MyTouch 3G Fender Edition In The Wild

We keep hearing about this Limited Edition MyTouch 3G, and there are now in the wild shots of the wood covered wonder.  The HTC made, Fender collaborated, Android phone isn’t much of an upgrade to the MyTouch by only adding a 3.5mm headphone jack, wood grain finish and some preloaded content on a 16GB microSD card.  It looks like this phone will be polished and ready for it’s first gig on January 20th (so you can fall back on it if the Nexus One just isn’t doing it for you).  More pictures after the break and leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • twitch110

    Whoever buys this is an absolute jackass. What a waste of money and manpower on tmobile’s end.

    • sorandkairi

      how is that a waste of money or manpower. It wouldnt have cost them a dime to change over the original mytouchs to the fender. I hate when ppl on this site start just talking out of their @sses. Yall just look stupid.

      • Twitch110

        Your life is so hard. And yes, the mytouch sucks, so it is clearly a waste of the things i mentioned. The phone doesn’t magically appear in the stores. Money and manpower goes into putting the phones into the stores. I have the mytouch and i think it is absolutely horrific. To put out a “prettier” model is just a waste; unless it’s free. Which clearly, it isn’t. And is it even possible to talk out of my ass? Will you send me a youtube link? I’d love to learn or at least perfect this art.

      • sorandkairi

        Stupid…… just stupid complete nonsense. That whole rant was informationless. It actually did make any d@mn sense. Let Tmobile do what the hell Tmobile wants to do, and if u have that big of a problem with how Tmobile spends UR money then leave. Why are u on this site. Why the hell did u buy the mytouch. Sell it dumb@ss and buy what u want. Be you want to whine like a punk@ss b!tch about a phone that no what asked u or is making u buy. And yes my life was “hard” (what that’s means to u idk) but i bet u that I MAKE ALOT MORE MONEY THAN UR BROKE @SS EVER WILL BECAUSE OF IT. And guess what, i do it legally too!!!! DUMB@SS

        Oh and by the way, its much easier to change from one spec of hardware to another spec of hardware when they are about the same (original mytouch vs the fender ed.)! If they have a surplus of original mytouchs, they could have just change it(slightly) for the fender edition. It doesnt take a genius. D@mn man u really are stupid aren’t u Twitch110 or are u just ignorant! Igonrant to the fact that u really are stupid. I hope u dont have kids, i feel bad for them. Hell i feel bad for ur semen. Yeah its that bad; ur just that dumb.

      • twitch110

        Unless you’re working for an outsourcing company in India, i’m guessing you aren’t making much money here in the states. Here in the states, we need proper grammar and spelling to make it anywhere in the professional world. I’m guessing you’re still learning that the hard way. I’m allowed to have an opinion. I think the mytouch is shit. The fender one is still shit. Everyone knows this, why don’t you? I’d sell my phone in a heartbeat if i knew someone that would buy it. And i don’t really feel the need to sell it until a phone that i absolutely love comes out. i.e HD2. K man, hOpE yOuR sweet @$$ haS a WoNDERfuL D@y. U are teh $hitz!

      • sorandkairi

        WTF are u talking about. “Unless you’re working for an outsourcing company in India.” That was actually racist.

        “i’m guessing you aren’t making much money here in the states.” Fool i just told u I am, why are u guessing. Are you stupid, slow and retarded. I dont understand.

        “Here in the states, we need proper grammar and spelling to make it anywhere in the professional world.” I dont need correct grammar on the internet. Its the FUCKING INTERNET DUMBASS, grammar should be the last of ur worries.

        “I’m guessing you’re still learning that the hard way. ” What the fuck are u talking about!?

        “I’m allowed to have an opinion. I think the mytouch is shit. The fender one is still shit. Everyone knows this, why don’t you? I’d sell my phone in a heartbeat if i knew someone that would buy it. And i don’t really feel the need to sell it until a phone that i absolutely love comes out.” That is about the most intellegent statement that this conversation has produced with you. Yes u can have ur opinion. But is it not fact that U bought the mytouch. U had it for 14 days and could have sent it back but you choose to keep it because like u said u like it. So dont complain now since ur broke ass cant buy the “newest” and “best” phone to come out on the market. And dude ppl sell themselves on sites like craigslist and you’re telling me that u cant find some1 that would buy your phone….bs. And oh yes u must have asked ur mom; she must have told u i’m the shit. Tell her i said thanks!

        and the was racist man……….

      • twitch110

        “And oh yes u must have asked ur mom; she must have told u i’m the shit. Tell her i said thanks!”

        HAHAHAHA! Did you really just go there? I’ll tell my 10 year old nephew to call you and talk humor/threats?. You’re on the same level.

        You’re a classy guy Soran. I enjoy your words. Keep doing your thing; Whatever you’re doing, is clearly working for you. Peace, God bless.

      • sorandkairi

        Thanks! Man, even tho you sound like a horribly anti-social still living with said mother asshole, u might not be that bad. Work on those social skills and that attitude, not to mention that God complex, and you’ll be alright. There is nothing more that any1 else can do for u. You’ve got to let go of the tit and grow up some. After u’ve grown a set of balls then maybe u can actually talk to me with some sense. Anyway stop bitching and order the phone or dont. Nobody cares either way.

