G1 Users To Get Android 2.0 Love By The End Of January?


Ever since Google announced Android 2.0 on the Motorola Droid, everyone has eagerly wanted a piece of the scrumptious Eclair, but the future wasn’t looking too good for faithful G1 owners. There were a few rumors stating  Android 2.0 for the G1 was coming, but no release date was specified. But now, according to an internal T-Mobile Forum, a Moderator states that Android 2.0 for the G1  is rumored to make its way to G1 handsets by the end of January. Of course this should be taken as a grain of salt, and until there is further confirmation, this is going under rumors column for now. Leave your thoughts and hopes in the comments!

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  • ig0tno0dles


  • manus

    Wonder if it will have some flash support

    • 2FR35H

      Nexus 1 has flash I do believe… but thats 2.1 Android

  • Mardenator

    any news on the cliq??

    • EastjohN

      Sorry cliq owners the firmware u have now is the one u will have for ever t mobile states that the motorola cliq is not a google phone yes its an android but now by google and the android software is threw google so I was told by a t mobile representive that since the they r not really by google they won’t be getting the latest google 2.0 r 2.1 android firmware SORRY

      • Don

        Please stop spreading lies. Motorola confirmed at CES that the Cliq and all Blur devices are being updated to 2.1

      • David

        Yeah..and it’s through google…not threw google you dummy.

  • Glad to see they havnt forgoten about there loyal followers I gave my G1 to my fiencè when I got my cliq still awaiting further confermation of the said update for us cliq users *keeping my fingers crossed* thanks for the great news update though!

  • That’d Be So Awesome. My Sister Has The G1 Still. haha

  • JBLmobileG1

    This is some Awesome news and hopefully it will end up being true. I think I will be truly happy when and if Google ever finds a way to run apps from sd. Also if they ever bring the Android platform multi touch (though that’s not a hugh deal) and when we get flash. I know they said flash was coming when the G1 first came out so hopefully it STILL will… because I’ve been waiting for a long long time.

    • john

      I think I’ve told you to root it already, fixes all your complaints.

  • JBLmobileG1

    Why is the pic in another language? German? And below the G1 it says G2…. I don’t know German but it looks like G2 and March… maybe? If this is Tmobile in Europe does that mean we will still see the G1 update even? And if it does mean there will be a G2 in March that doesn’t mean we will see it in the US during that time.

    • john

      Tmobile europe has the g2 touch, so that’s my guess

  • Aaron

    If it’s 2.x then bells and whistles are going to be severely gimped on the G1.

    Hell on my N1 if you have too many apps open, it can run slow and that’s saying something.


    Guess I’ll still keep my G1 as a back after all

    • Galen20K

      I am even tho I have my Nexus One, I still hold a special place in my heart for my G1 and I will upgrade it if it comes out.

  • BM

    … and the question that everybody awaited!!!
    What about the MyTouch?

    • JakeMG

      If the G1 is going to get it, then the MyTouch will definitely get it, too. It’s basically the same internals, but with more RAM.

  • telos104

    It’s been sooooo long, I don’t remember what’s supposed to be so great about 2.0! LOL…

  • Jay

    @Mardenator and Randyleelee…….Motorola announced that the Motorola Cliq will be getting Android 2.1 in the near future but no specific date was announced…..Remember that the Cliq has the MotoBlur U.I. built over the Android operating system so it will likely take Motorola a great deal of time to release 2.1 to us Cliq users but its nice knowing it is on its way!

  • FILA

    thats great news for G1 owners. what about us MT3G users? If G1 is gettin it, MyTouch shouldnt be long after that

  • Heaven

    As far as the German I think that the G1 is end of March and the G2 (MT3G??) End of March

  • Richard

    The G2 is the name of the HTC Hero on the provider in Europe

  • JBLmobileG1

    Isnt the G1 also known as the HTC Magic? Just wondering since the G2 is know as the HTC Hero. Also it has been awhile… but what features does Android 2.0 have over 1.6? We already have the Google Navigator which was one of the big things that made 2.0 stand out. Doesn’t it also have voice to text and voice lookup for the maps etc? Did they ever fix the bluetooth dialing… so you can use your bluetooth headset and say “call home” for example?

