Project Dark Day 2, Love it, Hate it, or Meh?!


Many people are saying project Dark didn’t quite take the wireless world by storm like we had all hoped, speculated or hyped. That being said, T-Mobile did introduce some “game-changing” features by moving away from the typical wireless practices the big 4 continue to deliver. How the industry receives these practices is a question that may not be answered for some time. Until then, we at Tmonews want to ask your first impressions of these plans. We’ve read your comments and we know they are mixed with disgust, angst, happiness, frustration and a desire to sing a song.  So vote in our poll and sound off below, how do you feel about Even More and Even More Plus? Yay, nay?

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  • WXman

    First of all, t-mobile’s website BLOWS. HORRIBLE to navigate. Second, the information in there is missing, wrong, or confusing from page to page. All I want to know is can you add additional lines to the Family Even More Plus plans? IF so, how much? Can you switch to these plans if you are still under contract? If you do, are you still under contract? NONE of this stuff is on the website. They need to fire the web designers.

  • Sean L

    I saved 25 bucks off my bill.

    Tmobile waived my migration fee to EM+ (1500 talk + unlim data/text with two G1’s)

    I did it all through the website livechat with a really knowledgeable rep.

    I couldn’t be happier.

  • MishkaGreen

    I kinda wanted the pricing to be less. I’m torn between staying with t-mo (who’s never really given me any sort of problems with service or otherwise) to other carriers that seem to be awesome (i.e Sprint and AT&T) but am worried about service and pricing and junk.

    Chances are though I’ll stick it out and see what happens. If all else fails, I’ll jump ship and be in the same boat I’m in now.

  • Rates, shmates! T-Mobile needs more desirable phones in it’s lineup. See how much buzz the Droid is getting? People switch networks because of phones!

  • Kickstar13

    I love Catherine Zeta Jones! :P

  • zapote21

    I got 4 lines, 2 with unlimited txt, 2 with unlimited data and text, 1500 mins…
    And NO contract… For $130/mo… That is over $60/mo savings PER month…

    Any plan similar to that on the other carriers is well over $200+!!!

    I think these plans are awesome!

  • Steve

    Tmobile wants to charge me $35.00 per line (new line activation fee) in order to go from my family plan into the even more plus. Granted that gets around the ETF but I don’t still don’t like the fee.

  • Megabonix

    thinking about going with the cheapest family plan ($109 bux) and just getting a Magic Jack at the house. ($20 a YEAR).

    This will put a solid number of minutes in our pot per month and any extra phone time can be done at home with unlimited long distance and minutes via Magic Jack.


  • Marc

    The prices can certainly be better.

  • tmoRSA

    You can add a line on the even more plus plan for $5 on the 750/1500 min plan. For $15 for 200 min on the unlimited family plan, or $30 for the unlimited minutes add a line. The migration to the even more plus plan keeps your exisisting contract end date that was in place prior to the migration as long as your plan was activated before October 25th 2009.

  • Paul

    I agree with you WXman. How do we know if we like it when the web site does not answer basic questions? I could not find anywhere on their site how much it costs to add a third or fourth line to either of the plans. Secondly I cannot find where the price is for data on the Even More plan. I would think this would be basic questions that anyone would ask. The only place I could find a price for data is to click “Services” and then “Smartphones” and it says $40.00.

    I believe this is done deliberately as a deceptive method of piling on higher costs on those that do not ask the questions. I hope I am wrong but those are fundamental questions that are left unanswered.


  • Brent

    It looks like I would save $100 bucks a month on the new plans. Going to go in and do everything at once when I get the Bold.

  • SocietyOne

    All the customers at our store yesterday seemed fairly happy and impressed with the new structure. Trying to please the comment board and forum community in any topic seems to be impossible. Any YouTube video can show you that. There is never going to be a $30.00 all-you-can-eat, free N900, dinner with Catherine Zeta Jones, and 3G everywhere, including Antarctica and Atlantis plan, so everyone is just going to have to jump carriers and complain about the exact same things elsewhere.

  • Bill48105

    MagicJack calling seems OK & it is DIRT cheap but sux you can’t port your # over and more so that they don’t officially support a voip box so you’re stuck keeping the computer on 24×7 with their stupid USB dongle. Their stupid software with ads stinks & pops up in your face every time a call comes in or someone picks up the phone. Granted there are ways around those things (running as service hacks, hacking settings to program into a voip box or plugging the usb adapter into a computer hidden in the closet) but you shouldn’t have to do any of those things. My @Home rocks and as I said before, TMobile should just give them for free to anyone with a play over $100/month plan. You’d get awesome coverage at home (duh doesn’t use cell towers), save them cell tower usage & the call quality is much better than cell. Win, Win. In the end $10 or $15 per month (depending on plan you’re on) still is a decent deal for a REAL phone line (vs wanna be like magicjack) where you get to keep your # & not have to deal with the rest. Certainly beats the heck out of Vonage & their $25/month unlimited plan not to mention Vonage policies suck ballz (Like charge you a fee every time you want to make a change to your account) and their customer service is pretty crappy as well. Anyway, if you can’t afford the $100/yr extra for @home then go the magicjack route but if you’re happy with TMobile & can afford the difference @Home is a much better way to go. And no I don’t work for either company. ;)

  • Tina

    I would like to switch to a plan with fewer minutes but it seems that I cannot keep my 400 text msg service and would have to go with an unlimited text service which I don’t need. Also I see no mention of T-Mo to T-Mo minutes, did they eliminate this feature?

  • mrjlwilliams

    Who ever created the poll, has nothing but NEGATIVE things there to chose from. Where are the positives? 1 good, and 4 bad? come on! you are leaving it out there like that???

  • Bill48105

    mrjlwilliams, that is a ploy to spread out the haters otherwise it’d be 400 votes saying it was bad & 100 saying it was good instead of 100 to 100 to 100 to 100 to 100. :D

  • Ken L.

    if Sean L. is right, I may switch to Even More+ (to get out of my contract)! then dump T-mo for the Droid! Cause (like Heimlich said), it’s the phones stupid!

    I’m holding out hope that these new plans were simply the initial overture in a larger plan. I really love T-mobile, their service, and prices; but after 8 years, I want a phone to be excited about.

  • Sean L


    My even more + plan 91500 whenever) has unlimited tmo to tmo, also unlimited nights and weekends.

  • Sean L


    I still have to fulfill my contract unfortunately.

    I’m holding out hope for some nice Android 2.0 devices next year.

  • DavidinJax

    I have to say I don’t see the benefit of the new pricing. I’m beyond disappointed!! all the speculation and nothing, no iPhone, no corporate take over, no blood guts or glory…

    I have unlimited minutes and have a bb 8900, my bill comes out to $83.00 plus taxes and fees every month.

    I will most likely upgrade to the 9700 when it comes out, but so far I don’t see the benefit of Project Dark.

  • 30014

    Russell Heimlich hit the nail on the head, people switch carriers for phones not rate plans. If rate plans were the #1 factor in choosing a carrier then at&t and vz would not be the #1 & #2 carriers in the country. Hopefully that phone I crave will come sooner rather than later.

  • Garrett

    These plans do nothing but hurt me. I dont need unlimited minutes. Why did they get rid of My Favs? It obviously helped them and most of the other carriers copied them with their own version. I could care less about text messaging, give me an option for voice + data. 0.45 for overage charges is crazy. Back in the voicestream days it was 0.19.

  • adrian

    the new plans could save me $5 per months and i would get a few extra minutes which i wouldn’t use. “project dark” is an event that just didn’t happen.

    1. the plan prices are okay but no reason to switch to TMO
    2. i don’t see any handset i could possibly “crave”. go get something nice like the HTC HD2, anything really.
    3. stop hiring have-beens ala Zeta-Jones and make the plans cheaper.
    4. make the website more usable. for example: add end date of my contract to account information.

    i don’t see the tmobile store across the street being under siege by people trying to sign up with TMO. something must have gone wrong.

  • RWWackoStu

    I am one of the people who have a smartphone with no data. (I have Family 2 line 700 @ 59.99 plus 2 4.99 texta +fees and taxes = 80.00)I cant justify the additional costs yet, and to be honest, EM+ kinda worries me (But I think I could get data for 109?). I guess I really need a TMO rep who is on top of these plans to walk me through them to see if I can be better off. The one I had yesterday yas as confised as I was, and I understand and am not hating, because TMO has great CS. I just need to hit the jackpot if

  • RWWackoStu

    I call or chat with a confident rep.

  • Bill48105

    Exactly. How many people really need unlimited everything on every line? Except for the peace of mind from those unreasonably high overage minutes, who really talks, emails & txt’s continously 24×7? Seriously the government shouldn’t let them charge more than a small % penalty over the price per minute you pay for your base minutes. If the extra minute, txt & data costs were reasonable there’d be almost no reason for unlimited anything. Unlimited just unfairly penalizes the people who use less to compensate for the people who use lots. On top of that it promotes abuse of the network since people have no incentive to control their usage. And I’m not bashing just tmobile here, unfortunately they ALL do it. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with FCC investigating ATT/Apple over iphone and net neutrality stuff because both could be the real game changers. More so than ‘Project Dark’ anyway.

  • Steven

    I called T-Mobile and they went over my accounts with me and told me I had gotten the right deals at the right time and should definitely keep my plan. They said I could move my individual plan, but it would cost me a $200 contract termination fee because I just signed in June. All in all, they were really cool about it. The Even More plans aren’t for me because I got better plans earlier, but T-Mobile Customer Service was really nice and on the ball when it came to keeping me informed.

  • Wow, what a meh project, all i care about is a GOOD phone, not a bunch of crappy ones that are coming for the rest of this year

  • Sean L


    I had a family plan and I just signed last week but they let me move the plan over without an ETF.

