Who Wants More N900?

There are some truly lucky people on this industry, and the people over at PhoneScoop fall into that category.  Ignoring all this Android hubbub, they sought out the best of the best in mobile communication devices.  I’m talking, of course, about the Nokia N900 phone, mobile computer, all in one and almighty gadget.  Highlights of the device include an amazing ability to multitask, a Mozilla browser with full flash (the real deal, not flash lite), a sweet home panel system, fully function phone (I know there were some doubts and questions about that) and all around awesomeness (size aside).  Don’t let me ruin it for you, go forth and enjoy the video ( notice the carrier it is running on) and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • RW

    A sales rep at my local T-mobile store claimed that they won’t get the N900 until February 2010. I hope she is was misinformed and it arrives this year!

    • Andrew

      I’ve seen reps that don’t know much about upcoming phones, and honestly, their job doesn’t require them to know anything about upcoming phones (at least outside of 1 month in the future). So its not uncommon for them to be mistaken.

  • LaNsLyDe

    lol @ “special sites where you go to pay for media” lol, made my night.

  • Dragon

    I am a rep and we know nothing about upcoming phones. T-mobile is hush hush about their new release for the most part. I get more out of surfing the web and checking out this website than I do from T-Mobile on supposedly upcoming phones. Thanks TMONEWS!!!

  • acsteffy87

    give it a capacitive screen and i am sold 100%. i hope google is looking at this and taking notes, i love the panoramic desktop

  • yey

    I’m getting this phone done deal.

  • A Nokia rep went to our store a couple of days ago and told us T-Mobile was not getting this phone. Do we know 100% that we are?

  • MsSensational

    The N900 is killing the cliq…I was going to get the Cliq, but I think I’ve changed my mind now. This phone has it all.

  • mikeeeee

    anyone want to buy a nokia 9500?

    one careful owner, low mileage, just been back and forth to church.

    i’ve had twice as many updates for my g-1 than i ever had for my 9500.

    once it leaves the factory they forget about it and you too.

    i also have a USA spec e-70, i got 2 good years out of that one.

    my g-1 keeps getting updated and hopefully there will be a TMO android with UMA shortly.

  • dave

    the video shows T-mobile on the N900 screen, what does that mean?

  • Scott

    I am also a t-mobile rep and I talked to the Nokia rep Monday and he said we are not getting this phone. Has this phone gone through FCC approval? He just had his tmo sim in the phone. Does not mean tmo will be getting this phone.

  • Marc

    @Dave It means what we already know, it runs on t-mobile’s 3G frequencies. What it doesn’t mean and I hope it will mean soon is that it will be subsidized by T-Mobile.

  • Andrew

    Exactly, the phone will run on T-Mobile’s 3G, which is news in my book when it comes to unlocked phones. As far as coming to T-Mobile as a subsidized phone, well, there have been rumblings.

  • Chuong

    I will definitely get this phone after it’s released in the US. However I would wait for real world reviews and initial price drop. I want to max out the TP2 before buying this phone.

  • Sonny

    Can not wait any longer for this phone. Everything I have heard and read about this device is fantastic. Hopefully it live up to the hipe when its released to everyone.

  • playthecharade

    If this drops down to at least $350 through tmo at best buy, im all over it; My curiosity in android/moto cliq will just have to wait till im sick of Maemo.
    Which seems unlikely from all the coverage this thing is getting haha

  • umaluver

    To the “reps” stating what nokia told them, iirc, anyone from Nokia is under a very strict NDA about where this phone is going and when. Could you imagine the sh*t storm that would be unleashed if TMO is trying to fire up this CLIQ with motorola and then nokia reps start spewing the details on the N900 months before an announcement? cmon.

  • Bobomo

    Both T-Mo and Nokia have reasons to keep any future dealings under wraps: T-Mo is pushing the CLiQ, and even though they aren’t in the same class of devices IMO, they are still both QWERTY slider touchscreens running a Linux-based OS. Nokia meanwhile, is actively trying to sell this thing, so why would they say “Yeah, sure, go ahead and wait 4 months to get it cheaper, that’s cool with us”?

    For those interested, Amazon is now doing pre-orders on this phone for $589, although it lacks the free BT headset that Nokia was throwing in.

  • Kershon

    Bobomo I agree. If T-Mo announced the N900 you would have to search real hard for a buyer for the CLIQ. I talked to a T-Mo customer service rep a couple days ago and she told me that T-Mobile was going to have the N900 but would not elaborate.

