Hands On With The Dell Streak 7

It’s hard to get a real “hands on” with a device at an event like CES when everyone around you is clamoring for the same shots you want.  Still, we spent a few minutes with the Dell Streak 7 and it is impressive.  I don’t often use the words “impressive” and “Dell” in the same sentence but right off the bat this thing is faaaaast!  The touch screen was responsive and Vibrant and there was no noticeable delay in switching screens.  We loaded up TmoNews.com (of course) and it loaded within a few seconds and looked great on the screen.  I think this will be a hit with T-Mobile and, while pricing wasn’t discussed, it was said to be “competitively” priced against the current Tablets on the market.  Whether or not T-Mobile will price it lower than the Galaxy Tab remains a question as the on-board 4G is sure to peak interest.   I hope they don’t charge a premium for that but they certainly made it sound as though they wouldn’t.  This should be a great Tablet for 4G on the go and I wouldn’t say that lightly about anything Dell made!

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