    It may have been because of the family plan though.

  • Steven

    Sean L-

    You are within the Buyer’s Remorse phase. You can cancel your contract, free of charge, in the first two weeks of having it.

  • TehAndroid

    If you are still in contract and switch to even more plus you still have to finish out your contract. If you are over a year left on your contract and switch to even more plus then you pay $200 per line but you are out of contract.

    I just have to laugh though all these people talking about switching to Verizon for the Droid. They will be whining to come back to T-mobile when we get the Dragon. Talked to my HTC rep and he said T-mobile is getting an android phone that is like the HD2. So go get your ugly ass Droid and your over priced plans. I’ll be enjoying my Dragon with 4.2 inch screen and faster internet.

  • newt

    I know these plans can’t satisfy everyone but I was hoping the hype would lead to a bit better pricing on the subsidized phone plan…say $120 month for 750 min and unlimited data on the family 2 line when you can go to sprint for $129 and get 1500 min with unlimited. Is taking the 109 on EM+ worth while if I’m paying full price when an n900 comes out vs the competition with another phone that’ll be fun to have? I wouldn’t say I’m the target demographic of these programs though, maybe this will get tmo the biz they are looking for, maybe not…guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • LJ

    Boy I had a hassle switching my accounts last night! Took over 5 representatives. Here’s what I have and wanted: I had the T-Mobile “Legacy” Unlimited plan on two lines, unlimited data, voice and messaging, and paid about 145 before taxes. I was not under any subsidized contract as it had expired on both lines. Switching to EM+, it was going to be about 139. I told the first rep that I wanted to try the Motorola Cliq on the EM+ plan. They suggested to me that we make the switch over the phone for the plans, and I order the Cliq online so I could get the “free car-charger”. I say okay, and follow through. Then the website begins to say that I’m not eligible for upgrade on either line. I call back and they say it’s because my renewal date is on November 10th. Im not eligible for the EM+ 20 month handset payment plan until it goes into effect on my renewal date. They then said they couldn’t remove the changes the earlier rep had made. Two agents later, after arguing the same things, he found a way to make it happen. He said “Well I just pressed ‘next’ and it allowed me to do it.” Boy I was irate. I have a feeling these next bills aren’t going to be quite what I wanted them to be. Very frustrating.

  • RWWackoStu

    WTF! Which is it. Some say if your +1 year they charge you $200 for EM+, and some say they dont and you can even get them to waive the $35.00 charge. Can any of our TMO reps answer this once and for all?

  • Chris

    EM+ is not worth it to me. Here’s my breakdown

    69.99 – Family 1000
    34.99 – Unlimited text/web line 1
    29.99 – Unlimited Web/1000 text line 2 for BB

    = Total 134.99

    Under EM+ It would be
    119.99 for 1500/Unimited Text/Web

    15/month is noth worth losing two subsidies. Not to mention the rumors that the corporate discount won’t apply to EM+.

    No thank you TMO.

  • Bob

    ETFs are ridiculous anyway and unless you have a subsidized phone they should be eliminated. They’ve been going up and up over the years and the terms are getting longer and longer. That’s the biggest thing that I’m unhappy with.. the stupid termination fees!

  • adrian

    i like the HD2 just like you do. i don’t see much reason to believe that it will arrive on TMO’s shores any time soon. verizon seems to be on top of things:

    … i would buy it somewhere else if i would know that TMO fully supports it. i do not “crave” the “touch my a$$” or iphone’s ugly little step brother “CLIQ”.

    maybe it is time to leave all this behind and get a manly phone that just makes phone calls? a simple phone that just bounces twice if you drop it before you put it back in your pocket without even thinking about it. it is just a question of time until i (and all the other iPhone-zombies) get hit by a bus on an intersection while sending the Xth text message about something that is not worth your life anyway.

    on a workday i could bring a peek for unlimited text/email for $15/month. otherwise i could leave the electronics behind and get a life :)

    thank you tmobile. you have been an inspiration :)

  • RWWackoStu

    And here is another question. Say you have 14 months left on your contract. You Get them to move you to EM+, sans $200 charge. But you then have to serve out the remanider of the 14 months. Fine and good. Then the Bold 9700 comes out November 11th. Because you still have contract time left are you eligible for the 22 month financing, or do you have to wait?

  • rushmore

    I think the general view is “Hate: because:

    1. Tmo blew this out of proportion to the actual impact
    2. Tmo reps were apparently poorly trained and have ADDED to the confusion
    3. Tmo keeps saying “the phones we crave” and “will make others jealous”: WRONG on both counts.

  • 30014

    @Tehandroid… u can keep on waiting because we both know that tmo will never get a phone as awesome as the hd2. I seriously doubt u know anyone with htc. The way I see it is that the g1v2 will be tmo’s last chance to impress me. If it underwhelms me then sprint here I come

  • rushmore


    The Snapdragon and 3430 with 433 mhz DSP are the same power for a phone, but the 3430 is actually more power efficient.

    Snap does have 400 more mhz, but not the same CPU type and far weaker DSP.

    Net effect is the 3430’s 600 mhz CPU and 433 mhz DSP and better 3D chipset are more powerful and better option.

    Snapdragon is also more power hungry in order to acheive the same output.

  • Rocko

    @SeanL, no… there’s a cut off date. If you had re-newed contract before a specific date, you wouldn’t have to ‘break contract’ to get a new plan AND it would NOT re-new your contract again until the original end date.

    I said it before and will say it again: Project Dark is NOT an event. Outside of the tech blogs, where else did you ever hear of Project Dark? It was simply a codename for new pricing structure… one they wanted to keep secretive and it was the leaky T-mo employees and their contacts that made this thing grow 3 heads.

    As one would expect, the plans really revolve around talk minutes, so for people who use less talk time and more data, we’re not gaining anything at all. Paying for unlimited talk is a complete waste and this is the whole selling point of these plans.

    I’m only considering this because I can save $10 on my voice by LOSING 250 minutes (see my point there… I could have gone down in minutes ANY TIME before Project Dark and save money… T-mo is not doing any cost-saving favors here by offering less minutes). And then I can save an additional $5 a month because I’d be switching from Android data plan ($35 a month) to the newer data plan ($30 p/month). I’ll have to think about.

  • doug

    I agree, hot phones are what make people switch for the most part, and T-Mobile has very few if any phones people crave. I have a family plan now with 5 lines, and I think some people miss in their calculations that I get 5 subsideized phones for my plan price, not one, making it much better for me to not go with the plus plans. I am disappointed with the new plan prices, but not angry like some are, I think my current plan is reasonable and I’m happy to stick with it.

  • Brian

    Confusing, hot mess.

  • timmyjoe42

    T-Mobile needs to step up their marketing in Cincinnati. I don’t see many commercials on TV. Pretty much all of the T-Mobile info that I get comes from this site. In one aspect it’s cool, but also is a little sad, because you pretty much need to be a guru and look for stuff like this instead of the average user becoming informed.

  • Switched to AT&T for the iPhone. Enough said.

  • casualrepartee

    I’ve been with T-Mo for 7 years now. Customer service is great, but year after year they drop the ball on handsets and competitive marketing.

    With T-Mo, it’s always “well, hopefully next year we’ll get that big handset.” We never do. Look at the Cliq….as soon as it surfaced, the Droid stole the spotlight. Personally, I’d love to get my hands on a Pre or the Droid.

    Seems that the consensus is that for long-time customers, T-Mobile hasn’t changed a thing. While this might seem like a good deal, to be grandfathered in, I think it’s a bit of a slap in the face. What happened to compensation for loyalty? We get to keep what we’ve had because we’ve stuck it out so long? Customer service is only worth so much when the other carriers have better coverage and vastly superior handsets.

    For the long-standing customers, our affairs with T-Mobile can be best characterized as satisfaction with a carrot constantly dangled out in front of us. Stick around, and maybe next year.

    As a Baltimore resident, I’m seriously considering the jump to Sprint, who has been focusing its efforts on developing 4g here. 70 bucks a month effectively gets me all you can eat minutes, texts, nfl and data. One year contracts. People whine about Sprint, but at least Sprint recognizes that they need to be more competitive if they want to stay alive. That tells me their customer service has to be on the rise.

    If all other things are relatively equal now, where’s the competitive advantage? Handsets.

  • akil

    everyone is complaining about these new prices and i ask why? it is plain to see that the prices of the new plans are way better for the “even more plus” the only carrier that comes close to these prices is sprint which yeah is cheaper but once you factor in their actual service its not that good. my girl friend got the palm pre the 1st day it came out and she constantly has dropped calls even with the phone she had b4 that. and when you want to replace a phone for sprint it cost $100, with t-mobile its free i replaced my G1 twice in one week and the 2nd time they sent it express no cost extra, tmobile is a better carrier than the rest, and for the dude who said at&t has better service your probably the only person who agrees with that statement

  • The only reason this (Project Dark) was even over hyped was because of sites like this. Everyone is so upset that they may only be saving 10 to 20 dollars a month. Lets see that 120 to 240 a year. That extra money for christmas to by a new phone. T-Mobile can’t make everyone happy.

  • Aldo

    The only thing I care about is a good phone.
    I have now the loyalty unlimitted voice for 50 plus $20.00 web and $10.00 for 1000 txt messages for a total of $80.00 . My contract expires in January . Unless Tmobile comes up with better phones , I will swith to ATT or Verizon . I am tired of having crapy phones . Tmobile needs to get the Nokia N900 or a Motorola Droid for Tmobile . I can live without the Iphone but I have to have a good phone and the Motorola Cliq is not that phone .