    • andrew

      i know i would neuxs one

  • Tim

    Well, at least there’s finally a MT3G with 256M of RAM. It’s still hideous though, lol.

    • sorandkairi

      Chances and this is just a guess, if the Mytouch can get the 2.0/2.1 upgrade(s) that should be more comp. But thats something that i didnt know, the upgrade in RAM. Is that really true? And the color aint too bad, i still prefer the black. I drop mine,….ALOT.

    • Tarus

      I thought it was 288mb of ram but I might be mistaken. Either way, more ram more sd memory and a 3.5mm Jack is better in my book. By no means a nexus one but a better phone than the regular mytouch

      • david

        256 ram is correct

      • sorandkairi

        thanks david

        • David

          What are you thanking me for?!

        • sorandkairi

          ram specs

  • just some dude

    i hope no one buys it, this should of been the first mytouch.

  • penpen72

    I’m gonna sell my mytouch, cliq and g1 to get one!!

  • money mo

    I’ll get it for my girlfriend, at least when people see it, they”ll know she has the (new) exclusive one!!!!

  • t-mizzle

    Who cares about a fender bender, the real accident is on the inside.

    If they wanted to make that phone attractive, they should have addressed the hardware. I like the fender look but save it for a fully functioning phone. The touch lags badly and struggles to pull down the notification bar without being choppy, who cares about it’s look. Make a good phone first, then you can think about limited editions.

    • I agree completely. The issues is the hardware/OS Google & T-Mobile needs to fix this, not add some cosmetic changes.

  • jesse83

    I left the Mytouch for the Bold 9700, then left the Bold for the Cliq… and I will not go back to the Mytouch. Its the CHEAP version of the Hero! AND the Cliq has been in the market WAY less, and its already confirmed that its getting the 2.1! Lame for you guys owning a Mytouch, awesome for us Cliq owners.

    And this “limited editon” is just a way for T-Mobile to keep selling the Mytouch series, oh and a way to piss original Mytouch owners. Do what i did, get on Craigslist and post your up for trade!

    • timmyjoe42

      The Cliq rules…except for the battery and 1.5.

  • Curtis

    This IS the 32a HTC Magic with the increased ram, making it effectively a Hero. The 32A processor has also successfully been overclocked to 600mhz.

  • carlos

    does anyone know if they’ll be making a black/white/any other color mytouch with these new additions?

    • AD

      I doubt it. As much as this phone is rumored to be the 32A version, it’s considered as limited edition to Fender only. If they made it in black, I’d definitely go for it.

  • Wayne

    I’d raise the bridge, file down the nut and take the buzz out the low E.

    • Tim

      Also, change the pickups, replace the stock tuners with Sperzels, and shield the body so it quits buzzin’. THEN you’ve got a great Fender. ;)

  • Zollars

    Any word on what the preloaded tracks are?

  • cliqquer

    for the small price difference, anyone that doesnt buy this over the og mytouch is an idiot, who cares what it looks like, 3.5mm and a 16gb card are worth $30 to me . . .

  • bitooo

    i currently have two g1’s. one for me, one for my little bro.

    he is going to DIE of excitement when i get this for him. he’s a big fender freak and a guitarist too.

  • mike

    This will be my next phone as soon as I sell my black mytouch.

  • eh it doesn’t look too appealing to me…

  • giltron

    I can confirm its a 32a board. just rooted and downloading a Rosie rom as we speak.

  • Kendrix_myrealname

    Its not visibly appealing but just like any other phone, adding a skin or replacing the facing and backing will quickly cover the ugliness this thing has. I know if this was available when I got my MyTouch, I would’ve gotten it. I hate the dongle.

  • Dubteeff

    Ewh fender. Not a fan of their guitars.

  • JakeMG

    But it goes to 11…

    Also, am I the only one who thinks that the MyTouch earbuds are so uncomfortable that they’re entirely unusable?

  • Zollars


    No, you’re not. I think most earbuds that come with any device are totally useless.

  • Tim

    People complain about the MyTouch and its performance quite a bit, and for good reason. However, the extra RAM (RAM, not “Internal Storage”) in this version should help a good bit.

    Why? Without going into too much technical detail, having more RAM avoids the OS spending a lot of time on “housekeeping” and “garbage collection”. The less RAM you have, the more time the computer has to spend trying to manage the RAM and free it up for other tasks. From where we sit, this is perceived as slowness and lag.

    It’s not just that way with phones. For example, with a Windows PC: If you only have 256M of RAM, even a quad core i7 computer will be slow and . Bring it up to 2GB, and suddenly that same “slow piece of ****” will haul butt.

    I use an N1 now, which has plenty of RAM. There’s zero home screen lag and hardly ever any ‘chop’ elsewhere either. The fast CPU helps, but the RAM is the biggest part. The extra memory in the Fender MT3G should improve things with it a lot as well.

  • phoneking13


    • twitch110