(Updated: $99 And Available Now!) Dell Venue Pro 8GB Now Available For Order, Shipping December 14th

Update: We got word late last night that the device was currently available, officially and for only $99!  Check out the pic below and hit the link to scoop up this bad boy Windows Phone 7 device!

This is a very welcome but surprising turn of events in the Dell Venue Pro saga.  It’s now available for order! We’re looking at an 8GB version of the Dell Venue Pro and we should put it out there that a 16GB model is also to be had though currently not available to order.  Because it does not have user replaceable memory, some of you may want to hold off and spring for another $50 dollars for double the memory or you might just want to jump on this right now before the link disappears.  If your itching to grab the device now, double the memory be damned.  The link below will fulfill all your fantasies!


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