  • Aldo

    Please let Tmobile know that they need to have a phone better than the Motorola Cliq . We want the Nokia N900 or the Motorola Droid on t-mobile . If Tmobile does not get better phones and soon , they will loose a lot of customers and I will be one of them . I am not impressed with the new plans and I will keep my old plan until January 2009.

  • Hushpook

    T-Mobile employees had to sign non-disclosure agreements for this? This is a game changer?

    The plans are simpler, and there is value to be had by some customers. But unless the handset lineup improves….both at the high end & the low end of the spectrum…., and we see some additional changes that enhance the differentiators between T-Mobile & the others, this is overall pretty much a game samer.

    I predict it takes less than a week for at least one of the other Big 3 to adopt similar price points. Then what did all the hoopla get T-Mobile?

  • “I want a phone that will make my friends jealous”?? Like that phone being marketed to you by some old folk singer you’ve probably never heard of, whoopi goldberg, Saturday Night Live cast members you’re too young to know about, and the motorcycle guy from cable? Yeah, that’ll make all of your high school classmates really jealous.

  • Corey

    What happened to the phones you crave? I talked to a TMo rep yesterday and they were REALLY pushing the MOTOCliq. I don’t want Facebook status updates from people I will never talk to again on my phone… My contract is up soon. I am seriously considering switching to Sprint for the HTC Hero.

  • Mo Informacion

    Seriously – These plans aren’t dazzling the masses, as much as T-Mobile would have hoped? I’ve even read that some people want to switch to AT&T? Seriously? That’s ridiculous. $79.99 for unlimited everything, and people still squawk. AT&T & Verizon still charge $150 a month for the same thing. Annually, making that $1800 for AT&T & Verizon. And $960 for T-Mobile.

    The Nokia N900 is probably going to hit T-Mobile, as the 3G frequencies match TMo’s own. The BlackBerry Bold 9700 is launching with 3G and UMA. And a few other incredible phones. As a smartphone user, I’m actually surprised at myself that I’m excited to see the Sony-Ericsson Equinox. That phone is sort of sexy too.

    Anyway, I’m disgusted by some of the comments people have made for such a cool gesture on a big company’s part. So run along a pay another company almost double what T-Mobile charges. It’ll be good for you. And hopefully humbling as well.

  • enjoijams

    I am waiting for the HD2, the Dragon, and the SE X3(or X10?).

    I the new plans are not saving me any more money over what I have right
    now with the loyalty plan + android data plan.
    That doesnt make me mad though.

    The good thing about the EM+ is that more people will be able to afford the higher priced handsets because the payments are spread out. That will in turn motivate T-Mobile to start picking up more of the higher priced handsets.

    I am glad to hear other people saving $20+/month. That is great in this time.
    I think we are all accustomed to hearing this whining.

    Just make the switch already. No one will miss you. You surely wont be the only one. But if not, we will know why. The plans are cheap, the customer service is good and we get decent phones.

  • Mark

    These plans maybe better for some new customers as well as some existing customers but unless you are saving 20 dollars or more per month I don’t see what is creating the rush. They are trying to turn there customer base into non discounted phones. They are also making profit on the change fees. What is going to happen in 2 or 3 months when they hopefully introduce a great new phone they will be able to sell many more at full retail as well as making money on upgrade fees again. If we all were smart we should wait them out for 60 days. Buy having all of these people moving over now it is just allowing them to move some very old inventory at better prices then they would have otherwise. They were not very kind to there currrent customers. They should have at least done this around the intro of 1 new phone to give us some incentive. Lets see how this plays out in the next 60 to 90 days? The risk they take is well people pay full retail for a phone that could be dated already?

    I also have a question on the plans with no contract. Does this give T mobile some leverage to change these plans at there descretion?

  • 30014

    @mo informacion…if neither the blackberry 9700 nor the n900 are exclusive to tmo then how can they make everyone else jealous. Its amazing that people are bitching about other people bitching about being let down by p/d. If u want others to stop bitching then u should try it first.

  • Bill48105

    For me try $1200 MORE per year not less on new plans vs old MyFaves. Again it depends on your circumstances don’t don’t think everyone is going to save & break even with the new plans because remember tmobile wants to make MORE money not less to please investors so someone has to pay & it’s not the heavy users or the low-end voice only crowd because those groups are really smiling.

  • tonyFate

    So, after I did some good research and compared the phone plans, I come to realize that the Even More plan really doesn’t work out! It actually costs more that what I have now if I switch to the Even More Family Plan. Two lines for $60 with 750 mins and I have 2 G1s on the line thats an extra $40 per line which comes out to $160!! So I decided to go with the Even More Plus Family Plan for $110. Saves me a good $25.. I don’t see any advantage with their Even More plan besides the discounted phone price.

  • watbetch

    $1200 more per year? Are you on some free plan?

  • ogn1463

    Haha, wow, you guys are big time whiners!! T-mo is offering the lowest plans in any carrier…if u don’t like saving money, ur more than welcomed to leave, i doubt they will miss people that can’t be satisfied.


    I’d have to agree that signing an NDA for this was outrageous. This is a horrible display of preparedness on the part of Robert Dotson and the rest of his circus clowns. This again falls squarely on him as a sign of his apparent inability to market anything. The guy couldn’t pitch honey to a bee.

    The most laughable part of this is the marketing push about the ‘Phones You Crave’ yet if you view what their site has to offer I only see a COMING SOON sign for the Cliq. Where are these other phones of craving? What are they? The 9700….T-Mobile owed us that one. No 3G Blackberry still…but coming. Sounds like a ‘Sure Would Be Nice To Have’ type phone. But crave….c’mon…who are they really trying to fool? The N900? The phone looks promising but Nokia has been out of focus for some time now. We’re all in the ‘Dark’about whether the N900 will ever make it on as a subsidized or approved T-Mobile handset.

    T-Mobile can’t even get handset makers to include their 3G bands standard on any of the GSM phones. We have to sit around and wait T-Mobile branded crap which keeps us in a tiny selection of phone to chose if we want to take advantage of the small 3G network to boot.

    It’s become even more evident that T-Mobile still doesn’t have a clue on how to effective deliver products to us – their customers. Do they really think people will leave AT&T, Verizon or Sprint for what they have to offer? Does anyone have a news story about T-Mobile stores being bombarded with new customer signups? Not gonna happen. What a numbnut company.

  • rinklighter

    I’ll be sticking with my loyalty plan plus 20 bucks for data, thanks. Unless that phone I crave and 3G in my area is right around the corner. I’m a Blackberry user and I like mid-range phones as a backup, them lame-ass Samsung flips and Nokias aren’t doing anything for me. I don’t think T-Mobile let anybody down with PD, there were just some blogsites/cheerleaders hyping it up and now a ton of people are pissed.

  • Bill48105

    I posted a breakdown on the other Project Dark Day post. Essentially it is because of myfaves & unlimited wifi calling giving my entire family (5 lines) essentially unlimited calling for $119/month. Since there are no myfaves or unlimited wifi calling now I would have to do one of unlimited calling calling plans which is $229/month or $110 per month MORE. Perhaps it’s not exactly a fair comparison because technically we don’t get unlimited but in essence we do because 90%+ of our calls are on on @home, wifi or are in our faves so we use very few minutes. Yes we could do one of the other lines, even 1500 min plan be similar to cost to our current plan BUT without unlimited wifi & myfaves we could go over 1500 minutes between the 5 lines & then we’re bent over with outrageous $0.45/min fees. So with these new plans TMobile is forcing us to either take the risk of going over or going unlimited & that’s where I came up with the $1200/yr figure.

  • watbetch

    You know what. I’ve about had it with T-Mobile. Their prices just aren’t cheap enough so I’m going to head over to Sprint, pay $99.99 a month for 2 years so I can have a Pre for $149.99 instead of just buying a Blackberry 8900, 9700, MT3G or CLIQ for $300-400 and paying $79.99 for the same service..

    2550 @ Sprint with a 2 year contract and subsidized device

    2300 @ T-Mobile for a $400 device

    What a steal, sprint’s so much cheaper.

  • artiepants

    i think the idea is good, but the off-contract BYOP (Bring Your Own Phone) prices are all $10 or $20 more than they should be to really be “game changing” and bring folks in droves.

    …and i feel like they are lacking a “hero device’ to really launch this into the stratosphere. Verizon’s Droid marketing, Sprint’s Pre marketing, it just doesn’t feel like Tmos quit got the same device, especially with the lackluster processor in their entire Android line-up (if the Cliq had more like an 800mhz processor it feels like it’d be way more of a contender…)

  • Bill48105

    In reality if you do side by side comparisons the new plans are only cheaper for certain groups of people: Mostly heavy smartphone users currently with high priced smartphone data & likely txt plans or light phone-only users who don’t do any data or txt. Otherwise it’s close to the old plans or other carriers or worse yet in some cases (like mine) a lot more money.

    Almost wish TMobile would figure out a way to use the ATT band (even if they had to pay to license it) because you are right 3G on TMobile is a joke and GSM users have lost a very important thing in there is no 3G roaming because of the incompatible bands. I’d imagine all this will change once the new stuff rolls out using the old TV frequencies but did TMobile even ‘win’ any of those rights? Maybe they’re hoping for AT&T’s sloppy 2nds after they implement the new stuff. lol Something to look into.

  • watbetch

    I priced it out. Unlimited calling under Even More Plus is $204 for 5 lines

  • mistermix

    @ogn1463: No, they are not offering the “lowest prices” — they are at parity with Sprint on unlimited plans, and they are getting killed by MVNOs and prepays at the bottom end.

    @MAXIMUS: Since T-Mob will soon have a second-class set of Android phones (Moto and also apparently HTC are building their best phones for VZW), and they’re also way behind on 3G Blackberries (though the 9700 will mostly fix this), you’d think they’d be pushing the N900 as a differentiator. The only reason I’m even considering moving to T-Mob is the combination of a great phone (N900) and lower prices. Low prices alone won’t do it.

