Visual Voicemail For The BlackBerry Bold 9700


Everyone happy with their new BlackBerry Bold 9700? Just as a reminder, don’t forget to enable Visual Voice Mail on your shiny new BlackBerry Bold 9700. To enable the FREE feature (Yes its free) all you have to do is log in to your MyT-Mobile account and go to plan and services and select Visual Voice Mail. As shown above, enabling Visual Voice Mail will let you play and replay messages in any order, save voice messages to your BlackBerry, choose how you want to respond to your messages, share special audio messages via e-mail, and create personalized greetings. Visual Voice Mail is a great feature, so add it on today! Also if you guys have any questions, our forums are a great place to get your problems resolved. If you don’t have an account register for one here!

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  • Bill48105

    Visual VM sounds cool but should be assume it’s only free as an intro thing & that it’ll cost $ at some point? Seems odd that make you add it & that it’s a add-on feature vs just being included..

    • Kickstar13

      It’s definitely free. And even if T-Mobile does start charging for it (Which I highly doubt) customers that already have it on their account added won’t get charged for the feature because it will be grandfathered over.

    • beastly

      T-Mo tends not to nickel and dime for this sort of thing. Either they offer it or they don’t. I doubt we’ll see charges for things like push messaging and visual voicemail any time in the near future. Remember how fast they backed off from the whole pay-to-receive-a-paper-bill thing?

      • Jesse

        The reason why it was added as a seperate feature is due to all other BB’s dont have it. It also is a seperate feature now for the Android devices as well.

  • Anthony in Utah

    Kickstar13 – Does your BB 9700 freeze up at least once per day? Mine just did it again and this is the 3’rd time since I first bought it Monday so once per day and also, I get this error message regarind the BlackBerryMessenger timing out or something.

    P.S. Thanks for the visual voicemail info… I am heading over to now ;)

    & YES, I am loving my new blackberry 9700!!!

    • Kickstar13

      Does it unfreeze by itself or do you pull the battery out?
      If you have any questions head over to the forums ;)

      • Anthony in Utah

        Okay sorry I keep posting here, haha thanks for future refernce =) I’ll go to forums. It doesn’t unfreeze by itself. I just wait awhile and see if it does and so then I just press and hold the power button and it goes off.

        • Kickstar13

          Ah no problem ;)
          Have you pulled out the Battery since you got it?

        • Anthony in Utah

          Only when I first got it because the internet wasn’t working, but then found out it was because of that outage we had with the Blackberry services nationwide. I’ll pull out the battery right now. Thank you ;-)

        • Kickstar13

          No problem! A simply battery-pull resolves a lot of problems with BlackBerry devices

        • Koloheboy

          Flat line it lol

      • Koloheboy

        Ack! Freezing? oh noooooo I let you know about mines, once it comes in lol


    So Funny & Stupid How Everyone Is So Hyped About Visual Voicemail. iPhone Wasn’t The First With It. I Had It On My Unlocked Chocolate Phone. Ha. That’s SO Old.

  • So far the hardware has been great & the phone looks good. The issue I have compared to my BB 8900 is with the buttons, they feel & look almost cheap like it was made in China. When lit up you can see light coming out of the side if the buttons & the red symbol on the hang up button looks almost pink when light is coming through it. Finally the track pad it a bit off center. Maybe it’s just my OCD but has anyone else noticed this with there phone? Other than the battery door that took me like 5 minute to get off this thing does not seem to be as well made as some of my older BlackBerrys

    • Kickstar13

      It feels solid to me. Maybe its the weight that is making it feel cheap to you? And yes I had trouble with removing the battery cover as well.

      • A_O

        lmao! yeaa guys there was like a huge deal with ppl saying the battery door was jamed lol and over at crackberry one of the guys doin an unboxing video he got like def up and everything…

        later did he realize he didnt read the little sticker on the battery door, it was SO simple and easy look at the video is so funny lol

      • Kickstar13

        Haha thanks that really helped!

