iPhone Trade-In For HD2 Promo Details


Bigger, faster, extraordinary; these are the words that T-Mobile has chosen to describe the HTC HD2, and I completely agree (and it sure does beat “magical”).  All those iPhone owners out there, who want the HTC HD2, need to pay attention now.  As we told you before, you can trade in your iPhone for cash towards your HTC HD2 purchase.  Details are emerging, outlining why you should switch to the HTC HD2, and how much your old iPhone will help you towards your goal. Seems like, you will get at least $100 (on average) towards your purchase, and that is with that outdated 4GB iPhone 1st gen.  Once again, you will get $350 for the latest and greatest 32GB iPhone (consult the image above for further inquiries).  Take advantage of this great offer by June 19th (also known as right before NEW iPhones are released).  Now, let’s just hope they can actually keep the HTC HD2 in stock now. Larger image after the jump! Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks Hak!


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  • iphone 3GS, 32Gb for $350 ….., who want to make this stupid deal with tmobile??

  • ur0fficialboy

    ^ exactly.

  • poopman

    i want an HD2 but i think id rather have an iphone on tmobile

    • T

      Yeah me too… one that works with T-Mo 3G though!

      • Ruiner

        An iPhone, in its current state, will never work with T-Mobile’s 3G because it is a HARDWARE change, not a software one. The iPhone phones cannot work on the 1700/2100Mhz band that is required by T-Mobile for 3G access. The iPhone is setup for AT&T’s 3G and no amount of software switching/configuration, will allow for it to work with T-Mobile’s band.

      • GB

        Wrong! I’m on an iPhone write now and have t-mobile. Anything’s possible…

      • @GB

        He meant 3G, not EDGE!

  • Actually, those values do not represent the FINAL offering price in terms of “in-store credit” that is provided by T-Mobile in exchange for the iPhone.

    My friend utilized this promotional offer earlier this afternoon, trading in his 32GB iPhone 3GS, which was kept in the OtterBox Defender Series case, for the reward of $400. Which, obviously that EXCEEDS the promised maximum value of $350.

  • gsv

    You can sell an iPhone on eBay for quite a bit more than T-Mobile is offering. I don’t see the value in this deal at all.

    • Davidohio

      $350 combined with the subsidized price of the HD2 would equal the market value of the iphone. Maybe someone could end up getting an HD2 for $50 or $100. Some people who got the iphone just don’t like it, it is not all that and is over-rated and they want an HD2 instead. It is up to the individual if they want to or not.

  • You obviously must have down syndrome if you even consider this a “DEAL” , the hd2 is a beautiful phone but why would tmobile want to sucker people into losing money. What is tmobile going to do with the iphones you trade in anyway?? sell them to a third party provider?? Maybe they will give them to the employees who had their hd2’s sold off to customers. This is like saying “trade in your bently and get paid toyota corolla prices”

    • David

      @cheetah woods

      First, T-Mobile offer is like saying “trade in your toyota corolla and get bently” not what you said.

      Second, Have you ever heard “recycle” word!?

      They recycle these iPhones and use material again to build new phones. Recycling is a huge business with lots of profit. Maybe you should watch Discovery Channel more!

      Third, With this offer:

      – They get materials they need to make new phones cheaper by recycling iPhones.
      – They cell more cellphones and products.
      – And maybe add more customers to T-Mobile.

      • T-Mobile just sells phones, they don’t manufacture anything.

        And its “sell” not “cell”.

  • Selcuk

    I’ll stick with 3G 8GB on Magenta for now, I love the iPhone, but I’ve played with the HD2 today and its a awesome but not quite for me.

  • Omeer

    I don’t get it what would T-mobile do with the iPhones that are being traded in?

    • T

      I bet they are preparing for the iPhone launch on T-Mobile, and will sell them as refurbs

      • Davidohio

        What? How are they going to sell them as rufurbs when they don’t work on t-mobile’s 3G network. Dah.

  • artiepants

    lol, the left off “Obsolete operating system”

    really, though, this seems like a promotion better suited to an Android device.

    • Tig

      The HD2 kicks a ton of ass for an “obsolete” device…. Where to people come up with this crap…

      • I have an HD2 and enjoy my obsolete OS. I can tweak almost anything I want. I am not locked in to exactly what MS wants. Anyway Windows Phone 7 won’t be out until about Christmas so the OS is still recent.