  • JD

    I don’t think it is fair that current customers are getting punished. I tried to upgrade my family plan yesterday and they said I would have to renew for another two years or if i want the no contract plan i could pay 2 disconnect fees and also i would lose my employee discount.
    I think this is very bad by tmobile to punish there loyal customers.
    Any one agree

  • watbetch


    Why are you complaining. Aren’t you happy with what you have now? If not, switch over to Sprint and they’ll gladly charge you over $400 for 5 unlimited lines.

  • Whocares

    Those of you with Unlimited Loyalty.. you are the most ungrateful people on this website… your mad because tmobile gave u the best prices way before they went national with it??? here have this 6 months early… did u ever think that maybe we will offer you guys some better once we get settled in with the new stuff… idk if that is true.. but u would think we want to take care of our long term customers… “im payin less now” GOOD cause no one can beat what u have!!

    We don’t have good phones?? Im sorry but motorola doesn’t make good phones… whether its our click or the droid… like seriously u want to switch for that phone? The BB 9700 is and will be the best BB on the market… AT&T customers wish they were getting it first for dealing with the BOLD… and VERIZON is blessed (cough) with the Storm 2. We will have the limited edition MyTouch.. which 16gb for free, and 3.5 jack… and if ur smart u can upgrade it to whatever u want.. hero, blur, etc.

    Yes we are getting the N900 and the processor and 3g capability on that phone when we release 21mb/s later this yr will blow EVERYTHING out of the water for nothing a month… and if you can own it for 30 bucks a month without having to shell out that money upfront… and no contract?? that means 110 a month still 40 cheaper than VERIZON and AT&T on a faster network and it includes ur favorite phone(s)…

    And not to leave out the Behold 2 (the android version of omnia2 IMO) and the HD2 come feb/mar of next yr, plus phones that haven’t been leaked yet…

    Sumamry… ULO customers r ungrateful, and udk what ur talking about if u think we don’t have an amazing lineup coming.

  • Bill48105

    I can’t do PLUS without paying $1000 in term fees (5x$200) since I just signed up for T-Mobile 23 days ago & just missed out on my grace period before these new plans hit. The non-plus plan is $99.99 + $40 per additional line which is $219.99. It has been pointed out that for $15/m vs $40 I can add lines with only 200 minutes but that is BS. Granted it would save me a little money each month BUT 200 minutes would be easy to go over without myfaves & wifi calling and like all other cell co’s T-Mobile arse rapes you on extra minutes charging $0.45 each which could really put me in a huge bind if my grandma got a wild hair & decided to call up family members on the cell phone I give her for emergencies. Under the old stuff I put the 5 people she is most likely to call in her faves and she pulls from the POOLED minutes which gives a much bigger buffer than a measly 200 minutes.

    I originally complained because 2 TMobile reps told me I could never add more lines to my account without changing to the new plans. As I said I am a new T-Mobile user but not new enough to get out for free. I had moved 3 lines over to start less than a month ago & planned to move the rest when the contract ran out in Nov & Dec. From posts in here I found out that I CAN add more lines but I CANNOT change my minutes without going to a new plan. You see, I made the bad decision of going with the cheapest family plan available during the transition to save a few bucks. I figured why pay $20/m more for minutes we won’t use since our old #’s aren’t ported over & we can’t move the last 2 lines for 1 & 2 months. You can’t fault me for the logic because it was certainly a reasonable plan and numerous TMobile reps assured me I could always add the other lines later & up the minutes. Now I’m stuck with 400 minutes for 5 lines unless I bite & go for the new plans in which case I’d pay $1200/yr more for essentially the same thing I have now. Not saying my scenario is common, but never the less I am living it just the same.

  • Ritchie

    Listen here watbetch, U dont need unlimited everything on Sprint anymore, they have the call any mobile carrier, so all you really need is ex family 1500 min unlimited data which includes 2 lines 1500, unlimited mobile to any mobile carrier, unlimited data for anyphone, unlimited txt, pic so on, and tv, radio and gps all included for around 120 for two lines.

  • moondog

    The common point of frustration here seems to be the weak selection of phones compared to the competition. T-Mobile’s own adds for this shows their ignorance to this. What phone do you have that I carve? The other carriers have them, but a lot of us stay with T because they are cheaper cost.

  • moondog

    Ah, carve, cave, what’s the difference. Is T-Mobile really that clueless that a lot of customers think their new phones are not as good as they think?

  • Mark

    Yes, tmobile made WAY too much drama about this this. Giving it a project is ridiculous! And the NDA?? Who cares if employees talked about it???

    No other company is gunna copy it!!!???? It’s all confusing and no cheaper than Sprint if you stay on the subsidized phone plan. And most people have to get new cheap phones if they want 3G. Tmo doesn’t even offer a 3G BB handset yet…so you got to buy one if you want to actually make use of that data plan.

  • Whocares

    JD ur wrong… if u have 4 lines and they are on the old plans (old as of yesterday) u just pay 70 total for migration fees… and if u have a employee discount u wouldn’t get that but it waves the 70 in migration fee u will save money a month.. and depending on your credit have up to 1200 u can spread out on your bill (even if u use ALL that its only 60 a month for the best phones we carry)

    They were wrong the cancellation fees are if u switch, have more than a yr left on the even more and want to go even more plus…

  • pavilioncrew

    So after speaking with a T-Mobile rep is was told that i could only $10 bucks a month for my family plan with 4 lines 1800 min, 1000 texts, and 1 data plan… I only use 2 of the 4 the others are used to upgrade to new phones without paying retail price. I was told however that if i switched that the subsidized pricing on phones would no longer exist. Paying $499 for a phone that i payed $99 for is ridiculus. Even with the $10 extra i pay for each of the lines that are not currently in use only equals $240 per year. I think i will be holding on to my current plan as long a i can and i suggest people with family plans that enjoy upgrading frequently do the same.

  • LJ

    Really all T-Mobile did was lower an average customer’s prices about 10 bucks a month and get into the short-term no-interest loan business. 0% interest for 20 months to pay for a 400 dollar phone, without a contract. Sounds great, but if you cancel, you’ll have to pay the unsubsidized difference, instead of a ETF. Is $10 a month good? Absolutely! Does allowing customers who can’t afford a full priced phone an option to get the phone now, constitute a rave review? Meh. I want the N900, plain and simple. This whole rumor mill is killing me. Come out and say its going to be T-Mobiles officially, and then what you have resembles a game changer. Right now it’s nothing more than a discount.

  • proof200

    The ability to trim around $60 off my current verizon phone bill and the ability to finally have the best blackberry on the market (bold 9700) makes this a very solid move for me.

  • SnootchyBoochys

    I agree that the new plans are not that good if you are an existing T-Mobile customer….I have the unlimited loyalty and just signed a new 2-year agreement with the pre-order of the Cliq yesterday with the unlimited loyalty, text, and data which actually is a bit cheaper than the new plans for me….People really need to stop hating on the Cliq and slobbing the Droid phone….I tried out the Cliq last week at a T-Mobile store and it is really nice and the UI is top notch….If you want to switch to Verizon that has no sim cards and you enjoy waiting in long lines with crappy service than by all means go right ahead and get your ugly licorice and mocha phone that has about the same speed as the Cliq according to the latest reports…..If you have tried a Cliq and don’t like it that is understandable but most of you are dogging a phone you have never tried and slobbing a phone that nobody has seen outside of a picture unless you are a mobile insider….If you can afford the Verizon plans and end up enjoying the Droid than good for you but I will be very happy with my Cliq and even more happy I’m not dealing with Verizon headaches…..Hopefully people will start buying Android phones on all of the networks instead of becoming an iClone like the rest of the sheep that have migrated to AT&T.

  • ByeMrTmobile

    I was all ready to get the Mytouchmyself 3g, was waiting for black friday to get a plan/free flight/phone deal. but they changed the whole thing on me and now i am confused it seems cheaper for the iphone/att thing for me.

    i am out of contract last month, i have 300min MyFaves with the 200 text so a total of 44.98 a month. I dont use a lot of minutes or text cause i am mostly at work (use my desk phone). I just wanted the Mytouch for the web, maps, weather, and other on the go features when i am out on the weekend. i thought all i would need to add is the 24 for the data. but to upgrade i have to do these new plans? sucks, i did a side by side calculation for the most basic mytouch plan to the basic iPhone plan and the cost per month is almost identical and at&t lets me roll over the minutes i used. (yes i even calculated the unsubsidized plan too)

    these new plans dont work for me at all. if i was a power user “chatty McChatterson” i would be in heaven. but a simple “honey get diapers” phone call or text weekend power user it looks like i am getting the short end of the stick?

    am i missing something? or am i correct on moving to the iPhone masses?

  • Ben

    I was disappointed that Tmo didn’t through in some big phone news like the Galaxy, G1 v2, something like the Droid line or HTC Hero, yet instead, they just started offering a contract-less agreement which I COULD use to get a cool phone. If sprint didn’t have a cost for call forwarding (I really like my YouMail), I would probably consider switching for their better coverage and cooler phones. That’s my two cents: not complaining but not switching from $30/mo. 1000 min and weekend voiceplan.

  • rinklighter

    TMobile didn’t hype anything. Here’s what happened: bloggers posted leaked info, ridiculous speculation followed those blog entries, and now people are blind with rage because those blogs built up something that wasn’t that big a deal.