  • Sector43

    I do not want this phone to be subsidized by Tmobile. I have already bought this and I DO NOT want to pay 25 for the same data that I pay $5 now. DO NOT BRING THIS TO T-MOBILE SUBSIDIZE PERIOD.
    Do your own math $5 Vs %25
    for 2 years
    $5 X 24 = $120.
    $25 x 24 = $600.
    You are saving $480 on a 2 year period.
    Do all us a favor and quit whining about high sales tag on the phone.
    If you look closely then you can tell that over the 2 year that you pay for data plan to Tmobile with the same price you can get the phone now, so basically its free.
    How hard is that?

  • RW

    Does Nokia have a market similar to Android for downloading apps and games?

  • RW

    and will the N900 be able to take advantage of the faster(HSPA+) speeds being added to T-mobile’s network?

  • Apparently the n900 isnt going to be tmo branded. It has passed the fcc to contain the proper frequencies for our edge/3g but it will not be sold by tmobile. This straight from a nokia reps mouth while at our call center. He is very positive of this, this is the same guy who i have known for 4 years and has always been right on previous releases.

    sad day.

  • Joe

    can u tether this bad boy to ur labtop and get net ???

  • Tom

    A nokia rep also informed us t-mobile is not getting this phone. In fact it is going to be released strictly as an unlocked item.

  • nokiabrock

    To: SECTOR43

    I have had that question for a long time and never could get a straight answer. What is the difference between the Tmobile $5 data plan. And the $25 data plan. It looks to me Tmo make you pay $25 extra for all smart phone data plans. And the $5 data plan is an add-on for standard style phones.

    So what Sector43 is saying is that if you have a standard Tmo voice plan with the added $5 data plan that you are currently using on a standard-style phone and placed its sim card in the un-branded N900 you would get full 3G unlimited data coverage at the cheaper price.

    If that’s true. It would be a huge savings. I find it hard to believe Tmo would allow such a loop-hole to exist.

  • remister

    Only once Tmobile finds out that you are doing this will change you to the correct data plan. Usually these devices are T-Mobile phone with IMEI, so they can track you. Since N900 is branded, they might not find out.
    I am not sure about the connection speed on the $5.99 plans.

  • SEFan

    Wow! That is one honkin’ big device. But man, talk about capable. This impresses me more than any of the 3G smartphones T-Mobile has deigned to bring out themselves. I suppose this shouldn’t surprise me, since I’ve always thought that T-Mo’s choice in handsets has been lame.

    Anyway, If T-Mo bring it, I’m in. In fact, I may have to get this one anyway if I want to stay on T-Mobile. So far none of the Android sets they’ve launched is cutting it for me.

  • batman26

    How about the blackberry 9700? I like nokia. But blackberry is the way to go.

  • Akulamenuri

    I was going to get a 9700 but the I hate Blackberry web browsers (Currently have a Curve running Opera). A Mozilla based browser on the n900 sounds amazing but I also like the Android OS and the direction pad that is on the Cliq makes it a great choice for running game emulators on. Im sad if the n900 is really going to be unlocked only.

  • howardtheduck

    as a rep for tmobile… we know NOTHING about this phone coming to our network.. and people who say nokia reps told them this or that.. dont know anything either. Not only are nokia reps not told anything, but if in the case they do hear something they arent allowed to say it for risk of losing the job. That said, i pray to god t-mobile gets this phone and doesnt screw it up with the “customizing “

  • rw

    The Motorola Cliq has the same processor as the G1, and Mytouch. As a G1 owner, it’s quite slugglish and down right slow! Until T-mobile gets an Android phone with a beter processor such as the 1Ghz snapdragon ones, I would WAIT on an android phone. RAM/ROM needs to be dramatically increased also.

  • Bratag

    Already pre ordered. I am so tired of the g1’s speed and yes I know there are some “slightly” faster android phones coming out soon, but as a dev this platform just has so many more possibilities and I wont have to deal with the android API/Java.

  • RW

    Bratag! You’re done developing for Android? Say it ain’t so! I’ll have to follow you over to Nokia. Will you be developing for Nokia’s market?

  • Bratag

    No and yes :)

    I will still be maintaining my apps and probably crank out a new one once in a while. I will be coding for maemo ( the new os for nokia) as soon as I can get a handle on it :)

  • Lester: Hello, welcome to Nokia. I am a Nokia Sales Representative, may I assist you finding a device today?

    You: I’m actually in between on this device the Nokia N900 for one reason and one reason only. I know it is available in US however will it work on T-Mobile USA?

