T-Mobile To Carry Samsung Galaxy S 2?

If we were to take a straw poll as to what already announced Android phone T-Mobile customers want to see on the Magenta network, the Galaxy S 2 would undoubtedly be at the top of the list. With that in mind we might have some good news. First comes the above picture which comes courtesy of Adobe.com and while it’s a little tough to make out, a little zooming in magic shows a decent image of the Galaxy S 2 complete with Touchwiz 4.0 icons. Compare the image above which has the same exact layout as the image below including wallpaper, widget placement and the Touchwiz 4.0 icons. Stranger photoshop magic has happened however but we’re hearing lots of buzz about the device arriving on Magenta shores.

Moving to the picture below comes via a tipster who claims they are using an existing Galaxy S 2 on the T-Mobile network right now. While we were only able to grab the one shot and its certainly possible it could be an unlocked Galaxy S 2 using Facebook on T-Mobile, we remain hopeful the Galaxy S 2 is landing on T-Mobile sometime in the not so distant future. Of course, until we have something more concrete, we’ll hold off using any words like “exclusive, confirmed or guaranteed.”


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