  • Whocares

    Amen SnootchyBoochys,

    I was rather impressed with the Cliq so you know… being one that deals with it daily… i had work email set up, twitter account, facebook (keep in mind i do promotions so 900 friends on FB), myspace, personal email all on this Cliq… THEN.. i get work email every 20 minutes at least, texted about 50 messages… made a few calls (3 or 4)… and with its constant updates on all those social networking sites… from 8:30 off the charger to 3:30 in the afternoon.. i had 75% battery left… crappy battery as everyone said?.. not really..

  • Bill48105

    If TMobile didn’t have their own oddball 3G band then the phone thing wouldn’t be such an issue. Phone makers would be more eager to develop phones for TMobile and like the good old GSM days we’d be able to buy any unlocked phone, throw our SIM in & get 3G speeds but as it stands TMobile doesn’t have the clout to get great phones and TMobile users are double-damned because unlocked phones are crippled & only do GSM/EDGE.

  • Bill48105

    Correction: TRIPLE-damned without 3G roaming capability!

  • My plan is so good that even these new rates don’t help. Thus, I am disappointed, but at the same time thrilled. No one other that T-Mobile would consider the rates I have.

    My plan:
    $_89.98 – Unlimited Loyalty Family Plan (two lines of unlimited talk)
    $__9.99 – Family Time Unlimited Messaging (unlimited for all lines on plan)
    $_29.98 – Blackberry Enterprise Plan for one line
    $_19.99 – Blackberry Internet Service for the other line

    $149.94 – Total for Unlimited Everything for Two Lines (includig Blackberry Enterprise on one line)

    This is less than the new Even More Plan. It is ten dollars a month more than Even More Plus, but, I still get discounts on phones. If for each line, I buy one Blackberry, and save $200 per Blackberry (probably closer to $300 in actuality), that means I saved $400 over two years, which means it would cost me $16.66 per month to have bought the phones retail (if I only save $200 per phone, when I will save much more).

    The only disadvantage is that as compared to an Even More Plus line, if I add a line it might be better to switch to a new plan because the Even More Plus add-aline-charge is not only five dollars less that the Unlimited Loyalty Charge, but it inlcudes web, which the Unlimited Loyalty does not. I will worry about that when and if I ever have to add a line.

  • watbetch

    Sorry Ritchie but not everyone calls cell phones.

    If you need unlimited calling get @Home for $10 more. Problem solved and it’s still cheaper than Sprint.

    To get AT&T A-List you have to get the 59.99 plan + 30 for data and + for 200 messages. T-Mobile is way less expensive for UNLIMITED everything. How anyone could even try to price AT&T as being close to T-Mobile’s pricing is well beyond me.

  • timmyjoe42


    Since you just signed up 23 days ago, can’t you switch to the EM+ plan and remain under contract? Or would that just be an EM plan? I thought I read somewhere that you could switch from your current plan even if you are under contract if you fulfill your current contract to the 2 year obligation.

    I have 3 lines, all under contract and all with different expiration dates. I am trying to figure out how I can switch plans and score a Cliq. I’m thinking I can just go in and buy it and pay in installments.

  • watbetch

    @Home meaning you make all of your calls over WiFi @ home, you surely shouldn’t have any problems using @Home with a regular line.. it won’t work if you use it at an office but it might work for someone.

  • jmastera

    Correct me if my math is wrong.

    But comparing the Even More Talk for $59.99 and adding in the Unlimited Web and Text for $40 = $99.99 a month versus the Even More Plus with the Unlimited MyTouch for $35 = $109.00, the difference in rate plans would be $240 ($10 a month * 24 months) savings on the Even more over the life of the two year contract. If you add that to the price of a MyTouch @ $149 (Even More) you come to $389.99. On the Even More Plus you are paying $399.99 so all you are saving is $10 over two years.

    If I did do the math right, I’m torn between being on contract for two years just to get the discounted price (and having to pay either up front or on the next bill) and no contract and paying full price spread over 20 months.

    I am holding out right now – I’m on the Family Plan 1000 for $69.99 with Unlm Internet @ $24.99 and Unlm Text for Families Promo @ $9.99 since I would basically be breaking even on any combo of the 750 plans (we only use about 5\600 whenever mins).

  • Bill48105

    Well the 2 reps I talked to yesterday both told me I’d have to pay $200 per line early termination fees AND $35 per line activation fee if I went the Plus route. That is $1175. Even so, to get the minutes that fit my needs I’d have to do an unlimited plan & end up paying a around $100 more per month on the non-Plus one. I’d have to price out Plus but I’m certain it’d be more than what I got now. I’m waiting for the reps to get caught up on the new plans & caveats (and what they will do for people in odd circumstances like myself) then I’m going to try calling again & see where I can get. Btw, if TMobile wouldn’t have kept these changes secret I would have been able to make the changes needed ahead of time or canceled while in my 20 day grace period but they say timing is everything & my timing sucks. lol

  • Gibbs

    you guys realize the motorola droid is just the cdma version of the Cliq right?

    • David

      Really, I think Droid users would beg to differ, I think the Droid has everything the Cliq wants.

  • J510

    Why are so many people are crying let me guess by a fake hype of a fifty dollar everything unlimited plan people and some blogs wished for, Just get over it, may save money for some or if your current plan works for you just keep it. As for other company’s at&t plain out sucks dropped calls,customer service for some reason when they took on the at&t name they just got stupid as for Sprint they have good plans but crappy ass customer service, VW great coverage,snobs for customer service and glad they are opening there phones software access. What can I say either you love or hate your service provider, Just stop crying over what you have and if you don’t like it change it…. Some just need to grow up. I for one love t-mobile

  • LeavingTMo

    Please let me know where I’m wrong, and I’ll not complain. If you want 5 android phones with data and 1500 shared minutes.

    T-Mo’s Even More Plus 1500 min. $120 (2 phones w/ data) $15 (3 additional lines $5 each) $75 (3 Web for smartphones $25) Total monthly cost $210. 5 myTouch phones $500 each = $2500 for a grand total of $7,540 for 24 months.

    Sprints Everything Data Family Plane (1500 min). $130 (2 phones w/ data) $60 ( 3 additional lines w/data $20 each) Total monthly cost $170. 5 htc Hero phones at $175 each = $875 for a grand total of $4,955.

    I started with T-Mobile when it was voicestream and have been pretty happy and would rather not switch, but at least for me, it looks like it is time.

  • Mark

    Has anyone successfully gotten them to drop the $35 per line migration fee on a family plan? That is the only thing holding me back right now. The new plans would save me $10/mo and give the whole family texting instead of just one line.

  • timmyjoe42


    The Droid has better stuff under the hood.

  • SKA

    Come on now. Why did you have to throw My Cubbies in that survey. The new plans are not that great and them spending so much on MyFaves and now dropping that is worthless. T-Mobile has taken 2 steps back now.

  • mistermix

    @Gibbs: No, the droid uses an Cortex processor (faster), runs Android 2, and has a much bigger screen than Cliq.

  • Tim

    I think I’ll go with “meh.” Might be a cool deal for a new customer, but it doesn’t seem that great for those of us who’ve been on TMo for a long time.

  • ByeMrTmobile

    I am crying cause i like tmobile and it just works for me for a good price if i would have upgraded a few days ago i would have been ok. now it will be more so i dont see the difference in price from the mytouch to the iphone now.

  • Mark

    I was just looking at Sprint and they don’t have any drop dead phones either. Verizon probably has the best phones. Sprint and TMo have similar offerings, and AT&T has the iPhone.

  • RWWackoStu

    Let me start by saying that I am one of those people who do not have data on my berry. I was hoping “Dark” would allow me to do that at a better price. Right now I have Family 700 min @ 59.99 and 2-4.99 text plans (about 80.00 w/ fees/taxes). EM+ family 750+text+data would be $110 + tax/fees, which I think I can do but I have not yet been able to get answers to these two questions:

    Some say if your +1 year they charge you $200 for EM+, and some say they don’t and you can even get them to waive the $35.00 charge. Can any of our TMO reps answer this once and for all?

    Say you have 14 months left on your contract. You get them to move you to EM+, sans $200 charge. But you then have to serve out the remainder of the 14 months. Fine and good. Then the Bold 9700 comes out November 11th. Because you still have contract time left are you eligible for the 22 month financing, or do you have to wait?

  • Jon

    “Many people are saying project Dark didn’t quite take the wireless world by storm like we had all hoped, speculated or hyped”.

    Many people being T-Mobile’s existing customers who already had low rates, and WERE _NOT_ THE TARGET OF PROJECT DARK.

    According to cnet, informationweek, pcmagazine, etc (ie the big boys) – Project Dark is and will be a success.

  • moondog

    Jon, I agree. Problem is the adds point out the weak, second level phone selection.

    Verizon get Droid and T-Mobile get roids. Ouch.

  • bobby

    the tm cr said that customers have to pay the $35 fee only on the 1st 2 phones on the family plan. the cr also said the phones on the family plan can different minute plans from main plan. ie. the 1st 2 phones have unlimited for $140, and third phone can have unlimited for additional $30, and the 4th phone can have 200minutes for $10.

  • rushmore


    Cliq uses a two year old chipset, 3.1″ 480X320 screen. Droid has newer chipset that is twice as powerful and 3.7″ 800X480 screen.

    They are only similar in that they are Android devices and phones by Motorola :)

  • suhaib

    for those who are uninitiated,

    1. the $35 activation fee/migration fee is only for the first two lines of a family plan.

    2. if you choose any plan that has set number of anytime minutes (750, 1500) then adding a line costs all of $5.

    That means for 119., you get 1500 minutes, unlimited texts, and web, and any additional line costs $5. Is this not a ridiculous deal?

    The only thing that might be better is the sprint deal with anymobile anytime, but it is more expensive and is an additional $20 for a 3rd, 4th, or fifth.

