuz they said T-Mobile over here suckz cuz its not like in the states that once u go out of a 3g area u fall back on edge they said there was no other network to back it up so they wud get no service. They said it sucked that’s why they switched to att cuz they said all of T-Mobiles network in Puerto Rico is 3G only and the coverage is small when compared to att. So yea does anyone know if this is true?? Cuz I really wanna switch cuz att is getting super expensive. I never had a problem wit att coverage but yea its ridiculous that I’m paying $170 a month for 1 phone.

    • Dianna21

      I messed up at the top were I put they canceled it I put they went to T-Mobile again I meant at&t my bad.

    • Pdxduckfan2003

      I thought they taught English in Puerto Rico?  Please go back to school……

      • Jcstugotts

        why do you have to insult her like that. she is just asking a question. This has been my fav web sit for years cause you can ask questions and get opinions, but its getting really bad. david you should ban this guy and people like this from your site. people are getting cocky and nasty, and we are getting away from what this site is about. q and a and info for the tmobile fans. she didnt deserve that pal.

        • Done. 

        • Jcstugotts

          Very cool david. love the site, am on it every day. tmonews rocks Philly!

        • Dianna21

          Thank u very much :)

    • Ajg1718

      T-Mobile does have GPRS EDGE network out there some places are only GPRS/EDGE. GPRS and EDGE travel with voice line and T-Mobile has PR covered(a good 95-97%) with voice so you will be getting services. The major cities obviously will carry 3G and 4G.

      • Dianna21

        Thank u :)

    • Geokaplan

      Tmobile bought Suncom several years ago so they aren’t “new” in that sense. Coverage should be robust.

  • Rob

    Dianna, i have t-mobile and the prices are good and service is also good. I’ve had Sprint(ripoff) and verizon. My contract ends december but don’t know if i can wait that long.If at any point they offer the sensation free then i will cancel my line and pay the $100 ETF because i am 6 months away and add the sensation. By the way,i was born in Aguada.

    • Dianna21

      Gracias :)

  • J. Williams

    I would like to have this phone, and I think I will buy it next week. Because my G2x is killin me, this is my third one. I really like G2x, but I need it to work.

    • Markwill62

      Concur,i have two G2Xs and I an not going through two years of fighting with the constant reboots…Sensation for me as soon as it his the streets…my son wants to hold on for the galaxy s2

      • J. Williams

        What do you think we could sell the G2x for?

        • JesusChrist

          Since it’s an Android and LG… I’ll offer you $50. Hit me up @ SteveJobsisgod@yahoo.com

        • J. Williams

          Ha ha funny.

  • Zoltan

    Maybe someone has an explanation.  I visit the local T-Mobile store again today to ask about the “Fathers Day Sale”.  They haven’t been fully advised about it yet, but there are hints that 1) Yes it is on, 2) It will be officially announced/promoted a couple of days ahead of time, 3) Yes, they’ve been told they will have the Sensation by the 17th and it should be available at a special Father’s Day price, Maybe! and 4) They (T-Mobile) don’t advertise the sale ahead of time because they don’t want to advertise this spectacular event that is the largest sales day they have ever had to the competitors!  Is it me or my local store employees that are crazy; or does T-Mobile just like being in fourth place.
    BTW, they were surprised to hear it was currently selling at WM! Yikes!

    • CRT24

      First off, Wal-Mart was not supposed to sell the phone early and may have broken their contractual agreement with HTC by doing so. We have the sensation in stock at most of the stores in my market (about 40 per store on average) but we will not sell them till the 15th. We have not yet been told what the promo is but we are supposed to know on the 14th at which time we will mist likely be authorized to start letting customers know about the promotion.

      • Zoltan

        I think you’ve made my main point.  You (T-mobile store?) don’t yet know about the promotion? And you’ll soon be authorized, not to sell, but to let customers know about the promo.  Isn’t the point to sell as much as possible and get as many new customers in as possible?  Shouldn’t T-Mobile have been running print ads in every media they can get their hands on for the last month or so. Isn’t this marketing 101?

        • EJD

          Yes it is a good marketing strategy in a way, however seeing your competitors know what you will have available(and when) and at what price gives other providers a chance to come up with a counter marketing strategy. Especially if you give them a month to do it. SO although it sucks for US as consumers I do get why there playing hard to get with this phone. And no I don`t work for tmo.

        • Zoltan

          Fine, make it two weeks or a week.  Today’s Sunday papers are full of Father’s Day ads.  Verizon, Yes.  AT&T, Yes.  T-Mobile, NO!  I really think they’ve given up.  Where’s CZ-Js when you need her?

          Marketing 101:  There are 3 competitors vs. millions of potential customers.  This is especially true if you have confidence in the virtual monopoly that exists for a particular item (Sensation) if only for a very short time period.  And besides it takes weeks if not months to come up with a national ad campaign.

