More 9700

You don’t mind more 9700 photos, and even a video, do you?  What am I kidding, you are probably begging for it.  What may be the hottest Blackberry out there (at least for T-Mobile) has been caught on video, and captured in photographs, again.  While I don’t understand the Vietnamese of the Tinh Te poster, phone comparisons and love are universal (oh, and we can just forget that this particular 9700 is AT&T bound).  Head past the break for a few photos, or click the link for all of the shots.  Tell us what you think in the comments!

TInh Te via Engadget

9700, 9000, 8900 and 8520

Compared with 9000, 8900

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  • Sgt. Cell

    A upgraded 8900? Where’s the Magnum????

  • Sean

    Thx for the pics. I wished you could have muted the sound, or turned it off. The BB 9700/Onyx is the best looking one T-Mobile will have to date (Nov. 11th ish) .

  • Ike

    Looks beautiful, can’t wait. Sorry G1, you’re out! I realized recently that i don’t really need 90 percent of the apps and extra functionality on Android, i really just need my Phone, SMS and Email to work reliably, thats where the 9700 comes in :) at least until someone can come up with a compelling Android device (hardware-wise), it’s more than apparent that the OS has far outgrown any of the phones out there right now.

    Also @Sean: mute the sound your damn self. I’m sure there are more than a few visitors to this site who can understand Vietnamese just fine. Bloody Americans…

  • coolc

    “His strong hand that held more than swamp Javelin compact than the Bold 9000, fit body of Vietnam.” Hilarious google translation.