  • timmyjoe42

    They both have a touch screen and slide out keyboard. ;)

  • CellJunkie

    Personally I don’t care what Cnet or any of them have to say. That is their guess and gauging customer’s response is not easy. One thing is for sure, VZW & AT&T keep adding customers. Yes it surprises me that they still gain customers. I looked at VZW’s handset offerings and by no means is it great. AT&T has the iPhone and they continue to add customers. I don’t know why, I extensively used one, no thanks. I’m not impressed. So time will tell if these new plans add customers to T-Mobile.

    Personally, right now as it looks, VZW & AT&T will never offer No Contract plans that will be better than their contract plans. I can see VZW & AT&T offering more perks to sign a contract, IF this T-Moblile plans start to eat at their ARPU.

    Personally, I do not have a problem signing a contract if I feel they are giving me a deal that I like. For those who like the No Contract theme, this will be good for you. For those who don’t mind contracts, hopefully this forces ALL the Telcos to ADD MORE PERKS to sign a contract.

  • “According to cnet, informationweek, pcmagazine, etc (ie the big boys) – Project Dark is and will be a success.”

    You can’t measure the success of something after a day and a half, nor can you predict these things.

  • ty

    I changed my plan to 139.99 plan. i had to pay $35 to change but i was about to go over my allowed min (had 600 min plan). They were able to back date my change so that i would not have to pay over usage charge :-)

  • LeavingTMo

    The $5 additional lines do not include unlimited web for smartphones it’s an additional $25 each. Sprint is cheaper if you want data on your smartphone.

  • Dan

    Ok so here’s my predicament

    The plan I thought I was going to have come November:
    2 Mytouches on 750 plan $60, +web $25×2, +300 msgs $5×2 = $120/mo x24 + $300 out of pocket. Total = $3180 (with $200×2 ETF)

    The plan I can get now (just confirmed on T-mobile’s newly revamped page):
    2 Mytouches on 750 plan $60, +unlim web&msgs $40×2 = $140/mo x24 + $300 out of pocket. Total = $3660 (with $200×2 ETF)
    2MTs on 750 +web&msg $110 = $110/mo + $1000 out of pocket (Total $1110 minimum) OR $160/mo for 20 mo ($3200)

    So clearly Even More Plus, paid upfront is far and above the better value – but it seems the only appeal is the ability to spend more money on the next phone that comes out (otherwise you’d have to break contract, or just wait).

    Am I missing something? Is that it?

  • i just spoke to a T-Mobile rep and they said that only flex-pay annual qualifiers can get the 20 month E.I.P so straight flex-payers you are s#@!t outta luck

  • LeavingTMo

    The Even More Plus plan will cost $3640 not $3200. You took $160 * 20 = $3200, but to compare properly, you need to add the other 4 months at $110. So $3200 + $440 = $3640 versus $3660 for 24 months on the Even More plan.

    Not trying to beat a dead horse, and I’m not affiliated with sprint in anyway other than I am probably going to switch from T-Mobile, but Sprint’s Everything Data Family plan is $130/month with the HTC Hero for $175/each or $3,470 for 24 months.

  • willy

    ew they dont dont do 1year contracts anymore IM OUT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Nerdlust

    The truth about Project dark is that it’s great for new customers! I have the loyalty plan with Blackberry data and 400 texts! Which is similar to the EM+ plan. However When I told my co workers, who currently don’t have tmobile they went str-8 to tmobile website and checked it out for themselves and loved the plans. I will check to see if tmobile offer any refferal credit etc… Everyone I have told have been very excited. I have been paying tmobile’s low rates so long I forgot what most business users really pay to have unlimited phone/data with other carriers!!!

  • Ritchie

    How is this website not posting the Sony equinox???? But another site is?

    ny Ericsson and T-Mobile Offer the Equinox
    Today, 12:24 PM by Eric M. Zeman

    Today T-Mobile announced its newest Sony Ericsson handset, the Equinox. The Equinox has quad-band GSM/EDGE and support for T-Mobile’s 1700MHz 3G network. The Equinox has user-configurable lighting accents that can be set as caller IDs. The Equinox also features a 3.2 megapixel camera with video capture, GPS, stereo Bluetooth, and an FM radio. The Equinox has Sony Ericsson’s gesture controls, which allow users to silence a call by waving their hand over the phone. It will be available starting October 28 for $50 with new contract.

  • Rorison Meadows

    I don’t use the phone often with my Touch Pro 2, but with the new deals, for $5 more, I got free nights, 200 more minutes, and an increase in text messages from 400 to unlimited. Can’t argue with that!

  • Meh

    I went to t-mobile today to see what would happen if I switched. I currently pay about 105 after taxes and everything for 2 lines, 400 myfaves minutes, one with unlimited text/internet for g1, and get a 15% student discount. If I switched to the even more plus plan for 750 minutes and no myfaves, with one of the phones having unlimited internet/texting, my bill would be 85…it’s a pretty big price drop, but that’s a before taxes price, and would 750 minutes be enough for my two lines w/o myfaves? I’m very unsure. And they said I do not need to pay the 35 per line because of my student discount, which I would no longer recieve (the 15% off per month) if I wasn’t on a contract.

  • Bill48105

    Wow that’s cool. Now if only I could get a TMobile rep to back date my account change so I can up my myfaves minutes. :D

    I’ll be calling up tmobile support in a bit to see if I can get anywhere now that they’ve had a day to work out the kinks. In the meantime I’ve been working up spreadsheets to compare side by side different scenarios & I must say I see what people are talking about because for most situations the new plans are quite low, especially the Plus ones if you already have phones. Had that been available when we left ATT a few weeks back I probably would have thought it was a steal, had no contract & just re-used our unlocked phones. But I got a taste of unlimited myfaves & wifi calling & now that new deal doesn’t seem so sweet. ;) Anyway 1 option I am considering is keeping my old account as it is but with only 3 lines and adding a new Plus account for part of our lines. That way I can get close to what I could have had if I was able to finish my migration of lines. It would have been nice to have 1 big pool of minutes instead of 2 smaller ones but I might be able to live with it. I just need to get the rep to waive activation fees & I might bite & quit my bitchin. lol

  • Bill48105

    Anyone see how much texting is per line on Even More Plus Family or is it only available for $20 add’l as part of the plan itself? If the latter that sucks for some people, like if there is 1 person who txt’s a lot & the others don’t.. They end up paying $20/m for 1 person. Granted at least 2 people makes it an ok deal & if all 5 txt a lot then $4/m each is a steal. I assuming you can text on the Talk-only plans but probably a high per msg rate. I’ll have to add it to my list for TMobile support. :D Btw it looks like they took away the discounted family text option on the non Plus plans & the only option is $10/line.. For up to 2 people that isn’t too bad but wow if you pay for all 5 you’re getting soaked $50/m! Maybe I’m missing something.. I’ll add it to my list. :D I can see giving lower prices on the Plus plans if TMobile isn’t have to subsidize the phones but wth would they have different options available between them? Seems extra confusing for no reason.

  • manus

    i was just at a tmobile store and it was packed there was a waiting line. it felt awesome.
    and i dont think other carriers have better phones like verizon is getting the droid but what else do they have some LG crap. at&t has the iphone and what else, i cant think of any so i dont think the tmobile lineup is bad we just dont have the big time phone

  • justme

    i’m definitely in the meh camp. but i’m also a long-time customer on the loyalty plan w/ a grandfathered date/text package, not a new customer. it’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

  • JBLmobileG1

    I find these new plans good and bad. I guess the good is that for new Tmobile customers you may end up getting a good deal if you want a plan with just about everything and when your compairing it all to say Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. However Tmobile use to be the carrier with the cheapest plan at $29.99…. they are no more. Now you might as well go with a pre-paid phone. True you’ll be missing out on being able to have the nicer phones though. I don’t think Tmobile thought all of this through. Its like a werid dream to me where I don’t really see how this is going to help them out in the long run. With all these pre-paid companies offering Killer deals like Straight Talk… how can carriers even compete with one another. And with these plans…. while they would have been a great deal (and may still be when your post-paid) you have all these smaller carriers with the deals. Now either the larger carriers buy out the smaller ones before its too late or just lower your plans even more. Even without a contract Tmobile is joking itself. Time will tell I guess…

  • Brent Johonson

    I know it sounds ridiculous to most people, but it’s the $35 x 2 migration fee ($70 total) that has me pissed and holding me back.

    The savings I will see by choosing any of the new plans is $5 per month.

    $70 / 5 = 14

    So that means it will take 14 months before I receive one red cent of savings. On top of that, I will eligible for a subsidized phone upgrade in 11 months. With a typical subsidization of $300, added with the $70 migrations, then it’s $370. That’s the price of a phone!

    Give me a break. That makes no sense at all.

    Furthermore, having Google Voice and a current MyFaves plan, I can make phone calls for free and text for free.

    Wanting to be fair, I told that to the CS rep and asked him to go to bat for me over the $70 migration fee. I explained if that was waved, then great, I would upgrade. He wouldn’t, so I reduced my MyFaves all the way down to 400 minutes (the cheapest plan they have), dropped my text bundle, and kept data on only my G1.

    So as I see it, T-Mobile just lost a considerable amount of money:

    $9.99 is what they lost with me dropping the text bundle.
    $20.00 is what they load with me dropping down to lowest MyFaves plan.
    Totalling $30 per month for the next 11 months, or
    $330 total

    Couple the $330 with $300 subsidy they will be forking over for the phone subsidy, and T-Mobile just lost a whopping:

    All because they were hardheaded and didn’t see the big picture of waving $70 right now in migration fees.

    Shows that they aren’t the brightest lightbulb in the room.

    If T-Mobile ends up bankruptcy, I will certainly see why.