    Lester: Yes! The N900 will work on T-Mobile, it’s the first phone that supports T-Mobiles 3G! May I ask who I’m speaking with today?

    You: My name is Robert and that is good news. Second question…right now it is only available for Pre-Order, how soon can I expect my device if I purchase today. For example, when will the device leave Pre-Order status and actually ship here in the US? I am in Texas if that helps.

    Lester: The N900 should be shipping at the end of the month.

    You: Is that confirmed? Like a actually shipping date? Or is that tentative? If so how soon can I expect my device if I do order today?

    Lester: If you do order today, we are expecting orders to ship out at the end of the month. I don’t have an exact date. If you do preorder, it does come with free standard shipping and a bluetooth headset for free.

    You: Ok and would you have detailed phone specs or no?

    You: Colors the device will come in? Is it just black or is white an option as well?

    Lester: It’s only in black.

    You: Now for phone specs? Digital Talk Time?

    Lester: Click here for the N900 specs.

    You: I looked andn I dont see digital talk time

    Lester: It does not have information on talk time, you are looking at around 9 hours for battery life.

    You: Does that vary on the network being used? For example will that decrease on a 3G network?

    Lester: I don’t have the exact number, but it should be around there.

    You: What do you have specifically that you can tell or inform me of that I do not already know from the Nokia site or forums on the world wide web?

    Lester: The information that I’m providing you is from our website.

    You: Alright. I know you work for Nokia and technically you are not supposed to downplay the device, but how would you rate this device in terms to the iPhone 3GS?

    Lester: Thank you for waiting. I’ll be with you in just a moment.

    You: Ok…

    Lester: If you were looking for a new device that runs on another Operating System based on Linux, the N900 would be a great choice.

    You: That just gives me information I already know, in comparison to the iPhone 3GS how would you rate it?

    Lester: I’m not a big fan of apple products. I would give the phone a 4 out of 5. It’s better and faster than the N97.

    You: I’m really not trying to be bothersome but I sell cell phones so I’m pretty tech savy when it comes to them I just want a little more information besides what I am seeing. Does it freeze? Are the first orders being sent out beta versions to get all the kinks out? Should I wait and order a month or so after the initial stock hasa been sent, etc?

    You: *has

    You: What kind of return policy does Nokia have in regards to this device? If I am unhappy is there some type of money back guarantee within so many days?

    Lester: It’s up to you, it is a new phone. I don’t have further information on how stable the OS is.

    Lester: Our 30-day Satisfaction Guarantee and our 7-day Money Back Guarantee allow you to return equipment purchased online within the timeframe of the guarantee. A15% restocking fee will apply to all returns, other than product that is deemed as defective.

  • ncijake

    no one could have possibly told u that they are not aloud to release info like that. All signs point to an eventual release for tmobile, why else would make it compatible with the best 3g network (sorry verzion users) in the u.s.
    why would you want the mobile web and not the smart phone internet on the n900?
    That is just ridiculous. Besides if it comes out on tmobile i have a feeling since nokia is not a strictly smartphone company, like samsung, you would not be required to get a data plan as you are with blackberry and htc phones. you could just use tthe wi-fi.Oh, and have you seen the new project dark? If not u should check it out especially for people who plan on just getting this phone already. no contract unlimited everything(minutes, texting, and smartphone internet) for 79.99. Just something to think about.
    And if only android could get that 1ghz snapdragon processor sigh…..
    Btw yes i do work for tmobile and a proud customer for three years. :)

  • haya all great that no one knows much about anything as no one wants to tell or they just dont know

    so here in ireland we dont get anything the n900 is now out in england on vodafone o2
    every network mostly right

    but we dont even have a date when its coming out in ireland
    called every network and need getting “””emmm dont know what that is im looking it up but there is noting not even a woopzzz some-one fucked up big time or blue screen eg (cross bones)””””

    so if anyone has any info would u be so kinda as to pass it on
    thanks a mill…….

  • Vinny

    Great device, supports full flash, multi task like a mother on it, doesn’t have the snap dragon processor but it doesn’t need it. Shows you when a phone is put together right and all the hardware works right together then that’s all that matters. Using the BB 9700 for a year now and love it but i has to get me one of these them dere crazy ass phones to search the web, watch all my videos and basicly have fun with. This phone rocks. Many people give it a bad rap because it lacks the snapdragon but put this phone next to any phone with the snap dragon processor and this phone will blow it out of the water. I’m getting one. Was going to get the HTC HD but want the Android instead. Come on T-Mobile grab it so I don’t have to shell out $500.00