All Phones Free This Saturday For Activation Of Qualifying Family Plan

Did we call it or did we call it? That’s right, this Saturday T-Mobile is going to do something that will definitely have the competition watching, sell every phone for free. Of course it’s not THAT simple, as these phones will require a “Qualifying Family Plan on a 2-year contract.” That means existing customers likely won’t get to take advantage of this deal, but sometimes we have to recognize that new customers are where its at. We want T-Mobile to grow around here and we can only hope that with just a few days before the 19th still left T-Mobile is ready to rock a massive promotional campaign.

Hopefully we’ll know more about this soon! Real soon!

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  • Jsteuer

    You called it…good job. haha

    • J-Hop2o6

      T-Mobile should just do a “EVERY SATURDAY. FREE PHONES FOR FAMILIES!” deal.. that should bring in more customers.. U listening T-MOBILE/DT?!

    • Dashi

      This Will Work On Add A Lines RIGHT????? I’ve Been On Customer Service For The Last Hour And I Got Them To Aprove The Account For Another Line AND Make So I As A Athurized User Can Add New Lines!!!! Come On Don’t Fail Me Now!!

      • aivlis

        You can’t add new lines as an authorized user. Only the billing responsible party can do that.

  • OMG !!! Im Crossing my fingers for this to work with upgradess!!!! AAHHH!! Lol

    • Naveed Cheraghi

      I KNOW REALLY!!!!

    • it wont work with upgrades -_- but im call and complain about this

      • me too we should go on the BBB website and complain lol EVERYONE GO TO BBB.COm And Complain Haaha

      • disappointed guy

        I’m just as dissapointed as everyone else here, i mean honestly, do they care about their current customers at all? On the first couple weeks of the release of the hd2 they wouldnt even sell hd2 for upgrades and were selling for 300 on 2 year contract at radioshack. Ugh… I’m going to have to try to complain as well. And really tmobile, the clock is ticking for this promo.

      • Wilma Flintstone

        seriously, the answer is “NO! TMOBILE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT EXISTING CUSTOMERS”. Geez.

      • RockTripod

        disappointed guy- We were most certainly selling the HD2 to existing customers. My store had a waiting list for the device after the initial supply dried up. Most of the customers on that list were existing subscribers. Several sites reported that T-Mo wasn’t selling to existing customers. I wrote emails to everyone of them asking them to take that down as it was completely false. I do not doubt that some less than scrupulous employees were using the hype around the phone to draw in new customers at the expense of existing ones, but that was most certainly NOT a corporate directive.

      • FormerTMoEmployee

        My store along with other stores were told by management to not sell for upgrades. Only use them for new activations. And only post accounts. T-Mobile, especially in urban neighborhoods, have some shady practices. Not from the corporate offices, I’m sure. But, our Regional big guys were in on it, trust me. T-Mobile is all about post account activations. Screw selling hot devices. We want you to get every feature on the menu.

        The practices of, put the feature on, and let’s hope they don’t notice. This is common practice for my store and the stores around us.

        In other words…. Hell naw! T-Mobile isn’t going to give upgrades for free. If they grow a bloody pumper, then maybe…

    • john

      Everyone on here must have amnesia, there were 2 scripts, one said with line, the other said no line (going on a limb here) that to me would indicate eligible upgrades too. Those threatening with the bbb, go somewhere with that crap, complaining about a company having a sale is retarded…no offense to the mentally handicapped, more of a euphamism than a slander. Go bitch about JC Penny’s having a sale every weekend, and you only get paid bi-weekly, it’s the same logic.

  • Nate_Dogg

    If only they would give a fat discount for us no contract peeps….then it would truly be a big Win.

    Oh well, back to trolling Craigslist for a Used HD2

    • Youredumb

      You do get a discount for being a non-contract “peep”…have you seen your bill lately? Compare that to the people with contracts. Manage your money, save some, and buy the HD2 that will freeze up on you and give you a huge headache because its a POS phone.

  • Chris

    Too bad they don’t have the Nexus One or Galaxy S in the stores. I’m tempted to buy a high end phone, sell on eBay and then add a few hundred dollars to it just to get the Nexus One. Man that seems like a pain. I wish Google would just let me keep my current family plan.

    • mikeeeee

      hang on chris. we live in interesting times. the deals are only going to get better and the hardware in the pipline is worth us current customers waiting just a wee bit more.

      • Chris

        I hear you. I’ve been waiting since Feb for TMO to get a 1GHz, android phone and it’s killing me. Even my wife has a myTouch but I don’t want to settle for that.

  • J-man

    really would like to know most cell carriers keep giving better deals to new customers then they do to customers who have been with them for more then two years. Seriously any good marketing person knows it costs 50% more money to get a new customer then it does to keep an old one.

  • MAC

    Man, I’ve been holding out for a nice android Smart phone and was excited about this promotion, too bad I’m an existing loyal customer and cant get hooked up like a new one. If I hold out another year I can drop my contract and it looks like that will happen before T-mobile starts taking care of us existing customers.