    • David


      Another Craproid fanboy, tool, spam, troll…

      Go back to your hole.

  • Oblio007

    If it had android on it then they could say “better OS than your iphone”, but sadly its windows mobile.


      ok seriously android fanboys what is it thats so great about android, the fact that its retard safe, the my touch doesnt even come with a manual thats how stupid this OS is, its for basic people with basic lives, its for ages 8-10 and 50-100, if i wanted a phone so basic id buy a nokia or a motorola. android should take notes from the so called “OBSOLETE” WM

  • Reece

    Sounds like a perfect deal, what is with you guys? I mean we talking about a iPhone for an epically awesome HTC Desire here that sounds perf-oooooo, wrong HTC device – my bad.

    • Josh

      It’s a good deal indeed and some of my friends took advantage of this deal actually and they are all happy about it.

      All these comments here saying it is not a good deal and other things like that comes from Apple fanboys and even worth Android fanboys that they see a need to troll and spam in every single post specially Windows Mobile related posts.

      • Jonstonson

        it’s not a good deal. i’m not an android or apple “fanboy” and you’re simply a fool. $350 for a 3GS 16GB is a rip. You can post that on craigslist and get $500 for it. It may be a good deal if you hate your first generation iphone, but not if it’s a 3GS.

        You are a fool if you believe $350 is good for a 3GS.

        T-Mobile is probably receiving these iphones, and then flipping them themselves and churning a profit.

  • will_i_am

    dont get hd2 piss of shit phone internet always get down have to restard 3g i just returned to the store today and the guy there told me the tmobile is getting iphone on june went i ask him wish 1 he say is no sure but am hoping for iphone hd also know as iphone 4 keep my fingers cross till then ……….

    • Wilma Flintstone

      and the funny thing is, that if the next iphone did incorporate HD, it still most likely won’t be able to play basic media formats without converting to Apple format, it still most likely won’t be able to send and receive MMS, as well as not be able to arrange your music the way you’d like it (iTunes won’t allow that simple task) and if it actually did have HD in the next one, most people will probably think Apple invented it (not knowing that cell phones have had HD for some time now) then Steve Jobs will try to sue for more technology that Apple didn’t invent. I hope for the best because we do need competition but the iPhone is not for me.

      • touchpro2

        Like the copy/paste deal when it came out on the iPhone. Some people were amazed, I had a few friends with iPhones showing me the feature, asking me, Can your phone do that?, I just laughed. WinMo, with its issues, has had copy/paste since.. I can’t even remember! It’ll be the same with multi-tasking, HD, etc etc.
        But the iPhone it’s good, without it, Android, WinMo 6.5 (w/ HTC Sense, ofcourse), WP7 wouldn’t have happened.

    • Davidohio

      @will I am….where did you learn how to spell?

  • revbjeff

    I sold our 16gb 3g iPhone for $350 on eBay. Twice what T-Mobile is offering

    • alex

      No, Tmo is ofering $275 for that phone

  • rapaleeman

    Good idea, terrbile deal.


    You can get$350 for an unlocked 8g first gen on craigslist if you word your post right. I know I did and that’s what I got for mine

    • Davidohio

      WHAT???#@! Are you high? What idiot in their right mind would pay $350 for a 1st generatio 8g iphone??? Were they retarded? They had to be. In Cleveland on Craigslist, I have never seen a 1st gen sell for more than $225 TOPS in very good condition. You got lucky you found a sucker to pay that much lol.

  • Patrick

    I know LOTS of people who wish they didn’t have their iPhones who use it on T-Mobile because of the lack of 3G availability…in my opinion…it’s a really good deal. If you’re coming from AT&T maybe not so much…but if you’re on T-Mobile already…it’s a heck of a deal

  • Pythagoras

    I am using an iPhone right now and I plan to take advantage of this deal.

  • tradein

    Its kind of like when you trade in your car. Of course you can get more if you sell it yourself, but its easier to just take the “dealer” price.

  • Nerd lust

    Sweet deal I played with the hd2 in the gurnee mills mall. It was a million times better then my 32 g iPod touch and bb curve 8900 and zune combined. I wasn’t a believer but I am now! The htc hd2 rocks!
    Btw just in case anyone wants to know I use my phone for business and personal. The 8900 beat the iPhone in security and exchange support . The hd2 can do all my personal stuff the iPod touch does plus it also do business work as well, great Device if you are in a similar situation.