    • beastly

      Anyone who has trouble removing the battery cover, check out the review on crackberry:

      The dude took almost five minutes trying to get the cover off. In a later update, he said that the problem is that you have to put pressure on the back cover using your thumbs lower down on the device, and then the cover slides off easily. I don’t know, since I haven’t gotten mine yet, but check the site if it’s driving you crazy, and don’t feel too bad about it if the experts at Crackberry are having trouble with it too.

      • Anthony in Utah

        HaHa I had to look up that video to see how to remove the battery cover as well. Its really tight on there as is the memory card that is pre-installed =)

      • beastly

        It’s nice that the battery cover is tight. My old Blackberry was awesome, but the battery fell out of it at the drop of a hat.

  • BBChick

    aaww i can’t wait for my 9700 to arrive friday!!! I wonder how the visual voicemail is gonna look. Hope its better than the YouMail app in the BB app world.

  • Oblio

    Im torn between the bb 9700 or the behold 2. I have a G1 now but I’ve never had a bb before. Is the anything else coming out before Christmas or is this basically the holiday lineup?

    • TrueCoug

      I was in your shoes. Had a G1, never had a BB. I went with the 9700, was frustrated for two days, traded for the Behold II. If you like the ease of use of the G1 & touchscreen interface, go with the Behold. I thought the BB would be just fine for what I needed, but for me it was just a pain in the butt. Behold II is a nice phone if you’re not a nitpicker like lots of folks bashing it are.

    • beastly

      Both nice phones, but both are good for very different types of people. If you’re young, dumb, and full of fun, go for the Behold 2. Lots of great media apps, a better camera, and lots of Android goodness to play around with. If you’re older and stodgier and boringer, go for the BB 9700. Good, solid, reliable, with a smaller screen, a physical keyboard, some very nice and reliable features built in, a more limited browser, and a leather holster.

      I’m going for the 9700 ’cause I’m old and boring and I need a reliable phone and email device for my business. But don’t think I’m not tempted by the Android phones every time I secretly download and play a new tower defense game for free on my wife’s G1. Then I find out that her phone fired off an email without her hitting Send, and I remember why I’m going back to Blackberry.

      As for whether there’s anything else in the works, I doubt it, or we’d have heard about it sooner, like in time for us to buy it on Black Friday. Also, tmonews would have given us some warning. I have yet to see them surprised by something.

  • Chet

    I went to My-TMobile to do this and while it lists it as free, it also made change my data plan- to something more expensive that the 19.95 (grandfathered) plan I’m on now.

    I did not click to add this because of that. Eventually, I’ll call 611 and get them to do it without changing my plan around.

  • Bama

    Has anyone had trouble getting visual voice mail to work with the 9700? I have the old 19.99 data plan so I had to call 611 to get them to add VVM for me. It still doesn’t work. It keeps telling me it’s not provisioned. Yes, I have pulled the battery a couple times. I’m glad I found the video on crackberry about the battery cover. I almost threw it across the room. Thanks for any feedback.

  • Koloheboy

    I got my BB9700 yesterday evening, I just loving it lol….

    Now to look for accessories :) :)

  • High Kick

    my 9700 is waiting for me at home! ugh, stuck at work and i’m dying to go home and get my hands on it. it’s my first blackberry and my first smartphone.
    quick question: visual voicemail isn’t showing up for me on mytmobile, do i have to actually insert my sim into the phone first before it’ll give me the option?

    • beastly

      Nah. Just click the “Not Your Phone?” button underneath the picture of your phone on the home screen. Change your phone to the 9700, and then the system should recognize the right phone.

  • TomSwift

    VVM works great on my 8900 too, just needed to change my phone over to a beta 5.0 (348) and change the phone I had listed to a 9700.

  • radar62

    If I change the phone that i have on my account and select the visual voicemail option in my account, would it work on my 8900?

  • Keebler

    Works great on my 8900 with!

  • erica

    Is there visual vm for bb 8900?