  • JP

    Such a great promo. Too bad there are no good phones. The only think they got going for them is the HD2 (lame).

  • Jorge Savoff

    Lame, I can’t wait until this offer is over, only then will we see the Nexus One in T-Mobile stores, cause there was no way in hell were they going to release the N1 before this or the launch of the Slide,.. It would have hurt their bottom line.
    Rejoice T-Mobile customers Rejoice Way to go TMO o_O

  • SoCCeR9

    Mike is right.. Keep waiting because t-mobile phone line up is gonna get better n better :)…

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    I am going to look it up, but there was one person in here who called it right, way before anyone. I think it was someone with “Big” in his name.

    We all should keep track of who those people are because whenever that person says what is what, I’m putting my money with that guy.

    As I recall he said something like “It’s an all phones for free promotion.”

    TMoNews should be giving that person some kind of award or prize for calling it right. :)

  • Jeff

    Sad…. This is the best thing that T-Mobile could come up with? Oh and it leaves us current customers out in the cold. It’s amazing to me how much T-Mobile seems to not understand what it takes to be competitive today… Giving away all your phones in your craptastic lineup to new customers only certainly isn’t it… I want to jump ship but just can’t bring myself to it…


    • Hellagirl

      Like always the current customers get the short end of the stick again. What a joke.

    • Robert

      That’s just what TMobile is betting on….

    • steven

      t-mobile knows you aren’t going to jump ship. so why should they bother giving you a discount when they know you’ll be staying regardless?

    • BlkBear

      I say let the new customers deplete the stock of current phones. That’s pretty much what most of the free phone promos are for anyway. And you can put money on the fact that all the “good” phones will be sold out faster than the doors can open on Sat, and then Sun or Mon any “good” phone slated for the stores, will show up.

      Current customers get deals like grandfathered plans they don’t wanna give up.

  • Really! I don’t think that there will be a huge demand in the store. Think about it they are in the bottom in terms of customer base. The phones that they will sell will not make up for the loyal customers that are tired of waiting for TMOUSA to get their act together. I have a feeling that I will be going to At&T and get the Iphone. Tmobile you have shown with this promotion that you don’t care that much about your customers that have been there and loyal. There are tech problems with the EVO 4G. I wil have to go to the dark side and get a taste of the apple cool aid. LoL…

    • Red

      That’s what I am currently leaning towards doing.

      • Bob

        Me Too.

  • spongebob71

    funny that there is an ad on this site for ATT giving free phones on Father’s day. but only 3 phones are listed.

    I have to agree with the existing customer thing. I have 4 lines on a family plan and I wanted to upgrade mine. Can’t an (existing customer) dad get some love?

  • Mohammad

    There was someone in here who asked if we did the math and opened a family plan w/ 2 free HD2 or soem other phone and then cancel after 15 days trial period and pay early termination fees…How much would the final phone cost come up to be then after paying activation fee, termination fee, and partial data fee and partial monthly fee etc? Anyone care to do the math?

    • aivlis

      Let’s see…
      Even More 750 min Family plan = $59.99/mnth
      Each line will need a data plan @ $30/mnth each
      Activation Fee = $35 each
      ETF = $200 Each

      35 + 35 = 70 + 400 = 470
      59.99 + 30 + 30 = 119.99
      119.99 / 30 = 3.99 x 15 = $59.99
      $470 + $59.99 = 529.99 (+ tax)

  • john

    Existing customers are too funny Tmobile cannot continue to give “loyal customers” an arm and a leg tmobile will go out of business. They are aiming to move up from the #4 spot this will help. Why don’t existing customers quit complaining and go to another Carrier and pay more!!! Americans always feel entitled to some ish aholes!!! There in business to make money gtfoh!!!!

    • rob

      But you also don’t want to have a revolving door of customers. Losing just as many or more customers than are coming in, is not good business either.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      john… valid points for sure, especially in light of AT&T’s new draconian data plans.

      But T-Mobile has to keep loyal customers too. It does no good to get millions of new activations while millions are leaving out the back door because they feel slighted.

      The smart carrier throws loyal customers a bone without the customer asking for it. IMHO they should do that formally every year, whether it be a steep discount on phones, or whatever.

      And if T-Mobile did that they should promote the hell out of it so that T-Mobile becomes known as “The company that rewards loyalty.”

      Maybe they could have some kind of frequent flier type program:

      Stay with T-Mobile one year = $100 off next phone purchase.

      Renew after contract up = free phone of your choice.

      Stay three years = Loyalty pricing on data and talk.

      Four years = loyalty pricing on plans and free phone of one’s choice.

      Five years = free car of your choice.

      Six years = free car, home and a Behold II.

      • john

        So affordable pricing isn’t good enough to keep customers?? Maybe they should do this since everyone is always complaining about upgrades and customer loyalty Tmobile should offer a rate plane which cost an additional 20 dollars a month and allow customers to upgrade every six months How does that sound? Like seriously people are just always asking for too much. Just because you choose to be with a company it doesn’t they should reward you for it. They say thank you every month when you receive your bill and call customer care.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Duly noted John, but the reality is that many, many businesses reward loyal customers. They don’t simply say “Hey, you are getting a good price, that’s good enough.”