  • Bill48105

    @Brent Johonson,
    How’d you get them to let you to lower your myfaves minutes? Every rep I talked to says all the myfaves plans are gone so once grandfathered in no more changes can be made. Unless they are letting people LOWER their plan but not RAISE it. If so then the reps are really pushing the trush saying the old plans don’t exist anymore.
    But yeah it seems very unfair they are charging existing customers a fee to change plans. Are they waiving the fee if you have AAA or such? That’s how we got our activation fees waived when we signed up a few weeks ago before this new plan stuff hit.



    verizon has the andriod driod series, the sholes,getting the eris(which is like the hero),and the passion (1ghz processor they say its the andriod verizon HD2) they also are getting the palm pre & the storm 2. on top of there blackberry selection and winmo selection id say they have a pretty nice line up(plus 5xthe 3g that att which is like 100x t-mobiles lol).

    At&T has the iphones 3g,3gs,bold,bold9700soon,touch pro 2, and the nuvifon if ur into that sorta thing lol. they havea pretty good (although somewhat congested?) 3rd place 3g network

    sprint has the palm pre,palm pixi,htc hero,and samsung moment andriod(8oomhz processor), and a few good winmo phones and the 2nd biggest 3g network and a 4g network in some areas

    t-mobile has a few good phones touch pro 2,bb9700 and if we all cross out fingers and wish upon stars we might get the n900 or hd2…probly not gonna happen tho. dar i say crippled by moslty edge and the smallest 3g network of the big 4.

    u asked. lol

  • helloo

    how much is the add a line?

  • Ace

    I don’t see how t-mo gets the best in customer service but yet soon a new phone or plan comes out it take the reps weeks and months to even know about it..

    I call lastnight to upgrade from a flexpay family plan to even more and all they told me was i save $35 or $75dollas every month on my bill.. and then i ask but how do i upgrade

    and she like “well i dont know right now.. if you go in a t-mobile store they might be able to help you”

    i didnt fight the matter and make them look dumb on the phone when i heard about project dark waaay before they heard about it i just played along and said ill do that..

    So hopefuly by my next bill (which will be in Dec since they said i cant upgrade in Nov billing) i should have project dark

  • Taj

    Hey people. When you say TMO’s 3G is slow, what download speeds do you consider fast. Not looking for debate, just knowledge. What is TMO vs ATT and the others?


  • Bill48105


    T-Mobile wanted to make it simple (extreme sarcasm)
    Note the differences for Plus vs non-Plus and unlimited vs limited

    +$40 per additional line on Even More Unlimited
    +$35 per additional line on Even More Plus Unlimited

    +$15 per additional line with 200 minutes on Even More Unlimited
    +$10 per additional line with 200 minutes on Even More Unlimited Plus

    +$10 per additional line with Even More 750 or 1500
    +$5 per additional line with Even More Plus 750 or 1500

    +$15 for unlimited @Home on Even More
    +$10 for unlimited @Home on Even More Plus

    My favorite is the joke of of an add-on in the 200 min lines on the unlimited plans.

  • Jonathan

    Am I the only Tmobile customer who thinks this is a great deal? I went from having the 300 min + myfaves + unlimited text on my blackberry for 59.99 to having 500 min + unlimited mobile to mobile + unlimited txt + web for 59.99… I think I added it up and I would have been paying 79.99 for what I’m getting now.

    I dont think the new plans help everyone out but I was excited, plus I dont mind paying 20 month installment plans, thats almost exactly how long most phones last before they are either horribly obsolete or broke.

    Oh an JBL, look it up before you post, tmobile still has a plan at 29.99, its the 500 min talk only plan just like it used to be.

    I would say if the people at the store tell you something, call in to tmobile yourself and double check. Seems the reps at the store aren’t really familiar with the plans themselves.

  • Bill48105

    Yeah that looks to be a good deal for you as long as the 200 added min make up for losing unlimited calling to your fave5. All it takes is 1 40 minute call per month to each of your old fave’s and you’ve lost your bonus minutes. Assuming they’re not on TMobile & you don’t call N&W of course. Or you can look at it as 1/2 full & figure you now have 200 minutes to talk to anyone. :D

  • Kevin

    $35 migration fee for existing customers? That’s the same as an activation fee for a new company.

    By the way, the cell vendors in orlando area sam’s clubs are not only waiving activation (best buy will match) but sprint is give a $40/line CREDIT for new activations. Haven’t checked with BB on matching the $40 credit yet…

    Of course your mileage may vary. At these savings if you buy a Sam’s club membership ($35)it’s still a great deal.

  • Brent Johonson


    All I did was ask, and the CSR gladly did it.
    I –think– it may have something to do with I’m FP, and my month rolls over tomorrow, so I was effectively making the changes prior to the end of this month . That’s the only thing I could think. Either that, or there is mass confusion going on with the changeover.

    To add to the issue, prior to calling 611, I was able to select the plan I wanted and it served up the summary of charges and everything WITHOUT any migration fees, then when I went to hit “submit”, it popped up a message box saying a shared server conflicted (it was 300 text msg bundle on the family plan) that would have to be removed before I could make the change. The T-Mo website wouldn’t let me remove it, so that’s what prompted the call to 611. If I would have been able to complete the change online, I would have had a $16.23 CREDIT after changing to 1500 Talk & Text FP across 2 lines. Going through CS, I would have had to pay $79 and change. Go figure?

    Weird thing now, I have a $121 CREDIT on my account after paying my bill for this next cycle.

    Also, I had 700 MyFaves with 200 minutes still left for the month (really just today). After the CS fiasco, I lost all the remaining minutes for the month, the balance of the text msgs we had left, and the data plan for this one day left. I didn’t bother to call them back because I didn’t want to wait on hold for another 40 minutes to get to a CSR. I hope it resolves itself when my month starts new tomorrow.

    They obviously have some bugs to work out of this.

  • Tournstone

    As an existing T-Mobile customer I was skeptical, but looked at the plans and called T-Mobile to get some questions answered. Once it seemed like it would work to my advantage, I had them switch me. Looks like I’ll save $40+ per month.

    I started with the My Faves for families 1800 and five lines. Line one was a Behold with T-zones. Line two was a Blackberry with the BB data plan and WiFi. Line three was an @Home. Line four was a Sidekick 2008 with SK data plan. Line five was a KRazor with nothing added. We shared unlimited messaging as well. We never got close to over our min, even if we counted the My Faves numbers.

    We exchanged it (using the same devices) for, Even More Plus Talk + Text + Web Family 1500. I still get my BB with WiFi, and my daughter gets her Sk (Soon she will get my BB and I’ll get an N900 that I was going to get any way unsubsidized).

    We still had a year left on our contract. We used a corporate ID/discount and had the $35 fee(s) removed.

  • Brent Johonson

    I just want reiterate that the new plans are NOT good if you currently have MyFaves AND Google Voice. With GV, you can make totally free phone calls and free text messages (I know this to be true with Android, and I suspect it to be true with most any other phone if you set it up right with MyFaves). Only downside is there is about a 10 minute delay in receiving text messages. But it’s totally free.

    You would think that T-Mobile would be willing to do anything to stem this tide. Obviously not.

  • onwaitinglist

    UMA Plan is still possible!!

    Just worked out with a rep adding unlimited hot-spot calling to my grandfather family plan!! it is no go with first tier support, but if you can find a way to talk to second tier , you can still get it.

  • Jonathan


    Oh I go through about 600 min a month but its nearly all to my fiance who also has tmobile. It all depends on your situation as to weather the new plans are a good thing or not.

    I think some people also seem to forget that the number one job of Tmobile is to make money, we are number 2. You can’t complain about not having a strong enough network while also complaining that they are trying to make money.

  • Mr. Stacy R. Parr
  • Whocares

    Well day two for me as an employee…

    And so far in the longer run (after two yrs) people keep saving at least 100 bucks on the new even more plus plans… and getting the phone they crave (cheesy i know but guess what the bb flip was what someone craved today and we got for 38 out the door after tax… and the new plan saved her 15 a month getting internet compared to her old plan… its NOT for everyone… but once its explained to the customer correctly… and they see the BIGGER picture… its a BIG deal to them…

  • StefanB

    Is there any way for a CSR to waive the $35 migration fee? that’s the only thing that’s holding me back to move to a unlimited T-T-W family plan…

  • SocietyOne

    Everyone really does want Beverly Hills quality at Wal-Mart pricing.

  • I love the new plans.. i am paying a lot less now..

    59.99 for 750 Min
    20.00 for unlimited Text
    24.00 for my G1 internet
    5.00 for my wifes Gravity…
    Total about 110.00 a Month from 170.00

    i am paying less for it then the normal play..

  • ayvecs

    with these new plans that tmobile is providing it will be beneficial to some and not to others. you can’t expect a new cell plan for everyone to like it. everything has flaws. i made the switch to one of the new em+ plans since i have already been out of contract for the past yr plus. on my prior plan i was paying $39.99 for 600 minutes and like a month ago added the web + unlimited texting for $34.99 after purchasing a mytouch (eagerly waiting to see what the specs are with the Behold II), giving me a total of $74.98 before taxes. i was thinking about going with one of the unlimited talk plans but after looking over my bills for the past few months i realized i rarely ever came close to the 600 anytime minutes. once realizing this i found it would be more beneficial to go with the em+ 500 anytime minutes and unlimited text and web for 59.99. for someone like me who determined what his needs are, i am saving like around $15 a month. as mentioned earlier, the new plans some will find beneficial while others may not. it’s all just a case of determining what your needs are. i do hope with me having the em+ plan that if 6 months down the line if my needs do change and i start using more minutes, that i can change to another em+ plan without any repercussions.

  • “According to cnet, informationweek, pcmagazine, etc (ie the big boys) – Project Dark is and will be a success.”

