Leaked HTC Roadmap NOT For T-Mobile USA


As my inbox continues to fill up with the HTC leaked roadmap, I have tried to address the notion that none of these phones are shown to be available for T-Mobile USA. For that matter, no US carrier is shown to be a possible recipient of these phones and why? A cursory glance at the spec sheet shows no compatible US 3G bands, not for T-Mobile or any other carrier that has 3G offerings stateside. So while the phones themselves might have “T-Mobile” typed over them, rest assured these phones are from a leaked Austrian HTC roadmap and most certainly, not a US one.

All that being said, it’s likely that one or more of these devices might show up in some capacity to a US carrier, T-Mobile included. Aside from that, we doubt the HTC 2010 Android lineup is comprised of only half a dozen phones, something tells me that they have much more in store. However, from these leaked slides we can’t make any predictions nor can we say anything for certain. So please, don’t read T-Mobile and get all excited, scroll down just a little more and take a glance at those spec sheets and try not to let all your excitement out at once.

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  • John

    first here! thank you!, that is the kind of clarification i was expecting to hear. However the US is a big market for HTC, and one should think that they have great phones waiting for us.

  • kershon

    From what I have seen and read on other tech sites, the people there are getting all steamed up thinking these devices are coming to the US. And all they gotta do is read the specs. lmao duh

  • kershon

    BTW cool picture. Real cute.

  • Rocko

    Thus is why I like T-Mo News better than those “big” blog sites. BGR and Giz know fully well these are Euro-handsets and their blogs quickly gloss over that this roadmap was leaked from a Vienna conference or whatever. Sure, smart people can figure it out, but I almost believe some sites forget to point out or share information on purpose.

    With that said… T-mo U.S. NEEDS The Bravo BADLY. 5MP cam WITH Flash?? 1 Ghz processor? If T-mo does not get it… or something like it anyway… then my next phone isn’t going to be an Android handset.

    • Galen20K

      Well said my man, well said.

    • kershon

      Agreed. Don’t forget to put crapengadget on ur list too.

  • HR

    This is the H1 2010 roadmap.

    There are no phones announced after June.

    They’re not going to give it all away.

  • I want the “HD2”. Hopefully T-Mobile U.S. will carry it.

    • Sgt. Cell

      Same here, looks to be a great phone.

  • dan

    I work for the company, and our bus support team gets to test out phones before they are out. We’ve got some good ones comin out in January. :)

    • 30014

      I hope u are right. Tmo has been underwhelming as of late. But why wait until January to release new phones? If the phones were impressive then it would make sense to get them out in time to take advantage of the holiday shopping season. It would be a shame if the big wigs didn’t learn anything from their terrible last quarter. Mainly that we want impressive handsets.

    • jay

      dan you said tmobile got some good ones coming out in January, well what phones do you know about that are coming in January ?

  • terry

    that’s the first question to ask with any device, “what are the bands?”, these were shown in vienna. why would htc launch us roadmap in vienna? still would like to see a couple these phones on big pink

  • glyco

    thanks for clarifying that David, i admit i didn’t look at the bands and will from now on. and @dan – dude, that’s great news, i hope the passion news is true, because i want that badboy….off att contract for 5 months and waiting patiently for something tmobile can offer that pleases. my patience is running thin, but news like this helps.

  • Aaron

    I’m sure it will be here on Tmo come April… if not sooner.

  • FILA

    Well THANK GOD!!! I was highly disappointed in the leak. No good Android phones, most still running a 529. No QWERTY Androids except for the vertical one pictured which would seem impossible for a Android phone since the screen is to small. Also there was no notes on the G1v2 phone were all waiting for, me especially. Also no US names in those leaked slides that were hearing about right now. The US market is ready for faster, slider QWERTY’s Android phones that hopefully T-Mobile signs onto the US.

    Great news to hear

  • alex

    I’m wondering if this is HTCs complete lineup or if this is their lower end lineup for the first half of 2010. Most phones have slower processors and many look like remakes of phones they already have out.

    These might be their WinMo 6.5 phones and their high end WinMo 7 phones weren’t included in this release.

  • Luis

    HTC Bravo!!! Snapdragon 1ghz cpu 3.7″ screen with Android OS its the perfect mobile phone i been waiting for plus it will be able to record 720p videos ( thats wat i read over http://www.gsmarena.com) anyways while i wait to this phone come to tmobile (if it comes) ill stick around with my iphone 3gs,,, but…. wait wat if a iphone 4g is coming? Whixh would i choose? Mmmmmm thTs a serious thinking folks!!!! :)

  • Dustin

    The Bravo is the HTC Passion for the US and will release in Jan. 2010.

  • 200 Million users, really? Where?

  • IwantToKnow

    I just want the hd2, hd2 pro (if that ever comes out) and the dragon to come out for tmobile usa hopefully


  • Queen4111

    These cat pics are adorable!!! LOL