        If what you say is T-Mobile’s attitude (and it may well be) then that’s a problem. Why?

        Mainly because in not trying to keep loyal customers there’s nothing to motivate them to stay with T-Mobile when the competition matches or beats T-Mobile’s pricing or comes out with a hot phone.

        What’s key is that when the competition comes out with a cool phone (Evo) or reduced pricing on plans, that the T-Mobile customer remembers that T-Mobile has been treating him like a VIP and rewarding his loyalty. End result, the customer stays with T-Mobile and does not even consider bolting.

        In contrast if T-Mobile thinks its customers are being a bunch of whiny ingrates, well it shouldn’t be surprised when the churn is as high as it is.

        Fact is, the wireless industry is now extremely competitive. There’s only so many customers to go around. If T-Mobile is losing previously loyal customers to the competition, then “affordable pricing” apparently isn’t good enough to stop these people from leaving T-Mobile and going to a carrier where they will pay more.

        Of course, T-Mobile could well have the attitude as some in here, to heck with customers who don’t know a good deal when they see one. And maybe T-Mobile does not care about keeping those customers and instead chooses to concentrate on new activations.

      • Tmob

        Seven years= victoria secret model of your choice, galaxay s v3

    • johnny

      I agree with you John. It’s like I once heard….just because I’ve shopped at Wal-Mart for the past 20 years, doesn’t mean Walmart owes me a free shopping spree.

      • john

        kudos to johnny

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        The fact remains that it’s “Retail 101” that not only do you need to grow your customer base, but you need to take care of customers so they don’t leave. If you don’t do that then you are always going to be running uphill.

        What you don’t do is adopt an attitude that customers are lucky to be doing business with you and talk smack about existing customers.

        And a company is doomed to fail if it concentrates on only making the sale, then after the deal is sealed they turn their attention to closing the next deal.

        The best example of this being a failed strategy is Sprint. The Company made all kinds of promises to get new activations. Then after people signed up Sprint treated the customers like dirt. I’m sure there’s plenty of Sprint employees who have the same feeling toward those customers as the sentiments expressed in here, “quit your whining or go to T-Mobile.”

        That’s all well and good and I am sure it feels great for Sprint employees to tell customers who want or expect something to “fook off” “quit getting your panties in a bunch,” “stop your whining,” and the ultimate… “don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

        But that attitude cost Sprint, to where it is losing billions each quarter and the CEO is on TV apologizing and begging for people to come back.

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        I don’t shop at Wal-Mart Johnny, but is it like other retailers who have rewards programs? Lots of retailers do.

        CostCo has a bonus program if I spend so much in $ each year.

        My credit cards have rebates.

        My local pet food store has a punch card. Fill it, I get $20 in free pet accessories.

        Safeway has the club card and they give me a free turkey each year and discounts. Last month they sent me two free large insulated bags.

        What does T-Mobile have to recognize loyal customers, other than supposed plan pricing?

        No one is saying anything about “free shopping sprees.” To be sure, “A little recognitions goes a long way.”

      • rob

        Your analogies off. It’s more like if someone walked into walmart for the first time and got a 50% discount on whatever they bought. While the the guy thats been shopping there for 20 years gets nothing.

    • Don

      John, you’re right. I am so tired of hearing about existing customers getting their panties in a bunch. Do they thing AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint care about their existing customers? At least T-Mobile transfers you to someone who tried to get you to stay when you want to leave. Everyone else is like PEACE OUT! Besides, no one can beat the price for plans at T-Mobile. The whole purpose of this promotion is so that T-Mobile is not in 4th place and make it more attractive for cell phone makers to give better phones to T-Mobil. SO QUIT COMPLAINING PEOPLE!

      • Derrick

        I think you guys are missing the point. The correct comparison would be if you walked in to walmart and saw 2 prices for the same item: free for new customers and $200 for long time shoppers. Shouldn’t loyal customers due for an upgrade pay the same as new customers? Why should it cost me more to upgrade to a phone with a company I’ve been with for 5+ years than it does for a brand new customer? If I’m eligible for the upgrade shouldn’t I be able to pay the same as a new customer? Wouldn’t you be pissed off if you went to your long time mechanic and found out he was charging you double what he charges new customers? What’s the point of loyalty if it’s one-sided?

        I understand Tmobile can run their business any way they want, but it doesn’t make sense to me to alienate your loyal customers. Tmobile doesn’t seem to undestand that phones are starting to be a big draw for customers, not just monthly pricing. Tons of people are willing to pay more a month for higher end phones. The two largest cell companies, happen to be the 2 most expensive monthly as well. Also, Tmobile is no longer the hands down cheapest either anymore. When u compare sprint to tmobile with 2 yr contracts, sprint is a much better deal for me…….and they have a wayyyyy better android phone than anything tmobile has.