    • Kickstar13

      I believe the G1 is known as the HTC Dream and the MyTouch 3G is known as the HTC Magic.

    • David

      Google it…..just a thought.

  • 2FR35H

    How about behold 2?

  • thechemist

    What’s the comparison between the N1 and G1 as far as processor speed and RAM? I have had a G1 since the second week it was out. It’s the best phone I’ve ever owned, but it seems the hardware is become too old for modern software. Ever update has made my phone cooler and what not, but slower.

    I’m just torqued I have to wait until March it looks like to get a newer version of this phone I love so much. (the new keyboard mytouch)

    Question to G1 and Mytouch users…. Would you say they are very similar minus they keyboard?

    • john

      Identical sans the kb

      • BM

        MyTouch has a little more RAM. But I think that besides this, it’s pretty much the same

  • What pisses me off is that my G1 is super…super…slow. I had to delete most of the apps off it because it was just running so poorly, but it really didn’t help much at all. How is it going to run 2.0 any better?!

    People who ask for flash support are just ridiculous and obviously know nothing about mobile processing power. YOUR PHONE WOULD SLUG ALONG PLAYING FLASH IF YOU HAVE ANYTHING LESS THAN 1GHZ. Even the Droid with flash would be choppy.

    • tinalooks808

      I agree, with each update my phone slows down just that much more. I am at the point where I have to restart at minimum once a day because it gets stuck. I have little to no space left and I have 33 apps on my phone. I know I should delete more but the 33 never posed a problem before the most recent update.

      I say NO to flash!!! It isn’t like I don’t want it, believe me I do just as much as the next person!!! I can’t imagine how slow my phone would be if I did have it though! The delay without it is sometimes painful right now. I love my G1 but I feel I have outgrown my phone, waiting to see what the espresso is like.

      • john

        Root it, apps to sd.

    • tinalooks808

      I had my phone rooted and it kept freezing. I unrooted it after about 2 months. Soon I will get a new phone, maybe I will snag the Diamond3?

    • Ken

      UMMM..if you root your phone and use a cyanogen mod with a 10mb ram hack your phone will run like a sports car and all your apps would be on your sdcard. I can help you do it if you like. There is no better Android phone than the g1 as they ALL have the same processor (even the snap dragon on the N1)

  • JBLmobileG1

    I have had my G1 since launch and although it does have its moments of slowness… its never froze to a point where I must restart it by turning it off then on again. However a phone is like a mini computer and like all computers it is recommended to restart them once in awhile. I probably restart my phone every few days or at least once a week by turning it off and back on. I know I probably have way more programs on my phone than is recommended because I only have about 14mb left of memory… and as low as 8mb if I dont clear my internet cach once in a while. And Tmobile recommends that you have at least 20mb free in order to be somewhat problem free. Flash has been in the works since the G1 was released and from my understanding was being developed on it and for Android (which at the time the G1 was the ONLY phone running Android). So I believe it WILL run on the phone. Sure it may be slow if you dont have enough free memory… but if Google could create a way to run apps off of an sd card (like I have wanted all along) can you imagine how much memory would be free? As for the processor not being powerful enough… I disagree. Yeah I do believe as the newer o/s versions come out its age will show as its already doing… but if it wasn’t powerful enough to begin with then why would they even atempt to create flash on the G1 to begin with? I do believe the G1 could handle flash so long as the memory is there for it.

    • thechemist

      DUDE! You rock. For whatever reason I haven’t cleared my cache, cookies, history, etc in forever. I just did and it’s like I have a new phone!

      • eYe

        Now go to the market and get “Advanced Task Manager” and set it up to kill unneeded tasks every 30 min and you’ll see how fast your phone is when it doesn’t have 50 things running in the background.

  • JBLmobileG1

    by the way… on my Tmobile MDA I was able to run flash and play flash games with no lag… and its processor isn’t as fast as the G1s. So flash WILL run. And yes I was able to run apps from my sd on my MDA so that helped with freeing up memory. The MDA is old school… and while the G1 isn’t the new kid on the block… I believe it has enough power to handle more than some people may think. It all comes down to the developers and programers. If they are good at what they do they can and will make it happen. It all comes down to talent and how much Google is willing spend on it.

