TmoNews Forums Hits 10,000 Community Members!

If you’ve been following us on Twitter at all, or better yet if you’re a registered member on our awesome forums, you would have seen we’ve finally passed the 10,000 registered members mark today (Hip hip horay!). We’ve come a long long way, and we’re definitely hoping to continue with this success. While we’re on the subject of our Forums, let me just briefly include a couple of our most popular boards/threads. For those rocking the new Samsung Vibrant, you can find all your Vibrant needs in the Samsung Android board, including how to root your Vibrant, how to unlock you’re Vibrant and enable AT&T 3G, power saving tips, and much much more. Excited for the upcoming T-Mobile G2 with Google? Well then, there’s a thread for that as well! Discuss all your excitement in the T-Mobile G2, the Revolution Continues thread! For those still lurking around our forums as Guests’, register now and join in on the various discussions with our awesome community!

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  • BKJOE101

    Whats up with the obsession of posting cat pictures with caption?

    • David

      We like them, they’re funny, don’t post a “first” comment cause I’m gonna delete it!

      • A good lolcat melts my heart

    • Newmexican

      Good obsession, please keep!

      and also congratulations to the number of subscribers. I joined when the frenzy on the G1 started and bought it when the pre-order started. Now I am closely watching the activities here to do the same, when the G2 is up for pre-order.

    • remister


    • Bkjoe101

      x83n says your a ruhtard, da fucc wrong wit u.

  • kendrix_myrealname

    I love this forum

  • sorandkairi

    never used…..

  • i’m mee
  • derrickps3



    • Wilma Flintstone

      you rebel. HAAAA!!!

  • BD
  • jazzmanmonty

    woohoo! now time for a write up on these pics i just found!

  • i’m mee

    i was first hah check my previous comment in the g2 images :-p

  • This article is about the forums, not the g2…how many sites do you want the same article posted on…plus if you were in the forums, you would see theres a hunt for those official pictures posted there…

    • i’m mee

      maybe we want more people to kno bout the pics. like people on this site that dont be on other sites. and i do kno its a forums article but i wanted to post it here got a problem? well get over it!

      • trust me the whole world already knows

    • sorandkairi

      every1 is tryin to help david….

  • cp
    • cp

      i just posted this link to annoy people (T1 Connect)… it makes me laugh

  • Which Way is Up?

    Congrats! I love this site!!

    *Thanks for the Forum’s and all of the exclusive news!


    good times

  • NiiDiddy

    Congratulations!!! :):):)