        I don’t feel loyal customers should be handed everything or tmobile should bend over backwards for us, but please don’t try to bend me over!

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        Since John and Johnny are getting high fives.… Spot on Derrick. ;)

  • Tokinotabumblb

    I’m sure if you are out of contract you can cancel your account, then re-activate it with a family plan even if it means changing your number just so you can get free phones. :)

    • @Tokinotabumblb No need to do all that. Just get a cheap prepaid (ie virgin mobile) throwaway phone, port your number over and cancel your T-mo account and get the new plan, and port your old number back.

      To all the people complaining about phones, stop being cheap and buy a Nexus one straight cash. You’ll be amazed how nice the phone is. Or just stop complaining and switch. You’ll be back once you see how much the other companies only care about your money. You’ll get poor customer service and end up paying two early termination fees just to get out of T-mo then out of the other company.

      • A S

        I did the Math. A Nexus One bought for $530 upfront with an Even More Plus plan costs LESS to own in total over 2 years, than a Nexus One bought for $179 on an equivalent T-Mobile contract plan.

  • TheLight

    i predict the N1 will be on the site and in store shortly afterwards

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    OK, I went back in time to see who said what on getting this right, what the promotion was. Here’s some screen captures. I don’t think I can post more than two links per comment, so I’ll post a few comments with the links to my server.

  • ItsMichaelNotMike
  • keele8

    Just got done talking to customer service. This deal does apply to existing customers but to qualify it has to be 22 months from the last time you upgraded your phone. Just thought I would let you guys know. I was also told the promotion will be ending on 06/20/2010.

    • keele8

      Computer issues before I could finish. Promotion will be ending on 06/20/2010 as it states on the picture, so just one day for new and existing customers that qualify. Also interesting, I asked the person about the iPhone and she said it is just a rumor and has no info. But when I asked about the Nexus One coming to Tmobile directly in the near future she said she could not confirm or deny that. Then I asked about Galaxy S releasing in July and she said she too had heard July but could not confirm or deny that either. It was interesting to me how she shot down anything on the iPhone questions but used the phrase “can’t confirm or deny” on the other two. Sounds like to me we will see the Nexus One and Galaxy S as the next two phones to be released on Tmobile.

      • hopeful guy

        Ha, I hope you’re right! my contract is up one month after this. Hopefully they’ll agree to comply over customer service and just allow earlier. What do you guys think?

  • Daniel

    I understand the necessity of getting in droves of new customers. T-Mobile needs that, they definitely do. They also need to get this information out there so that everyone knows what June 19th is. I applaud T-Mobile on this decision.

    But seriously… Offering it ONLY to new customers, that is beyond ridiculous. Would they rather have a high new customer intake rate then an overall higher number of customers? I have been a loyal T-Mobile customer for over 5 years, and yet the only positive things I can say about the company is that they have good Customer Service, and great coverage. This is another kick in the butt to existing customers. Why do I want to stay now when I know that a new customer gets preferential treatment to me?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    And two more. I am putting “BigBag” on my list of people who know what they are talking about. And also “MB.”

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    And for entertainment, here’s two people (one an alleged T-Mobile employee) who got it wrong. More than a few said it was the iPhone coming out. LOL.

  • Y314K

    I guess Sprint has a lock on that #3 spot… Sorry TMobile… But u’r not making easy to go with u…

    So… It Project Emerald just a TMobile urban

  • En2Mente

    “That means existing customers likely won’t get to take advantage of this deal, but sometimes we have to recognize that new customers are where its at.” New customers to replace the angry old ones that leave for not getting the good deals. I have 2 accounts with T-mobile total of 6 lines for over 5 years now, the least they could do is let me upgrade for free.

  • Theman

    Please allow me to ditch my motorola rokr e8 for the my touch slide….it’s been more than two years I would like a phone that can actually make a phone call without continuously lagging…or hmm maybe it’s time i go back to trolling on bay for a brand new my touch 3G with the headset Jack. Oh tmobile please make
    A 16 year old boy craving a new phone happy…that’s all i ask.

  • big daddy donger

    Soo all you whiners and complainers need to chill it is available for family plans that are eligible for a full upgrade as well not just new customers. If hall came in to a store and started sayin I’m goin to ATT I would say see you in a month… That is the normal timeframe it takes. Just until you get your first bill.

  • Phylum

    While this is an awesome sale, and I’ve been banking on it’s being true to clean house at TMO this weekend, I’m a little put off at the fact that those who are not on contract (i.e.: me) aren’t eligible to receive the promotion on their existing lines. I spoke with someone briefly this evening who said that I could sign up for new lines and receive the promotion, but my existing lines would not qualify.
    Again, I think its a great sale, but for me it logically doesn’t make any sense as I fail to understand or see how they benefit in any way by me cancelling both of my existing lines (both of which are out of contract) to get two new lines and free phones.
    HD2 and 3GSlide FTW

    • UnKnown

      Why would you get a discount with a no contracted plan. The US is the only country in the world that offers discounted phones if you sign a contract. With no contract agreement why would you receive a discount? It sounds like another person wanting more than what can be given. (Rich Brats On Christmas Morning)

  • justputzing

    While this may be a good deal for someone who wants one the phones T-Mo carries, I honestly think it’ll do little to entice folks to either switch carriers or to attract new customers. For a family who’s main concern is cost, they’ll likely go to a pre-paid carrier vs. signing a contract w/ T-Mo. To bring someone new that’s willing to be stuck in a contract, they need to be dazzled with something. HD2 being their sexiest phone isn’t saying much, having a pretty phone w/ Win 6.5 is like being a pretty retard, you’re still retarded.

