Does T-Mobile Have More Up Its Sleeve?


Good afternoon TmoNews minions readers! There has been a lot going on in Magenta’s world in the past few weeks, and it looks like the news just keeps on coming. Yesterday we received quite a few emails from our sources stating that a new Android device was in the works, codenamed the MyTouch Slide/MyTouch 2. Our sources pegged the device for a May 17th release. Today another one of our trusty ninjas has hit us up claiming that T-Mobile has more up its sleeve. T-Mobile is rumored to be releasing another Motorola Android device (Sholes Tablet?) on March 10th. Our source also claims that on March 17th, T-Mobile will be releasing a Nokia Smartphone (N900 anyone?). Sony Ericsson lovers if the original Equinox color didn’t appeal to you, you can pick up the Equinox January 20th in the shade of Ocean Blue. Our sources are also stating that the Samsung T139 will be hitting the shelves February 3rd. Hooray! First in line for this one!

As always all these dates are super tentative and subject to change.

Stay tuned and leave your thoughts and hopes in the comments!

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