    • analog spirit

      So how does the HD2 compare to BlackBerries when it comes to security and Exchange support? Security is important for me too, and it’s the main reason I’ve been using a BB for years.

  • chicago081

    I hope T-Mobile does not get the iphone, it will just slow down the network. I have talked to AT&T users who say it is slow all the time. I heard Verizon is getting the iphone.

  • danny

    Who the hell wants a window’s mobile device? R-tards, that is who. Hurry up and acquire the xperia10 already, and force sony ericcson to update it to 2.0. T-mobile, you are pissing me off.

    • Josh

      Who the hell wants your comments? R-tards, that is who. Hurry up back to your hole. Troll, you are pissing me off.

  • For all of you (in the begining of the comments) who think this is a bad idea or must have “down syndome” is completely rude and ignorant! You think #4 would put thier neck on the line if the HD2 was’nt that good. Your idiots! The proof is in the pudding. The hd2 is clearly more powerfull and more brilliant in many ways over the iPhone. It is a great device and truly the only iPhone killer right now. Your all just followers if you think the iPhone is going to last in it’s “current” state. Move on people and be open minded and have fun! Watch a movie or something? Oh wait… your iPhone can’t do that, But my HD2 can!

    • George lucas

      I love my iphone, although i must admit it is a boring piece of shit out the box, but with jailbreaking and unlocking i am able to have a powerful 3gs, i dont pay for any apps thanks to installus, i also dont pay for any jailbroken apps thats to sinful. f r e e ! All f r e e ! I can Do alot with this phone and i love it! (only wifi and edge though) even sync it to itunes with no problems, but i guess we are talking about the “general” cell phone consumers who just like phones out of the box ready to use where in that case the hd2 is great, even better for people who hack. I dont think the iphone or hd2 is better then eachother its just great to finally have a choice! Tmobile is also an excellent company to even have iphone support! As for android i think its great just sad our network carries lackluster android phones. Back to the point, yes this deal is good for certain people not all.

    • Billy blanks

      Please read my previous comment again, nowhere did i bash the hd2 or call the iphone a bentley. I was using an analogy to show how if you sell something yourself you can get a much more value then a basic “deAler take it or leave it” price.

  • Nerd Lust

    @ analog
    I have been a BB user for years. My collegues either use BB or winmo. Security is very good on both devices from what i have gathered from users of winmo. BB is tops with security however winmo is not far behind. Both work really well with exchange.

    • analog spirit

      Cool, thanks for the info. At my job I see mostly BBs (all kinds) and an occasional WinMo device; and very rarely anything else being used. So that makes sense.
      I was asking ‘cos I don’t have any experience with WinMo, except for playing with the HD2 demo unit in my local T-Mo store 3 times. Like a lot of people, I’d love to have an iPhone on T-Mo, but the HD2 has grown on me, as I find it to be a solid combination of the phone you need and the phone you want; well suited to being a business/work phone AND a fun media phone. And I like being able to replace my own battery and expand my memory with a higher capacity SD card if needed. So I figure if the HD2 doesn’t work for me, I can always return it.
      Now all I have to do is actually find an HD2 anywhere (no easy feat around here!).

  • TMoEmployee

    I don’t care how you slice it or dice it. The HD2’s are rolling back into the store at a jaw dropping rate. We sent 4 back today alone. Stop drinking the HD2 Kool-Aid. Don’t get me wrong. It’s a swing at Windows, I actually appreciate my T-Mobile service. Even as a regular customer, when I was one. I just had the chance to dance with the HD2, and I was tired of getting my toes stepped on!

    • Josh

      I don’t care how you slice it or dice it. You are a fanboy and it is really sad!

  • khaltZ

    Makes sense it a htc mashin apple the comeptiton. That or iphone is coming to tmo to wipe out the old devices in their market. Maybe that’s a a deal apple wants tmo to do. Plus also att is gettin andriod device like moto back flip

  • FILA

    time for idiots to get rid if there iShit and step up to a real mans phone, istead of some cult shit, cuz your next door neighbor has one. bunch of loosers

    • Mike .e

      A real mans phone? Wow you sound like a major homosexual! Swallow much? I bet you even have some ufc wallpaper on there also mr.manly!

  • Agreed! I have had no problems with my HD2 other than the battery, and that is only cuz I love it and use it all day every. Like a car, If you drive it all day long, eventualy your gona have to refule no matter what you drive!

