T-Mobile Drops Official Statement On Even More Plus Availability

On Sunday there was a simple but surprisingly odd revelation that T-Mobile no longer offered the Even More Plus plans through T-Mobile.com.  In the past few days we’ve managed to pick up on quite a few theories, both public and private, about what brought about this change.  Well, T-Mobile has released official word regarding this and, while we are taking it at face value, we can’t but ask if this isn’t just a pre-cursor to an eventual total phase out of Even More Plus altogether.  The bottom line is the plans are gone from T-Mobile.com but they can still be purchased through a local T-Mobile retail store or online through telesales.  Am I the only one who interprets that as “we no longer wish to push customers onto the Even More Plus plans and hope Even More?”

The full comment follows courtesy of Engadget who managed to get a response out of T-Mobile regarding this matter.  T-Mobile just sent the full statement our way as new; no noticeable differences from what’s below.

Q: What postpaid plans does T-Mobile offer for customers?

T-Mobile provides a variety of options for customers from which they can select the plans and value that best suit their needs. T-Mobile’s Even More plans offer talk, text and Web connectivity with a two-year agreement and great discounts through subsidized pricing on phones. With Even More Plus, T-Mobile provides flexibility through a no annual contract plan, offering the best monthly rate plans for talk, text and Web paired with the ability to purchase the coolest new phones at full price or bring compatible phones to our network.

Q: Where can customers purchase Even More and Even More Plus plans?

Customers may purchase Even More plans through T-Mobile retail stores, telesales at 1-800-T-Mobile, online at
www.T-Moble.com, through national retail partners and at select dealers.

Customers may purchase Even More Plus plans through T-Mobile retail stores, telesales at 1-800-T-Mobile, and at select national retail partners and select dealers.

Q: Has T-Mobile discontinued selling Even More Plus?

No, T-Mobile continues to sell both Even More and Even More Plus plans, although we are no longer selling Even More Plus through our online store.

As we strive to simplify and streamline our customers’ online purchase experience, we are focusing on Even More plans with two-year agreements on http://www.t-mobile.com. Customers shopping online will be directed to a T-Mobile retail store if they wish to purchase an Even More Plus plan where they will be assisted by a T-Mobile representative.

Whether through our Even More or Even More Plus plans, we will continue to bring value to our customers through the best customer service, our robust selection of products and affordable service plans.

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