Samsung T949 Coming To T-Mobile?


If yesterday’s release of the Samsung Behold 2 didn’t excite you, fear not as it looks like T-Mobile has another Samsung handset up its sleeve. The Samsung T949 is rumored to be coming to our Magenta since T-Mobile gets all manufacturer models that have names starting with “T” and ending with “9”. The T949 is rumored to include a WVGA touch-sensitive screen (native resolution of 800?480), Dolfin 1.5 browser, 3G and A-GPS.  The guys over at PhoneArena believe this to be the US version of the popular European Samsung Jet. According to our own ninjas we definitely have strong indications the Samsung T949 is indeed coming soon to Magenta road.

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  • Jeff

    Will it be an Android phone or Touch Wiz? I think the design is what the Behold 2 should have been. Much cleaner than the Behold 2’s face. Hope we can get specs to compare.

    • it will have both touch wiz and android

      • Kev

        sorry george, but you couldn’t be more wrong! no android on this device. it is touchwiz only just like the samsung jet.

  • Sanjay

    Am I the only one that believes that any new smartphone should be one of the major operating systems rather than some proprietary operating system that makes it difficult to expand beyond what comes with the phone (and to move all your data and info to another phone down the line)? If its not Android, Blackberry or Windows Mobile (or Apple OS) then forget it. Am I wrong? The phone is just the vessel for my information.

  • 30014

    This looks nicer than the behold 2. And if anyone cares radioshack is said to be offering the cliq for 80$ on black friday.

    • Jay

      WOW!….Only $80 for a Cliq? ……I absolutely love my Cliq and wish I knew about that deal a few weeks ago….That’s what early adopters get though….For anyone wanting a great android phone I highly recommend the Cliq!…..I have friends that have Verizon Droids that are jealous of my MotoBlur service that Motorola conveniently left out…..The Droid might have a sexier appearance but trust me that its Social Networking and raised keyboard (Droid is totally flat and harder to type on) makes it a stand above the Droid in actual features and usability….And the Cliq will get Android 2.0 in 2010 so be patient….Sometime less is more people so don’t jump ship!

  • Jay

    I totally agree that this phone is what the Behold 2 should have looked like….The Behold 2 looks pretty junky and to give it the highest pricetag on T-Mobile is a big mistake….Samsung continues to lag behind in hardware design…..And that cube design in the UI?…..Really?….Not even slightly innovative in my opinion….It needs to start at $99 to appeal to the younger crowds that actually still play with toy blocks!

  • GreenTea

    Another waste of time SMH…still waiting on a better Android phone Tmo

  • AndroidGuy

    This should have been the Behold II, Android should have been called something different..

  • Ariel

    Jay, the one thing about the Behold 2 that is superior is that amazing AMOLED screen, but everything else is kinda sup par.

  • cybersedan

    @Sanjay: I’m kinda there with you, I guess these phones still have their market, but one of the things I look for in a smart phone is the ease of moving from one to another, and one of the 4 major OS’s would be better IMO.


    thats great iam shopping for a new phone i have the shadow rite now , the old one copper color its bin good to me but is lacking GPS,touchscreen lol ikno its an antique.I have looking at the Behold 2 but it lacks Android 2.0 WHY it a new an improved device from the last one dont understand if Tmobile wants 2 sale all these new phones but they come with old shit WHY

    • Kev

      android 2.0 has been confirmed as coming to the behold II in 2010. everyone can stop whining. android 2.0 is only on the droid because verizon gets exclusivity on 2.0 for its starting release. everyone calm down 2.0 will be available for almost all android devices at the beginning of 2010

  • Someone Interested

    It’s about the SCREEN and the PROCESSOR. This has the screen — does it have the processor?

  • umaluver

    any ball park on timing? 2009? q1’10? q2’10?

  • umaluver

    The cnet review of the ‘jet’ says its got the 800mhz processor.

  • Pat

    Hey all want to know more go to
    Type in Samsung Jet and all the specs will some up on this little cutie.
    I happen to like samsung phones and like winmo phones as well. Just take a look see.

