Nexus One 3G Woes, Part 315

This problem just won’t go away.  Even after the latest OTA update, the Nexus One is still having 3G problems.  As you will see in the video above, 3G connectivity changes dramatically just by how the phone is being held.  Now, if you ask me, this certainly doesn’t sound like a T-Mobile 3G problem.  Also, I’m not one to point fingers at a certain Chrome and Buzz-ing company, especially since they have so much power in this world.  With that being said, this seems like a hardware problem that really needs to be addressed and fast.  Otherwise, I propose a riot (holding pitchforks and phones, with a certain lighter app, in the air).  Are you still having 3G problems on the Nexus One?  If so, feel free the vent in the comments.


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