        • CRT24

          Yes , our advertising strategy (or lack there of) is very frustrating for retail stores. But specials like the one we ran last fathers day can’t be disclosed too far in advance because if people know they will get free phones then that will likely kill business for that period so I get that part of it. We obviously don’t have near the advertising budget of ATT and Verizon but our lack of advertising for new handset launches is really curious to me. This phone launches on the 15th and that’s when we will start selling it but the promotion for the 18th I’m sure is not solely based on this phone but it may be part of it in some way.

      • HTC Pyramid

        Yesterday, I went into a Phoenix Wal-Mart and checked out the Sensation at the T-mobile store. The assistant was indeed very surprised when I advised her that other Wal-Marts across the country were already selling the device. She stated they should not be doing so. However, she told me they would begin selling today. 

    • EJD

      I don`t know if I have an explanation but if tmo retail stores aren`t offering the phone for at least $200 with a $50 rebate then you can get it at walmart for $148.88 plus tax. My best guess is they will have the phone on sale but definitely NOT free. Maybe $150 with a $50 rebate. I know that`s wishful thinking but one can hope can`t they??

  • Ua777captain

    If anyone is interested, Costso in East Plano, Texas has been selling Sensation since at least Friday.

  • Rick

    I had a chance to fool with one at the local TMO store, very nice.  The entire back cover is the antenna.  The front glass is indeed curved around the edge so when you lay it on the face only the edges touch.  Gorilla Glass to boot.  And HTC’s site says the USB port is also the HDMI port, called an MHL cable to use with it.  I’m nit sure I’m going to like Sense, but then HTC is pledging to unlock bootloaders, so maybe I’ll be back on a CM rom in a few months.  I was going to buy the G2X today but the crew talked me into waiting for the Sensation

    • EJD

      I also had some hands on with one today. And I agree with everything you said. Sleek, ingenuitive body design and a very sharp and durable display.Also the CPU appears to be fairly decent.  From what I saw the phone was very quick and responsive, no lagging. I`m not to crazy about Sense either, but can you imagine how badass this phone will be modded out to the users personal preference? Either way I`m getting the phone but let` keep our fingers crossed that HTC will indeed provide an update to unlock the bootloader.

    • J. Williams

      The G2x is a great phone, its just got some issues. So I too would say to wait on the sensation. Then we will see what bugs it has…lol.

    • J. Williams

      The G2x is a great phone, its just got some issues. So I too would say to wait on the sensation. Then we will see what bugs it has…lol.

  • Noproudforwar

    G2X  beats ugly the htc sensation on quadrant scores…and just wait for gingerbread on G2X,i play with one yesterday soo slow God !!!! how people think this is a second generation of a smartphone??? the only thing this have is the hearvy sense 3.0 stupid, that thing slow all the phone like a razor !!! dam ! 

    • Baconhole

      u < sm<3.

  • J. Williams


    • traluca81

      Did you call to ask if they have it in stock or just went to the store and asked for it? I called the Walmart stores around me in Chicago and they are telling me they don’t have it…

      • J. Williams

        I just went down there.

  • Rudy

    Will they be free with tmobiles Father day sale? Or are they not doing that? & its free with a 2year-contract?

  • WackMasterDrums

    are you saying tmobil is giving away 10 Sensation 4G is the 10 how many their giving away or the name of the phone cus if their giving away 10 of them BIG DEAL

    • F800

      I agree.   Is it 10 per store (weak), per state (Big Deal) or 10 nationwide (Yawn).

      • Anonymous

        10 per store is not weak thats already amazing

        • F800

          …unless you’re number 11…   ;-)

        • WackMasterDrums

          hahaha @ f800 agreed 11 would suck>>>>>an if its for fathers day it should just be for men.

        • WackMasterDrums

          hahaha @ f800 agreed 11 would suck>>>>>an if its for fathers day it should just be for men.

  • TweetMo

    Samsung Galaxy S is currently free thru Tuesday online only, for new lines. I know… it’s not the sensation, but it’s 21mbps & it’s FREE! Checkout T-mobile

  • TweetMo

    Monday’s business day officially over & Monday’s “more info” is still missing. What’s up T-Mobile???

    • Watch around midnight, that’s when he usually drops the news. Usually.

  • mrmiddl

    Northwest las Vegas Walmart has them ,imagine my surprise. They already had the g2x removed also.

  • mrmiddl

    Northwest las Vegas Walmart has them ,imagine my surprise. They already had the g2x removed also.

    • mrmiddl

      In reply to which walmarts have the sensation.

    • mrmiddl

      In reply to which walmarts have the sensation.

  • Nyeggie

    So who won the phones for the pics of dad posted on Tmobile or how will the winners be notified?