  • TravMobile

    Who cares? The operating system isn’t open source and/or doesn’t have mass adaptation. This thing will probably sell as a smartphone but only have feature phone capabilities. Chaulk up another failed phone for Tmo.

  • Laont

    Believe or not, there are people out there that still want a sexy phone with out the super expensive data plans, hopefully this phone is going to run on Touchwiz, Google’s Android sucks because of the data plan requirements; and hopefully it will be like the original Behold, which can still be used without a data plan. Any idea if it the Jet can be Wifi enabled? If so I will be the first one to upgrade.

  • umaluver

    this would be a major waste if they didnt adapt android for the US version. wow.

  • Rabgnaw

    I don’t get it – the Jet is “smarter” (& better looking) than other TMo smartphones with it’s 800MHz processor but isn’t really a smartphone at all?

  • Someone Interested

    As others have pointed out, the Jet is NOT an Android device, doesn’t look like this will be either.

    It is a waste of time, not sure why handset makes keep crippling incredible hardware with mediocre “feature phone” OS.

  • asd

    ugh. ive just now entirely stopped caring about cell phones, due in part to this disappointment. moving on to something else to obsessively check… see you all in hell

    • dabs


    • rossi


  • Bigg

    That is one good looking dumnb phone.

  • steven

    Ah, the true Behold 2 with Samsung’s proprietary OS!

  • dabs

    coming to tmo?? Yeah riiight!! Just like the n900….

  • Tremor

    Although I doubt it, this could be an android phone. No where does it say it is the Jet in the documentation…people are inferring that it is not running android due to the use of the dolphin browser…however there is a version of the dolphin browser for android and it is apparently better than the stock android browser.

  • kaio

    Makes sense. Build on top of crap, when something good finally comes out and has an outrageous cost they will show you this and say “Well, this piece of junk costs $250, of course the phone you want cost $450”.

  • JL

    Disturbingly, that “cube” keeps getting bigger with each phone. It’s going in the wrong direction. It should be getting smaller. Really small. As in gone.

  • J

    i gotta to play the new sammy and im pretty much unimpressed with it. compared to MT3G the MT3G wins.

    …also you be fool to buy that phone for that price too.

  • anonymous

    Samsung sucks and all of you are wanna be techs so shut up.

  • mrbill

    Now this looks like the phone most of us have been waiting for. I’m sure TMO will price it using the same formula they used for the Behold-2, so it will be about $1200 for subsidized and $1800 for non-subsidized. Meanwhile Verizon or Sprint will have it for $149 or $199.

    • dabs


  • coolMANDINGO

    @mrbill. You’re a fool!!!(meaning you’re funny)! Yeah tmo has lost whatever touch they thought they had. Why is that the want to charge people so much for shitty phones. While other companies have waaaaaaayyy better phones and charge much less? The amoled screen on the behold 2 is aight but the overal phone os wack. The cube thing is the worst idea since……naw this must be the singular worst idea in modern phone history. And the worst part about the cube is that its not tmo needs to do something stat because coming out with wack phones seems to be there thing now. I’m canceling my serive and I’ve been with for 7 years.simply because they disrespect me with coming out with 3 subpar phones in a row.the mytouch,cliq and now th behold2. Three strikes and your out tmobile. Tmo needs to undestand that the data using community made mpost of their money this and last year.tmobile makes phones for kids and I see that. I don’t care about any social network to buy a phone does that especially. Tmobile = Teen mobile. Who ever is deciding the phones for tmobile should be fired. Tmobile may have better plans than most but if you can’t back it up with decent hardware,then you end like neogeo. Obsolete !!! Tmobile tightn up. Cut the marlaky!! Lol

  • FILA

    eh, who cares still a Sammy and this would just be an update to the other Samsung, uhhh shit forgot the name and to lazy to look up. came out last year thou

  • Mr.

    WOW! Finally T-Mobile will get the Samsung Jet!! Looks really cool! & Whats up with these weird pictures <—–??!?

  • tron20

    I like this phone looks sporty. I only wish you could pick what kind of software you want on the phone an customize it at TMobile store before you buy it. They hook it up to there computer with usb and say here you go andorid software, mobile software, ect. You want this on your phone no problem.