Wi-Fi Calling For Blackberries


Soon, T-Mobile will be set up to allow corporate customers who use Blackberries to make calls over their office Wi-Fi connections without using up cell plan minutes (hey, this sounds familiar).  Then, as a neat trick, the call will be automatically switched to T-Mobiles network after said Blackberry user is outside of their Wi-Fi network’s range.  T-Mobile “will charge a flat monthly fee on top of cellular rates,” all in an effort to persuade business customers to cut the cords on their landlines (and save money while doing it).  Tell us what you think about this feature in the comments!


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  • TerryinDTW

    This would be great if they did it for residential customers too.

  • mikeeeee

    yo terry.

    go to t-mo’s phone page.

    select wifi calling and see the phones they have available.

    we’ve been using samsung katalysts for almost a year and a half now and they rock out here in wifionly tennessee.

    only costs 10 bucks a month for unlimited wifi calling.

    i can’t wait ’til they finally come out with an android with this feature.

  • typical blog commenter

    chords are groups of musical notes. cords are something you can attach to an object.

  • Andrew

    Hehe Tmobile @Work?

  • bill

    Combined with BB MVS this is a very good idea.

  • Very happy with TMO

    How is this new? Access to any unsecured or secured network with the TMO HotSpot calling service allows me WiFi calls without using plan minutes. I use 6,000 minutes a month on my 1,000 minute plan and only using 300 minutes per month are against my plan. I’ve been doing this for over a year with my Blackberry.

    I also have TMO@Home and did cut the cord on my home landline ($10/month vs. $56/month). All the minutes I can use without overages on TMO@Home.

  • SardoNumspa

    I think they may have a problem given that fact that many corporate networks actively block IPsec connections for security reasons.

    This will require the network admins allow IPsec to T-Mo’s servers.

    I have tried to make use of T-Mo support for setting up UMA calling before, and from a network admin standpoint, they leave much to be desired.

  • Roger

    What is amazing is that they charge $10 for UMA calling for all lines on a family plan (ie one charge of $10 not $10 per line). Also tested it recently over a satellite connection and it actually worked!

  • FILA

    They need to progress with this feature. Any phone with wifi should be capable of doing this, you pull in more phones, you pull in more sales. Right now your stuck with some crappy phones no one wants to use for unlimited calling, unless your not in for the tech savy stuff.

  • Isn’t this just UMA which we have had for a while?

    what I want them to do is allow Wifi calling outside of the US without charging roaming fees. So then when I’m travelling if I am connecting via wifi I can call someone in the US without roaming charges. Then we would have something. I would even pay more per month for this service.
    Also I could sell this to my company and switch a ton of users that have verizon and At&T over to tmobile based on this.

  • worldtraveler

    Jelly, are you sure they charge roaming for WiFi calls abroad? I just returned from a summer overseas and didn’t see anything unusual on my bill, I just turned off Mobile Network on my BB 8120 and left WiFi on and made calls only when connected to UMA. Hopefully I’m not in for a slamming when they figure out their mistake!

  • a dealer

    world traveller. you are correct. with wifi, exact location cannot be determined and so as far as they are concerned, any call made with uma/wifi is free, as long as you have the plan. and you are doing it the right way by turning off your mobile network. i have seen people with huge bills because they left it on an thought they were using uma but were in fact using towers.