  • bkpusher

    I have been shopping at WalMart for years, but I get the same sale prices as the person walking in there for the first time. You can’t compare WalMart with what TMobile is doing.

  • sheshe

    None of these phones r worth my upgrade anyways even if they are free

    • SteveBerman

      Don’t tell any of the T-mobile employees on here that. It’s a COOL-AID FEST HERE!

      • ItsMichaelNotMike

        What’s “cool-aid?”

        If you are going to smack, do it correctly, Kool-Aid boy. ;)

  • I think this will definitely help T-Mobile but I don’t think it is nearly enough to make that big of a splash in the cell phone ocean.

    I think they need to work on their 3G coverage/HSPA+ and also on their phone line up because at the end of the day your average person weighs those things heavily (along with customer service, which T-Mobile already has the top spot in).

  • lauren

    I wish it worked for upgrades, ugh im tired of my mytouch!

  • Buck-Man

    So, I’m one of those that is out of contract with a family plan and it’s sounding like maybe we’ll get some love after all. In case not though, someone was talking about porting existing numbers and canceling the existing account and then signing up for a new one, then porting the old number back. That’s what I was thinking about doing, but I have no idea how.

    Anybody want to describe how to port numbers?

  • ItsMichaelNotMike

    Free phones schmee phones. Take a look at this.

    The Samsung Galaxy S PRO is confirmed and it’s going to Sprint! That’s the SGS with a physical keyboard.

    What a drag.

    • Bimmerz

      And it has flash for the camera, which the basic Galaxy S lacks. Too bad, as I’d be all over this! Of course, I am still hoping we’ll get an EVO-like phone with a physical keyboard – now THAT would be my dream phone! :)

    • what the hell…are you serious? wow it’s funny that T-Mobile, a company that came out with the first ever Android phone, is really falling behind other carriers in the Android race…

      but I think T-Mobile has something up their sleeve..atleast I hope so..

      • Marc

        A lot of us have been hoping that tmo has something up their sleeves, we always end up, being disappointed.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      I posted that link on the SGS Pro for a number of reasons, mostly to illustrate this phone madness.

      I said a few months ago that 2010 was going to make us dizzy with all the fantastic phone offerings, and the Evo, SGS and SGS Pro confirm it’s going to be a long hot summer too.

      I don’t know what I am going to do now. I like my HD2 with Swype, but my GF likes a physical keyboard.

      And I want an HDMI out port so I can use the phone when teaching (last year I used my Touch Pro2’s TV Out a few times when my notebook was acting up).

      Plus I am sitting on the fence with the Slide. That’s an underrated phone on here. It’s a beautiful handset and I am very impressed.

      But not the SGSP is coming out and it’s going to Sprint, who also has the Evo (that I want too).

      Sheesh… what’s next?

      Sidenote: We don’t know what Samsung has planned for the SGS debut. But we do know that it intends to get the SGS marketed worldwide ASAP. It’s not giving any carrier the exclusive.

      So that may mean that T-Mobile could also be getting the SGSP. It wouldn’t surprise me considering all that’s happening with handsets.

      This is madness. But like I said before, hold on, it’s going to be a fun and wild ride.

      Flash of brilliance: Maybe a carrier can start renting phones to us. $20 a month for the Slide, $30 for the SGS, $2 for the G1. $1 for the iPhone.

  • Buck-Man

    Oh, also, what about getting in on this deal, selling the phone in a month and picking up a Samsung Galaxy S? How would one go about that and still be fiscally responsible?

  • Buck-Man

    Sorry to get annoying, but one more question: Which phone would be best for selling for the most $$$ when looking into selling the free on and buying the Galaxy S?

  • So let me get this straight. If I pay for a service and do not like the product, due to the competition offering better, I should shut up and keep paying. I don’t think so. I look at Sprint bring a phone that offers revolutionary features. I look at T-Mobile and not so much. In the free market place a company that ignores their loyal customers is subject to loosing them. As for complaining the companies that get High quality customer awards do pay attention to their loyal customers. So I think it is okay for people to vent here on this open forum. Maybe TMO is paying attention and could make adjustments. Just a thought.

  • tmorep

    The Fathers Day Promo will include upgrades as well. The terms are for Family Plans only though. Single lines will not work for the promotion at all. Unless you go to a dealer and they offer it to you. but at corp its any account that has multiple lines already, a single line adding a line, or and new add-a-lines.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Thanks for the info TMoRep. Let me ask you this, albeit I am not going to do it, but I’ll ask anyway.

