Galaxy Lite Shows Itself, Again…

It sure is shaping up to be an exciting holiday season, especially for Android.  While we wait for the Cliq, you can feast your eyes on the Samsung Galaxy Lite (in a new color scheme and everything).  This Samsung Android phone is looking pretty good and I’m digging the accents.  The listed specs are as follows:

  • 3.0? WQVGA TFT Touchscreen
  • 3.2 megapixel camera
  • Android OS 1.5
  • Google Apps and Android Market
  • Bluetooth 2.0,
  • USB 2.0
  • WiFi
  • 3G – HSDPA
  • Edge – GPRS
  • Touchwiz
  • Accelerometer
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • Memory 200MB internal and MicroSD card (up to 32G)
  • GPS

The specs say Touchwiz, but the pictures show vanilla Android; however, I have it on good word that this will have a variant of Touchwiz (which should be more like Sense, or Blur than Touchwiz) and will be blessing T-Mobile in the future.  Head past the break for another picture and don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!


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  • frofro

    The Behold and Memoir are the best cameraphones ive used in ever. If this had UMA, flash, and a bigger internal memory. This would be my next phone. I love/hate my Behold!!

  • nsewspeak

    Oh man I know ts trvial but I totally want a phone with Just an android logo on the back

  • Ritchie

    Ill wait for the Moto Cliq, thank you very much

  • LW

    3.0 inch screen is just too small. I need a screen larger than G1/MyTouch.

  • Russ

    no amoled, .5in smaller, crappy camera…thanks samsung! you made my next android decision easier! it’s now between the Cliq and the Pulse…

  • Azralag

    I like the orginal look of the Galaxy, this thing looks ugly.. What ARE YOU DOING SAMSUNG!>!!>?

  • branon

    G1 and mytouch 3.2″
    Cliq 3.1″
    Galaxy 3″


  • FILA

    another crappy Sammy, these look like toys, i mean look at the screen on those, looks like a piece of paper behind a plastic window

    • Andrew

      I guess it needs to be said, those are dummy screens. I would bet that those are actually dummy phones, to show the product. So yes, it is a piece of paper behind a plastic window.

  • Ohgami

    The Black looks good to me but sadly no AMOLED= no buy.

  • joe

    Looking fantastic! A real bummer about the delay though… Am I the only one who is really hoping to put vanilla Android on this thing? I’d rather get my updates directly from the G, instead of waiting for the company to update it. Or worse, the device suddenly becomes not profitable, and well, you know what happens to software on a unsupported device…


    Memory 200MB internal and MicroSD card (up to 32G)?

    Uh….iPhone have 32GB storage capacity for running apps.Can you run your Android apps from a microSD card?

    Needless to say but why buy a phone for the same price as a competitor just so I can them spend more money to reach the same capacity. Guys can you please make an Android phone worth buying instead of dumping more crap into the market. Cliq, G1, myTouch, and every other Android phone is the same garbage wrapped in a different crappy shell. Make a handset that seperates you from the others. If not…..don’t bother making the crap at all.
    Environmental waste at it’s finest.

  • yey

    Im not really diggin the way this one looks to the european version i qould prefer the european version to this one anyday

  • James

    Im sorry but this Sammy looks really lame. What up with the Galaxy? It passed the FCC awhile ago, with Tmo 3G bands..yet Tmo is thinking about picking this up? Seems like another Magic instead of the Hero dumb@ss move by Tmo..and once again you wonder why we still are in the 4th position among national carriers.

    P.S unless this is brillant move by Tmo and we will get BOTH phones ala the Behold and Memoir..if that’s happens, than that would be the $hit.

  • Dave

    i rather get the samsung i7500 Galaxy because Galaxy has AOMLED screen!!! AOMLED screen is so much better than any phones out there in the market amazing display!!! and also, i7500 has 5 mega pixel with flash plus bigger internal memory!! i wonder if US T-Mobile is going to get this galaxy lite or galaxy i hope both so we have more variety of phones can anybody confirm this?? if we’re getting galaxy, galaxy lite or both???

  • SEFan

    I’m with Dave and James: where’s the original Galaxy?! I have wads of currency self-combusting in my pocket, just waiting for the Galaxy to show…


    WHERES MY TRACKBALL!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jmts80

    Yawn! zzzzzzzzz…. Wake me up when T-mobile gets the N900

  • RC

    “Yawn! zzzzzzzzz…. Wake me up when T-mobile gets the N900”

    You’ll be asleep for quite while then. I’d rather have the N900 stay unlocked anyway.

  • Ajay Chawan

    I agree that a Galaxy without an AMOLED screen is a deal breaker. According to the TMo store manager who had a conversation with a Samsung rep, TMo will NOT be getting the Galaxy. I have been looking at unlocked phones and have found a few places that carry it. Hopefully the price will come down to something reasonable when these other phones hit the market.

  • Miguel

    Another garbage phone. No flash. Small screen and non-AMOLDED. Small amount of internal memory. Probably uses the same 528Mhz Qualcomm processor as all the others.

    What’s new here?

    Meanwhile the iPhone continues to mock all Android phones with its superior hardware.

    Why can’t a company just clone the iPhone, rip the Apple OS out of it, put Android in, and sell it for $400.00?