  • vicz33

    i still have the g1 .. that will be cool if it goes from 1.6 to 2.0 . love the handset hope we get updated version model of it soon.

  • david

    will there be multi touch with the 2.0 update,that anyone knows.i been looking around and it says there will be multi touch..

    • Trill

      Multitouch is already supported in 2.0 but the google branded apps don’t support it and pitch to zoom is just an implementation of multitouch bu no the core of the technology itself.

  • SteveGowski

    So this is a euro pic…When will the US get it?

  • Trill

    Its pretty obvious that most of you don’t know what your talking about but every phone except the G1 has been confirmed to get 2.0 and flash would run fine on it since its not the processor that really matters much and its optimized for mobile anyway. Updates don’t slow your phone down but maybe if you would research a bit you would find that its best to reset your device in a long run after every update although it could be annoying for some I suppose and half of it are the amount of useless apps that people have and a crazy amount of widgets.

    I don’t think we will get 2.0 because of the system partition but png files and other things can be removed or compressed to free up space also the G1 is known as the HTC Dream and there is no such thing as a G2 but that’s known as the HTC Magic or Mytouch 3G if you will except the Magic has 288MB of Ram I believe.

  • monkeydroid


  • SteveGowski

    The last sentence translates to “This is all subject to change” in Belgium.

  • JakeMG

    Well, in Dutch, that last sentence says, “This is all with reservation, of course.” This leads me to believe that this is just another rumor.

  • brandon

    you guys need to stop complaining about freaking slowness root apps to sd 10mb hack now shutup

    • Ken

      AMEN…preach on brother! Feel sorry for all these folks who have not done it yet. There are videos, websites and youtube channels dedicated to it and it is almost insane when you do side by side comparisons. My G1/Dream is faster than any android phone my friends have and with cmupdater its a breeze. Do some research people…

  • david

    Does anyotine else see that this was posted on the 13th of january, why has it taken so long for it to be brought up? I have a G1 and even though u can clearly tell its processor is almost obselete, it is still a great phone when the brower, and internal cache is cleared like that guy said earlier. And the talk about it getting flash is a definite no for the 2.0 update since the droid still doesnt have it. Same thing with multitouch, but with multitouch who cares about pinch to zoom. its a hassle to have to use 2 hands to zoom, i just want it so we can text in landacape better and play more games on android with it.

    • youkosouna

      Multitouch on games would be hott, but first somebody tell these homo developers to make more and better 3d looking games cuz android is lackin in that deparment big time!!! i know i know that app sizes have to be taken into consideration but the Polorabit developers have made pretty sweet games that play and look almost ipohne level. ( i cant stand the iphone but there games are soooo much more nastier than androids0

  • Anonymous

    It’s the beginning of February. No Android 2.

    If they’re going to abandon the G1 after 15 months, I wish they’d just say so. I feel like an idiot for signing a two-year contract for it.

  • Richad

    What happend to the 2.0 update that we were suppose to get at the end of Janurary? It seems like they are going to abondon the G1.

  • RipRap

    I have been w/ TMO since they were Voicestream.
    I bought a G1 and I love it. I did not uprade to mytouch, because I actually LIKE and WANT a REAL KEYBOARD.

    If TMO does NOT give us LOYAL subscribers 2.xx, I will DROP TMO and go to Verizon.

    There. I said it. (I hate Verizon BTW)

    Now I have to go and shoot some chocolate. C:E

  • Thanks Kickstar13!

  • InfidelCastro

    Toss the G1 and get a cliq, and you get the 2.1 update, full stereo sound, a crisper picture, 5 mp camera, flash 2.1 when it comes out.

  • asvspilot

    hey look its now March 3rd and still nothing, not a surprise here…looks like us loyal G1 users have been left in the dust….shame on you T-Mobile/Google

  • Well using G1 cellphone with android 1.0 worked absolutely well . Now let see what imapct does Android 2.0 leave on the cellphones

  • Fread Dead

    No device based on MSM720x or MSM760x will get Android 2.1 any time soon. It is completely incompatible with the GPU. Android 2.1 runs all graphics through the 3D subsystem now and Qualcomm does not support this. Moto’s latest update said Q2 or Q3 but by then it will be late enough that it won’t matter. The next Android release will be out by then. Lies? Hardly.