      I have two lines on the EM+ plan.

      If I went in on Saturday and said to cancel my EM+ and for us to go back on contract, would that be possible?

      For those of you who are unaware, we who are on Even More Plus plans, that means we are not under long term contracts. We can cancel any time we want.

      There are benefits and detriments to both. On EM+ we don’t get subsidized phone prices, we pay full retail. And we can’t wet our beaks on promotions like this.

      But we pay for the phones over 20 months. And when I went on EM+ my unlimited everything plan for two lines went down $20 monthly, a savings of $240 annually.

      • john

        Instead of cancelling, they will put you on a plan like the unlimited loyalty so you keep your tenure, they did it for me…I think the guy said it was called reverse migration…long and short of it I have the loyalty plan and I even ended up with a bill credit of 75 bucks to boot.

  • Robert

    And if upgrading, I’m assuming that if you don’t have a data plan on your line yet, you’ll be REQUIRED to add one if you choose to get a free smartphone?

    • En2Mente

      You can always call customer service and have it removed the same day I’ve done it before

  • Johnny

    I have 2 separate lines (not in a family plan) but, I was just wondering if I get in a family plan will that allow me to get an upgrade. Also I, have someone else that wants to join in the family plan, so in total I will have 3 lines but all in a family plan if they can allow me to upgrade and get 3 new phones. Can that work? Or its just a NO?

  • cellmate

    duh – why would you get smartphone w/out a data plan?

    • Robert

      Just using wi-fi @ work and @ home…

      • cellmate


  • TonyJohns

    Geez guys you are paying for cell phone service. That’s it. You don’t need to be rewarded for that.

    It’s like your boss coming to YOU and asking YOU, what YOU can do to have them keep you employed.

    Boss: “Hi Bill, we’ve kept you employed for about 5 years now, what can you do for us to keep us happy so that we retain you as an employee?”

    Boss: “Can you take a 5% pay cut and come in two hours earlier?”

    You: “No”

    Boss: “You know, Company B down the street has a few workers that will accommodate my request, so if you don’t say yes, then I am going to have no choice but to hire them”

  • Robert

    Anyone thought that perhaps the reason why they’re having this sale AND opening early with tickets is because each store will have a VERY limited number of Nexus One’s available and they’ll be available for free? That could be the official introduction of the N1’s to retail stores and they’ll be regularly available afterwards?

    • Robert

      CSR upon inquiry about the free Nexus One: “Oh, yeah, sorry…. you’re too late, we’re all out of the N1’s… but, hey, since you’re here, why not get set up with one of these other free phones we have right here!” (Background music plays the TMO jingle, customer notices familiar tune) “Yup, you heard that huh? Well today, that’s the sound of free! Follow me this way….”

  • gah242s

    Too funny!

    A whole bunch of people complaining about not getting a free $500 phone, so they are going to go to AT&T and get an iPhone that will cost them $300 up front and an additional $100/mo! Let’s see, two months and they’ve already paid for the phone that they actually wanted in the first place? HAHAHA

  • Buck-Man

    Tickets? What tickets?

  • mad dog

    This blog was so much better when it wasn’t polluted with kool-aid sipping tmo employees. You guys are on the inside and still never have anything useful to contribute to the site other than trying to call out people for pointing out tmo’s flaws. Fahq all of you.

    • ItsMichaelNotMike

      Never thought I would say this, but spot on Mad Dog. I too don’t like some of the T-Mobile employees who hang in here. They are hostile, rude and condescending. Like I have said before, if I was at T-Mobile and in management I’d find out who those people are and fire them on the spot (naw, I take that back. I’d fire them with a text message.)

      Some employees on here are model T-Mo reps, but those others sure drag down the rep of the Company. Of course, maybe the bad apples are plants from T-Mobile’s competition who simply want to make T-Mobile look bad.

  • damien

    Havent heard of any tickets handing out, we did get some stuff to use that day, some cheesy stuff, All I know is that we are not going to take bill payments, or answer any billing questions at the pods on saturday, we will have 2 managers on sales floor for most of the day. We also havent received too much more in stock for phones. I looked in what was coming we do have 55 black mytouches coming in, but nothing else. Nothnig about upgrades yet that has been confirmed.

  • Dominick

    GUYS!! I need some help, Should I get the HTC HD2, or the Samsung Galaxy if it really comes out this july!
    Give me your feedback

  • hello

    There would be less complaining if tmobile would release a fu$$#$g phone that can rival the iphone -att evo -sprint or the motherfu%$#ng incredible-verizon! A fuc***g mytouch slide 3g what kind of tween bull5hit is that?? seriously get some adult phones!

