T-Mobile Unveils 4G Mobile Hotspot And Laptop Stick Lineup

T-Mobile is working fast and furious to expand it’s current 4G footprint (even if that footprint will only be around for a limited time) with the announcement of the T-Mobile 4G Mobile Hotspot. Enabling customers to “extend the power of America’s Largest 4G Network” to (up to 5) any Wi-Fi enabled devices. The T-Mobile 4G Mobile Hotspot can be used to power music players, tablets, laptops and so much more. Manufactured by the ZTE corporation, the 21 HSPA+ capable device resembles a clamshell phone and fits in the palm of your hand.

Beginning later this Spring, T-Mobile will only sell 4G capable laptop sticks from prepaid to premium devices. The T-Mobile Rocket 3.0 will be the first 42 Mbps device capable of taking advantages of T-Mobile’s new 42 HSPA+ network. Also manufactured by ZTE, the Rocket 3.0 will double the speeds of current offerings. T-Mobile will also deliver two additional laptop sticks capable of delivering speeds of 21 Mbps including the T-Mobile Jet 2.0 (available March 23rd) and the prepaid T-Mobile Rocket 4G.

New 4G Mobile Hotspot and Mobile Broadband Laptop Stick Lineup

T-Mobile is expanding its 4G mobile broadband products across a variety of device categories with the new T-Mobile 4G Mobile Hotspot, enabling customers to extend the power of America’s Largest 4G Network to any Wi-Fi-capable device from virtually anywhere. T-Mobile 4G Mobile Hotspot gives customers the ability to connect up to five Wi- Fi-enabled devices to T-Mobile’s 4G network, including music players, tablets, laptops, cameras and e-readers, among others. Manufactured by ZTE Corp., the sleek, compact 21 Mbps-capable device, which resembles a clamshell cell phone, weighs only 2.64 ounces and fits in the palm of your hand.

T-Mobile will offer its customers an all-4G laptop stick lineup from prepaid to premium devices. Available later this spring, the T-Mobile RocketTM 3.0 will be the first 42 Mbps capable 4G product able to take full advantage of T-Mobile’s new 42 Mbps service. Manufactured by ZTE, the Rocket 3.0 will be capable of speeds twice as fast as 21 Mbps devices which customers should notice when creating and sharing mobile content, streaming and connecting through mobile video and participating in multi-player gaming.

T-Mobile also plans to deliver two additional 4G laptop sticks capable of delivering peak download speeds of 21 Mbps, including the T-Mobile Jet 2.0 and the prepaid T-Mobile Rocket 4G.

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  • I hope the Government says NO for AT&T to buy T-Mobile.

    • AONE999

      Your “Government” is busy trying to occupy Libya…it has no time for such silly consumer metters.

      • Samus

        Seriously? This is a phone website save your politics for fox news.

    • Rico D’Antigone

      its a done deal, lol, its great now lets see who will buy them lol

  • Lolz @ that butchered photo <3 you Tmo

  • Izzybrexx

    Is there a data cap for these things??…I know the webstick does..but if u have 5 devices feeding off this..isn’t that a lot of data being sucked out!?

  • Meagan

    Reality check. The shiny new Tmobile 4G Mobile Hotspot and Laptop Sticks will be useless 10 months after you purchase them. AT&T use their own mhz for 3G/4G data. Can you hear me now?!

    • What the Rada?

      That is not true. It will take about that long for the deal to go through if it does, but it will take longer to cancel off services. Just ask all the old Nextel customers how long it took before they had to get new phones from $print…

      • Agree, it will take awhile before T-Mobile’s HSDPA+ gets shut off. BUT, it might not take as long as the Nextel system switchover. AT&T is really desperate right now for more bandwidth and LTE, so they might be on an aggressive timeline to move forward after government approval.

        Nonetheless, this thing, and all T-Mobile devices for data will be worthless then. That’s the thing that gets me since there will be no market for even selling these devices used.

  • Anonymous


  • No Thanks

    No thank you. Looked up the specs on this on TMo’s site and it only supports the 1700 MHz band for UMTS. If this thing supported AT&T’s UMTS band too then it would be worthwhile to get.

  • Anonymous

    Hope you do a comparison of these new devices when they come out to see which is the best as far as battery life, connectivity and speed.