A Little More Confirmation


While we aren’t selling this as 100% concrete, the boys over at Boygenius are lending a little more credence to our pre-sale/release date for the Motorola Cliq. BoyGenius is calling for a November 11th date, which perfectly sides with our Oct 19th pre-sale date and 3 week to ship timeframe. On the other side of things, they are also calling for the same drop date for the Blackberry 9700. Our ninjas pegged this as a first week in November drop date, but the 11th works as well if Boygenius pans out to be right. If both phones drop the same day, that’s going to make one hell of a day for T-mobile employees and even if they drop right around each other, it’s just more for T-mobile fans to rejoice about come holiday gift shopping.  As the end of the month approaches, we hope to hear a little more as promised from T-mobile regarding Cliq launch details so anyone pining for this device need only wait a little longer before they can mark that calendar. Either way, start saving your pennies now boys and girls!


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  • anthony

    hpoefully its free

  • Galen20K

    Both are Very Nice additions

  • PSU247

    My mom went to the TMobile store a few days ago to get a new phone. She called me today and told me that they have a price tag on the Cliq. I think she said 140 for a 2 year contract

  • it’s exciting to see T-Mobile slowly stepping up with these new phones…can’t wait to see what they have in mind for a new version of the G1 (with a keyboard please)…

    Anxiously waiting more information about that one Tmonews…

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