  • Nain

    i love my hd2, freezed on me once on the lock screenn..but im guessing it was because my battery was at 4 percent.. phone kinna acts weird on low battery stage

  • wasup

    just want the iphone on tmo 3g, is that too much to ask for :D

  • fred

    i been tryin to trade my iphone for an hd2 but tmobile keep tellin me its not true….can anybody help me out

  • Daniel

    A T-Mobile reseller Infinity Wireless in Renton WA (Sunset) who repairs cell phones has unlocked his iPhone to use on T-Mobile service. He showed me, it’s working fine. This is contradicts an earlier post. He can do it for others.

    • David, Managing Editor

      Daniel, the phone can be unlocked and run on T-Mobile, it can’t be used on T-Mobile’s 3G bands however. No way, no how…thats hardware and not possible.

  • Dudeman

    Oh I loved my HD2, nothing says class like playing Winmo 5 and very tiny small looking snes graphics games on this monster phone. Oh and the best applications where made 10 years ago? because they looked like they were made for windows 3.1.

    The phone is outdated POS and im glad I returned it, I remembered why I loved my G1 soon as I started playing with my returned HD2 Way to go T-mobile! Next time though, make sure you get a phone that actually has a good OS (Android) and not that POS Winmo

    • Smith

      Next time before you troll, make sure you know what you are talking about.

      There are more than 7000 application available for free for Windows Mobile and guess what many of them are new application. Your comment just shows your lack of knowledge and that is enough to make your comments useless and POS like Android OS.

      FYI just 4 of my friends switched from G1 becuase of POS OS(Android) to HTC HD2 with much better OS (windows Mobile) and they are all happy about it.

      And guess what they can do do much much more with their new HTC HD2 compare to their G1 with buggy and crappy OS (Android). Most of them was tired of changiung their phone because every few month it had software problem and T-Mobile had to replace their handset.

      Hey troll why you don’t go back to your hole where you belong and play with your Craproid.

  • I got my HD2 about three days ago and have fallen in love with it completely customizable Ive added a shell interface that allows you to have many mnay different views of the programs and data on your home screen as well as making look just like an i phone or android phone with all the widgets. I will also say that this phone is not for everyone, if you’ve never had a windows mobile phone this phone will not be the most user friendly phone out but once you become an experienced user you will love it! With that said, people keep commenting that the i phone 3g doesnt work with the tmobile network, I happen to have two iphones on tmobile right now, one Iphone 3g and one Iphone 3gS both of wich have fullaccess to all iphone apps and any software on the at&t network. Anyone who has time to go online can figure this out and learn how to do it just by watching a few videos. Get Educated people!

    • bskballa92

      All iPhones can work on T-Mo just not T-Mo’s 3G network, you can only get EDGE. The hardware does not work with the AWS 1700/2100 that Tmobile uses. Get Educated pl0x

  • iFone Will KiLlYaHH

    I would never do this stupid deal.. i love my iphone on tmobile plus is jailbroken and can do everything in the business i do plus the phone cost me 600 for a 32gb 3GS.. but i guess if you have an iphone 2g or 3g you can do it..

  • T-mob is very stinky.Who want to make a deal.

  • Will right

    I love my iphone, although i must admit it is a boring piece of shit out the box, but with jailbreaking and unlocking i am able to have a powerful 3gs, i dont pay for any apps thanks to installus, i also dont pay for any jailbroken apps thanks to sinful. f r e e ! All f r e e ! I can Do alot with this phone and i love it! (only wifi and edge though) even sync it to itunes with no problems, but i guess we are talking about the “general” cell phone consumers who just like phones out of the box ready to use where in that case the hd2 is great, even better for people who hack. I dont think the iphone or hd2 is better then eachother its just great to finally have a choice! Tmobile is also an excellent company to even have iphone support! As for android i think its great just sad our network carries lackluster android phones. Back to the point, yes this deal is good for certain people not all.

  • Logan

    Does anyone know if this will work if I pick up an HD2 at my Walmart? They are the only place around here with them in stock, and this looks like a universal rebate form that doesn’t mention only certain retailers are involved. If any one can shed some light on this I would appreciate it.

    • UzukiC

      It’s a recyclerebates.com offer, so I’d go check the link and code provided for the details on the exchange on their site. TMo may be promoting it, but they don’t seem to make the determination on the final offer.



  • Courtney

    Hey, I can’t read the fine print, which there is a lot of… This is only for new customers, correct?