(Updated With Link)Dell Venue Pro Coming December 14th? Christmas Miracle!

Update: You can try this link to the above Dell Page and attempt to place an order, a few people wrote in with some success but their delivery dates are unknown!

Is this true? Is this possible? The eagle eyed folks at Pocketnow managed a screen grab off the Dell order page showing the Dell Venue Pro available for $149.99 on contract and $499.99 off contract available on December 14th. The question we have is whether or not they worked out all the kinks and if so, will this date stand? Obviously both Dell and Microsoft would love to have this out to capture some holiday sales but issues have plagued this device from the get go so our fingers are crossed that all is right and December 14th will really happen.


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  • Claude474

    I would like to see some specs on this re-designed phone.

    • Anonymous


      These specs shouldnt have changed as they are the only specs that i have even known for this device….. was the device re-designed? Seriously question because I have been out of the loop for a while(vacation) and I wasnt aware of any redesign.

      • Claude474

        Thanks for the website link. It answered some questions. I was hoping to see HSPA+

  • J-Hop2o6

    Finally.. hopefully they got the Wifi-on-secure-network problem fixed.. I played with HD7 in my local Tmo store a few days ago, and it was a great experience.. can’t wait to see WP7 evolve like Android did from the 1.X days.. i order my FIRST Android device yesterday (G2) on Cyber Friday for FREE, and it should be here any minute/hour now from UPS.. can’t wait to get up off this TP2 once in for all (even tho i have Android 2.2.1 on it).. mainly because of the slow, 2+ year old 528MHz CPU.

    • Anonymous

      i don’t blame you on that one. G2 is a great device. so you liked the HD7 huh? i’m wondering if there’s been any complaints on it yet (like we had with the HD2 issues). hopefully not–i see myself sporting one of them as a second phone soon.

      • apparently the hd7 has the “Antennagate” issues the iphone 4 has but all phones have it so w.e doesn’t stop the hd7 from being a beast

        • Anonymous

          exactly. good to know. thanks.

  • Ali

    I like this phone

  • Matthew

    I am definately going to get this phone. Only WP7 with a keyboard for T-Mobile.

  • Anonymous

    I have to say I like this phone. I have warmed up to WP7 a lot. Not only that, these devices housing WP7 are in themselves very solid. Not all Android devices feel that solid….and I’m not dogging Android by any means. I like all kinds of devices and looking forward to trying WP7 someday.

  • Tina
  • I wanted it, but i’m happy with my T-Mobile G2 & Android, especially since paying $10 for Appbucket. But, maybe later on along the line i’ll get this or a Windows Mobile Device, but I can’t go wrong w/ a full out Google phone made BY T-Mobile, w/ Android, great battery life, HSPA+, Full Touchscreen, & Full QWERTY keyboard.

  • hspa+ ?

    • Anonymous

      I guess I am not the only one asking this question…

    • I doubt it

  • Anonymous

    whats funny is that, i’ve been able to get this device from dell.com via our govt contract with dell since nov 24. Its been listed as available to ship. I thought able buying one and sellin it through ebay but i’m extremely too lazy to do so.

  • Anonymous

    Does anybody know if this phone is capable of HSPA+ speeds?

  • now the link is down? fail!

  • E

    ooh i like :D, sad to know that i cant see my battery meter or signal strength while using the phone :/

    • Ed

      Touch that area of the screen and it will drop down.

  • E

    ooh i like :D, sad to know that i cant see my battery meter or signal strength while using the phone :/

  • Dylan Wells

    Link does not work

  • just bought mine, with 2 coupons 10% and 3% off price was $392. and the delivery date is 12/13/10!!