  • Mike C

    Would this apply to online sales as well? The nearest T-Mobile corporate store to me (Redwood Valley, California) is 70 miles south in Santa Rosa, I don’t feel like spending half the day to get this deal ;)

  • Junior

    I Have To Facebook This Blog

  • Negtne

    Ok so I have heard the ticket thing over and over again, not just from this site but from the reps as well but no is saying anything. On june 19th will they have a limited supply of nexus one or no? I know a lot of you reps on here know stuff and have been right on almost all of the rumors any help guys?

    • annon

      No Nexus. That is just a rumor. As of now and for a while T-Mobile is not going to carry the Nexus. I had to pay $550 bucks just like everyone else but you do get free shipping! ;)

      • Negtne

        Well that settles that!

  • NiiDiddy

    not for upgrades also??

  • David


    • Tmob

      I’m sorry, a “test ” for, what? Lol.

  • MagentaMagic

    I have not heard anything about Nexus One being in store by then… but could be wrong about that. Some/most stores have accessories in store, even if they aren’t on display. All I can say to that point is to inquire!

  • Swype The Knight

    yeah screw all us old customers and here have any new phone new customers cause you mean more then the people that have stayed with us through all the screwed up stuff that we’ve done over the years and yeah this freaking stinks as soon as we pay off my wifes cliq im going to a new carrier might just go with at&t for the iphone 4 even though i hate apple with a passion. i love android but at&t dont have many cool androids

    • rob

      Yeah you’ll show T-Mobile by leaving. They’ll be sad to see you leave to “Mr. I Want Everything Cause The World Owes Me Everything”. Have fun paying twice as much while you’re at it.

      • RBB

        HAHAHAHA!!! No kidding. GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE!!!

      • Negtne

        AT&T may suck but at least they have the iPhone and palm. Verizon may be expensive but they have the droid series (gonna be 5 phones next month) and palm, Sprint sucks around my area but they have palm and evo, tmobile has the hd2 and my touch slide. Great if your a windows fanboy or 16 year old kid. They cater to families. I am gonna buy the iPhone 4 and use it on tmobile. I took my buddies 3GS and my fiances mytouch slide, and here in renton on this exact forum the 3GS on edge loaded 1.1 seconds slower than the my touch slide. To have a better phone I will put up with 1.1 seconds. Tmobile won’t be getting my money for a phone. I love my service and my prices, I don’t care nor want an upgrade from tmobile right now.

      • Negtne

        Btw I have been on tmobile since voicestream, I don’t expect anything except a good phone selection.

      • rob

        Dear Negtne,
        First of all, am I the only one that realizes that Palm sucks and makes crap devices? Second, T-Mobile already has 5 Android device; myTouch, myTouch Slide, Behold 2, Cliq and Cliq XT. Can’t put the G1 in there since you can’t get that in store anymore. Also, do you not remember that T-Mobile, NOT VERIZON, was the first to carry an Android device, the G1? The iPhone 4 is an amazing device and I would love to have one also but the fact that it can’t be jailbroken makes that a ridiculous investment until that can happen. Lastly, I’m pretty sure that T_Mobie doesn’t really care that you are not spending money on the phones that they carry as long as you keep paying for your monthly service they’ll be happy.

    • Japple

      Its true Swype… us retail sales reps, we really dont care about you or any of the customers that have been around for a long time. When you come in the store and start babbling about how long you have been with t-mobile, we go into idle. and stop listening. its not our faults, i would love to put my effort towards loyalty and helping the existing customers, but Why do you think TMO is pushing 5 add a lines, and new customers. Because thats what they want, they dont care about you, and i dont either. I would love to, but your upgrade doesnt help my paycheck, only new customers do. your upgrade gives me 8 dollars, a new customer i can earn up to 100 dollars, if they go on a family plan. Sorry dude, its the beast of business

      • Big Daddy

        If you worked for me in my store I would get rid of you quick that is not the way to delight your customer it is reps like you that lose us customers. Give me your p number and I will make sure your mm knows how you feel…..

      • Mackvells

        Although what Japple is saying is disconcerting, he’s right and it’s just the way the world operates. Besides more customers hopefully means better and cheaper service. T-mobile will have more leverage when negotiating and more customers will force T-mobile to increase it’s weak reception

  • mikey_

    I hope T-mobile doesn’t think they’re going to benefit more from this promotion because of the acquisition of new customers. If I were a potential customer, interested in this promotion, the lack of interest in existing customers would leave me skeptical about T-Mobile’s interest in me once I sign my contract.

    I realize T-Mobile’s exceptional rates and plans, I have been a T-Mobile/SunCom/AT&T customer for 10+ years, but their lack of recognition in loyalty is pushing me and all 5 of the lines on my account toward termination. T-Mobile’s concentration on Customer Service has dug them out of hard times; they seem to be abandoning their Customer Service attitude for a Customer Acquisition attitude. This can’t be good for reputation and viral marketing. Maybe it’s just me…anyone?

