Leaked HTC Roadmap NOT For T-Mobile USA


As my inbox continues to fill up with the HTC leaked roadmap, I have tried to address the notion that none of these phones are shown to be available for T-Mobile USA. For that matter, no US carrier is shown to be a possible recipient of these phones and why? A cursory glance at the spec sheet shows no compatible US 3G bands, not for T-Mobile or any other carrier that has 3G offerings stateside. So while the phones themselves might have “T-Mobile” typed over them, rest assured these phones are from a leaked Austrian HTC roadmap and most certainly, not a US one.

All that being said, it’s likely that one or more of these devices might show up in some capacity to a US carrier, T-Mobile included. Aside from that, we doubt the HTC 2010 Android lineup is comprised of only half a dozen phones, something tells me that they have much more in store. However, from these leaked slides we can’t make any predictions nor can we say anything for certain. So please, don’t read T-Mobile and get all excited, scroll down just a little more and take a glance at those spec sheets and try not to let all your excitement out at once.

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