Dell Streak 7 Releasing February 2nd?

This one might be a little hard to read but we tried to circle in the area that shows the Dell Streak 7 has a release date of February 2nd. T-mobile’s first 4G tablet was previewed at CES and while it’s likely to be quickly overshadowed as T-Mobile ramps up marketing for the LG Tablet, Dell has put together quite the little feature Tablet for the T-Mobile network.

Also of note, our ninja dropped off the news that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is set to hit end of life at the end of January. While whispers speak of a Galaxy Tab 4G successor, there isn’t anything to indicate that the EOL for the current Tab is set to precede the release of another Samsung Tablet. However, with the Dell Streak 7 and the LG G-Slate on the horizon, Samsung can take its time focusing on “other matters” (updates, updates, updates) and bide its time releasing the next gen Tab.

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