    • common sense

      Listen. New customers means growth and revenue for the company. Which means more advantages for u.. The loyal customer. Like growth of our network, store locations, employees, and phone selection. If u been with tmobile for such a long time there are things like the “loyalty plan”. No company does that. One time tmo gave $135 credit for porting in a number from another company. BOGO btw. No Contract options. So ur just stupid dude. Go find that somehwere else

      • common sense

        And most customer all they want is a “free phone” because they are stupid and don’t care how much they pay monthly for it. That’s why they get suckered into contracts with over priced monthly costs. But with Tmobile u get choice. Contract or no contract. So what’s better for a loyal customer? A free phone or cheaper cost EVERY SINGLE MONTH? Do that math dumb ass that free phone will pay for itself if u have a grandfathered plan.

      • 30014

        What’s the point of gaining 4 new customers if you’re going to lose 4 existing customers. It’s called the “revolving door” effect. In other words this promotion won’t help tmo gain any ground on sprint. Just readind all of the tmo employee posts I can see why customer service is no longer what it was. About a year ago I was at my local tmo store and asked a employee about 3g, she didn’t know what I was talking about. I walked out of the store shaking my head.

  • aguy

    hi i read some details on this actual promotion and if im not mistaken by what i read this actually is for current customers…but as always there is a catch. it described it as follows…”this is for current single line customers who are looking to convert from a single line post paid account to a post paid family plan.” now the paper i read was a first draft so of course things might change, but just a good thing that i found out and wanted to share.

  • Anthony in Utah

    T-Mobile has EXCELLENT customer service. I’ve never had any issues with their services. The only negative side is their phone line up in comparison to their competitors. The iPhone 4 should be sold unlocked through Apple so that T-Mobile customers can have that…. but Apple of course has strict guidelines and their contract with AT&T strongly in effect.

    The deal this Saturday is pretty good, but I can’t see families jumping to T-Mobile while leaving behind their current carriers for free phones.
    AT&T may have bad customer service and or rate plans, but it has what customers WANT… an excellent phone line up… many high end android, iPhone, and windows mobile devices.

    I am waiting out for a new high end phone with T-Mobile. I bought upgraded to the HD2 thinking it was going to be the phone that fits me, however, sent it back because it proved otherwise. I am jealous of what other carriers have, but I refuse to leave T-Mobile because I get such good rates… I guess its just a matter of opinion…. Do you want great rates and a good phone line up OR do you want higher rates with an EXCELLENT phone line up?

    If only T-Mobile could get the iPhone… I am going to crave that when everyone else is carrying it haha =}

  • Lamar

    So existing customers cant do anything with this promotion then. Well that sucks.

  • Negtne

    Oh and for everybody excited about the galaxy it’s already outdated tmobile behind again

  • SteveBerman

    The “Good customer service” thing is akin to the saying “it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, it’s just how you play the game.” No matter how much I call customer service, they aren’t going to make 3G more widely available, they aren’t going to release any decent phones, and they aren’t going to cut their prices in half, which they should considering the subpar service I get with them. If they charged around $40 a month for the EM+ 500 minute + text/data plan, then just maybe it would be fair. I wouldn’t even take the Mytouch Slide for free at this point. Many of you say the “average” consumer is just fine with t-mobile’s offerings, but I am not the average consumer and I would argue the user base here in America is moving away from average. People who the carriers make the most money off of (smartphones users with data plans) definitely are better off at every other carrier, but T-mobile.

  • jdouble

    funny how everycomplaining about existing customers, funny how tmobile gave out unlimited talk for 49.99 loyalty couple years back before em and em+ tmobile does look of for existing customers but we have to realize the only way they will grow is with new customers everyday some kid turns 18 somewhere or someones contract is up with another carrier and tmobile has the most selection of phones hands down with reasonable prices and rate plans. if u want iphone go get it, droid go there, or evo go get it. but hands down best value of the major carriers and right now to a lot of struggling families that matters, if tmobile gains 1,000,000 adds and loses like 10,000 customers i think they’ll live with that for that day

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  • shawn1224

    So if I want to upgrade my single even more plus plan to a family plan, can I take advantage of this free phone offer?

    • shawn1224

      Just verified with the TMO store by my house. In order to qualify for the free phone you have to upgrade to an even more family plan. So yes it can be done.

  • bl

    as soon as my contract is up ( 2 more months ) im gone…it isnt the phones its the crappy 3g service…its just poor…where i work everyone on all the other carriers gets a great signal and can surf away…not me…no 3g signal and just all around badness…i live in vegas and this is not acceptable…

  • ecp

    FREE PHONES !!!!!!! YES

  • T-Man

    Does anyone know the limit of phones? My whole family will probably be switching to T-Mobile for this thing (4 people), and we all want the new HTC phone. Any of you think all 4 of us will be allowed to get free phones? (with a two-year contract, of course) ;)

    • T-Man

      Didn’t end up getting the free phones. My dad bought a newspaper yesterday, and to his surprise he noticed that many other small phone shops offer the same amount of free phones, albeit a tad smaller selection (HTC Touch Pro 2 and tons of Blackberries are free). Additionally, some of these give you cash rewards for getting their phones for free ($1000) and they waive the activation fee!

      Makes T-Mobile’s big free day look wimpy.