Deutsche Telekom Not Interested In Selling T-Mobile, Stop Worrying

There is no question that T-Mobile’s recent quarterly report left us a little concerned and disappointed. We wanted to see an immediate turnaround and yet, like so many things, this company wide turnaround will be more gradual than immediate. Given that, we thought it might be worth posting a quick article to help allay some of the fears people have expressed since that article went up.

On February 25th, the Wall Street Journal printed up a quick statement from Deutsche Telekom CFO Timotheus Hoettges who ruled out an “outright” sale of the US branch of DT, our beloved T-Mobile USA. We should note that T-Mobile, even with its disappointing numbers still accounts for a large portion of Deutsche Telekom revenue so while the company itself may be losing customers, it’s still worth holding onto.

There you have it, while Deutsche Telekom is working to revamp and retrofit it’s US branch with new spectrum purchases, it remains committed to its promised turnaround from back in January which came from none other than the CEO himself, Rene Obermann. While DT still hasn’t ruled out potential partnerships in the US, specifically those that would give T-Mobile USA some needed spectrum for growing room, it isn’t considering anything that would result in the sales of its US arm.


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