Samsung Vibrant 4G In The Wild? Maybe Not.

BoyGeniusReport has been sent what is reported to be the first in the wild image of the Vibrant 4G. Calling the phone “smooth,” and “stupid fast,” the BoyGenius source claims the its is running Android 2.3 though with Samsung still working out the kinks the phone as it stands, isn’t running TouchWiz. With the front facing camera it sure looks like it could be the Vibrant 4G.

I have to admit some skepticism over this image however, considering the ease with which one can stick a camera into a current model Vibrant with a little know how and elbow grease. If our leaked release date is real (and we believe it is) why is a phone that is a little over a month away running a stock Android OS right now? Our leaked docs show a TouchWiz based OS and this is T-Mobile we are talking about, so TouchWiz is very likely to grace the Vibrant 4G. Thirty days before launch its pretty tough to imagine that the phone wouldn’t have at least something TouchWiz based running on the phone for proper testing. Also of note, the inclusion of the am/pm in the upper right hand corner, Gingerbread doesn’t include that anymore.

For the moment, I’m highly skeptical of this image. So before everyone get’s all kinds of crazy that the Vibrant 4G is running Gingerbread, hold back that emotion until we see something more concrete.

Seems like commenters over at Android Central and Engadget agree, this seems to good to be true.

BoyGenius Report

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