    Not to get off topic or anything, but that’s coming from the same people who thought the Nintendo Wii wasn’t going to last long … and it’s still outselling the competition.

    These plans are great, but only the combination of shrewd marketing and customer decisions can and will decide where this will go.

  • wtf@tmobile

    They shoudlve just offered the same even plus more plans to everybody contract or not along with the old plans…not everybody talks 24/7 The shouldve kept the same phone subsides as before but offered the monthly payment option for those that qualify. I have hoping for a better $29.99 plan,10+myfaves that inlcuded text,rollover,3g in my area,etc…something better for current customers without junk fees. Im currently on the $40 myfave + $20 unlimited text/data…no real reason to switch.

  • mrnova

    ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hey everyone, but I am on the flexpay, and I called tmobile to change to the 1000 min, unlimited text and web plan, but when I called they gave me plan options, that are not on ther website. Long story short, I end up getting a unlimited everything plan for 49.99! I bull@$!* you NOT! THESE IS NO JOKE! I could not believe it! I have been on flex, for about 2 years. So I don’t know if that makes a difference, but call customer service and see what’s plans are available for you! Just wanted to let you guys know!

  • Queen

    With BOTH plans, it seems that TMO wants you to stay with them for TWO years.

    Even More (2 year contract req)
    Even More Plus (20 month phone payment plan)

    I prefer ONE year contracts with the discounted NEW phone price.

    So how are these plans benefiting me???

  • OMG

    It really makes me happy to see that with so many skeptics prior to the 25th, the few “in the know” kept chanting wait for th 25th, it’ll be worth it. It’s really great you’ll see. Just get a rep to actually explain it and you’ll understand. Finally I get to see so many people posting “Guess what! I just saved a ton of money on my cellphone bill.” some $10, some $30, I’ve seen $150/mo. Opening day on the 25th I had 2 Verizon customers walking by and I opened the store a few minutes early to explain the rate plans in the window and they jumped ship immediatly. So for those still saying no one will leave VZW/AT&T, the proof is in the pudding so to speak. TV Ads start today, the exodus we’ve seen over the past few days are unadvertised switchers who either heard word of mouth or saw the signs/website.

  • OMG

    @Queen. the 20 month installment is able to be paid off as early as you like. they give you the installment as an option not a requirement. There is no interest and if you only want it for 1 year then pay it off early.

  • Queen


    What about company discounts???

    Is TMO going to honor them?

    I know they don’t with the $49.99 Loyalty Plan!

  • Brian

    Yes they will honor your old plan.

    I don’t expect a price drop. I have a good old plan (that I will keep) but I think the new plans are far too confusing. The bring or buy your own phone plan is sorta dumb because YOU MUST buy a tmobile phone because 3G is on another frequency with Tmobile (compared to the rest of the world). If t-mobile used the same frequency as everyone else it would make since. You can’t even buy a phone off any Euro website ’cause T-mo’s 3G is sooo different.

    SOO…you are still stuck waiting for a tmo phone you want.

  • Brian

    IF they left…they were stupid (or they lost their job) and should try the 3g network at tmo that sucks. I stay with Tmo ’cause I’m cheap. I use a blackberry and Tmo has yet to have a 3g blackberry…so I’m used to it. I use my wifes mytouch and it’s OK…buy nothing to write home about.

    Verizon has an awesome network and awesome 3g. THAT CHARGE a PREMIUM for that though…and I’m just too cheap.

  • Kurt
  • Bill48105

    I was working up a spreadsheet to compare options side by side & all of a sudden shows Even More unlimited line add-on as $50 & Even More Plus unlimited line add-on as $40 now! Up from $40 & $35, wth?!? Perhaps a bug on the site or they’re adjusting fees already? (I was changing stuff in my cart when I noticed)

  • I’m pretty unimpressed with this, too. I love the new Droid commercials, though! Too bad T-mobile didn’t have the negotiating power to lock up the Android platform exclusively, ala AT&T and the iPhone. The boys in Bellvue really don’t have a clue.

  • Dalton

    I like them:)

    Because I was planning on moving to T-Mobile around christmas, and right now for 300 Anytime Minutes, 1000 N/W, Unlimited Texting, 15 mb of data on VirginMobile, I pay about $49ish.
    If I can get 500 anytime, unlim. n/w, texting, unlimited web, for $60, you have a happy customer.

    As for this moving them out of 4th; no way.

  • Dalton

    Woah, wait a minute.
    If I get that I STILL have to pay $25.00 for unlimited android web?!?!
    WTF is “Unlimited Talk+Text+WEB” then? If I still have to pay $25.00 on TOP of $60.00

    Before, I would’ve had to pay $65.00 a month on t-mobile. Now, $85? I think not.

  • Tournstone

    @Dalton. I called and checked on that since the possibility upset me too. No, you don’t. Unlimited web means just that. They really should fix this or make it clear on the web ordering process. So as an existing T-mobile customer, here’s what I did:

    What I had:
    1800 my faves family plan for: $89.99.
    I added unlimited messaging to that for: $19.95
    Line 1 – Samsung Behold with a TZones plan: $5.99
    Line 2 – Balckberry 8900 with data plan and HotSpots: $24.99 & $9.99
    Line 3 – @Home: $9.99
    Line 4 – Sidekick 2008 with sidekick data plan and additional line charge: $24.99 & $9.99
    Line 5 – Moto KRazer with nothing but an additional line charge: $9.99
    Total (without taxes and fee and such): $205.87

    What I got:
    T-Mobile Even More Plus Talk + Text + Web Family 1500: $119.00
    Line 1 – Samsung Behold (data now included)
    Line 2 – Balckberry 8900 (data now included) with HotSpots: $9.99
    Line 3 – @Home: $10.00
    Line 4 – Sidekick 2008 (data now included) with additional line charge: $5.00
    Line 5 – Moto KRazer with additional line charge: $5.00
    Total (without taxes and fee and such): $148.99

    Monthly savings of $56.88

  • Bill48105

    Any TMobile reps out there confirm something I was just told by someone on customer service? The TMobile web site shows $40 for add a line on EM unlimited plan & $35 for EM+ but the rep said that is for flexpay customers and for post pay it’s actually $25 & $20! If that is the case the unlimited family plans suddenly got much more attractive! The other thing I found out is they are waiving the $35/line (for lines 3-5. 1&2 were already waived) if you have AAA or other corp discount. Another change since Sunday is there is no longer a $200/line early termination fee if you have a contact to switch to EM+. Instead they waive the fee BUT you are still bound to your contract. Obviously good news for people like me who just signed up ($200 x 5 = $1000!) Bad news for people hoping to use switching to EM+ as a way out of their existing contract. ;) Good to see TMobile higher ups are still tweaking, hopefully for the better. Now they just need to fix their web site so it shows the right prices. Quite a few times the rates varied for different items depending on order they were added & such. Seems it’s having issues with pricing with @Home in the mix too.

  • Dalton

    Ohhhh, ok. Thank you so much. :)

  • Bill48105

    Cool you’re saving that much PLUS get all that data but hope you don’t talk much on your 4 cells (@home is unlimited) because not only did you give up 300 anytime minutes you also gave up myfaves which by TMobile’s research a huge amount of calls are to a distinct few lines. Essentially now if each cell line talks more than 12 minutes per day during peak hours to anyone except tmobile customers you’ll go over. 12 minutes is not very much time. (Or looking at it another way it’s 25 hours total talk time so 6.25 hours for each of the 4 lines which sounds like a lot) Of course most of your calls could be between lines or at night or on weekend & end up being free anyway but definitely something to consider when switching to the new plans when you don’t go unlimited. Btw the TMobile rep told me all the new Even More plans come with free usage alerts to help you avoid going over so hopefully that helps you avoid using even those 300 anytime minutes you gave up because 300 x $0.45 = $135 in overages. :o The funny thing was I asked what options do you have when you get the alert & she said she wasn’t sure other than stop using your phone so much to avoid paying as much fees. LOL Btw it still amazes me the cell companies can get away with charging such huge prices for minutes when you go over, per MB data rates & crazy costs per txt message without plans.

  • Tournstone

    @Bill48105 Yes, I calculated carefully and we never got near our 1800 even with myfaves min included. Most of our calls were too each other or friends with T-Mobile. I may have to consider the new BB9700 though as almost all of my other calls were made under UMA conditions which I think the N900 will be without.

  • Tournstone

    checking again

  • Tournstone

    Never mind. Sorry. You are correct. Too expensive, Canceling the change.

  • Bill48105

    DOH! What happened?

  • JD

    This is for whocares.
    Can you tell me what i need to do then to be able to switch my family plan to one of the even more or even more plus plans. because like i said i have one number that is up next september and the other like is up next feb and when i talked to someone they said i couldnt change to the even more plus plan and if wanted even more had to renew to 2011.
    is this correct or should i go into a store.
    could you let me know

  • Bill48105

    Have you called back & talked to a different rep? (Or go the corp owned store route) Or did they give you a reason why you couldn’t do EM+? From the reps I talked to you just need to pay the $35 transition fee (which can be waived with some associations like AAA) and if you are still under contract, stick the term of that out.. On Sunday a rep told me there was a $200/line early termination fee but supposedly TMobile higher ups changed it to the above where you just keep your old term then go month to month after that. That’s what I was offered & I got 1 year 11 months 8 days left on my contract.

  • Mark

    I would change to a plan that gives me more minutes and unlimited texting for the family plan and save $10/mo, but I refuse to pay the $35/2 lines migration fee.

  • JD

    Bill48105 i want to say thanks for you feedback. I talked to an online chat person yesterday and was able to get switched to the even more plus plan i wanted and i didnt have to pay an etf or extend my contract.
    I just wanted to say thanks for your info