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While we wait for the pre-order date and availability date, how about some impressions from lucky people (or just rewatch all those videos).  This specific review, however, is actually for the DEXT, but they are essentially the same phone (is anyone complaining?).  Katherine, over at T3, was lucky enough to get some time with the Cliq sibling and she seems rather impressed by it, even calling it a “new dawn” for Motorola.  She goes on to say that it is a “rock-solid” performer, extremely customizable, fast, and great for social networkers.  Head past the break for a quick run down (if you are strapped for time) or head on over to T3 to read the whole thing.  Don’t forget to leave your thoughts in the comments!



The good

Motoblur: Motorola’s combination of user interface and social service seems to be the winner. They say the widgets that allow you to customize the home screen are useful and quick, always updating live. For example, there is a messaging widget show the latest mails or texts right on the home screen, as they come in. The news widget collects information from several RSS at the same time.

“Happenings”: It is the most interesting widget-connects to social networking sites and puts all status updates together in one single feed. It’s not without problems, though, as it shows the updates from all your Facebook friends. You know, all the 457 you really don’t know at all.

Contact book: Apparently, the address books collects information—addresses, emails, phones, photos, status, birthdays, dates, events—from all your contacts, adding the latest info from the social sites you are connected to. This sounds rather cool, as it seems you won’t have to update your contact book ever again.

The bad

The hardware quality: It doesn’t seem very good, according to them. Apart from the boring design, the touchscreen is “occasionally hit-and-miss,” and the phone feels cheap. The 320×480 screen quality is good, however.

QWERTY Keyboard: The physical keyboard isn’t good. Bad layout, and not enough spring keep them going back to the virtual one, which is accurate and feels good.


Despite the bad points, Katherine seems happy with the Motorola Cliq, saying it’s a “rock-solid” performer, extremely customizable, fast, and great for social networkers. Go read her full review at T3.

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  • playthecharade

    Im extremely excited for this phone now, the price has me holding my breath though…

  • big12

    Should be 199.99 same as the MyTouch 3g

  • Vince

    Sounds like one should be excited if MOTO software team gets acquired because the company doesn’t know how to make a phone anymore. Cheap feel? Poor design? It’s time to outsource production, folks.

  • Red

    It’s nice, they need to release it next month instead of November.

  • TheViper

    Sounds like same ol same ol moto to me… re: hardware quality :(

  • edd

    i heard the keyboard was ok… not the best but decent?

  • B

    What I heard and read on CNET is that the hardware feels great, and the keyboard has a very good feel. Interesting. I’m planning on getting this, so I’ll have to handle it myself first.

  • Jose

    I never beleive any of this reviews. I always go check it out myself when it comes out and review it myself…

  • Chris

    Reviews are smuck now and days. You have to keep in mind she’s human and has an opinion. People said that the cupcake keyboard for the g1 was a good keyboard, I pesonally think it’s garbage, but the slide out qwerty is great.(for me) Jose said it best go review it yourself and then decide if you want the phone… I’m all for anything android… If you like the UI and the style your hands will adjust to the keyboard just a small detail. The g1 in black and in white look like toys but grows on you(i have the bronze). The phone looks great to me (will get it for my wife so i can play with it). It’s great step for moto and looks to be a solid seller. People want a phone that’s rock solid, best keyboard, best UI ever, fully customizable, 4g compatable, wifi, edge, 3g, free apps, 10mgp camera w/ xenon flash, on donut, sense, blur, and all under 100 dollars….come on you have to compensate somewhere.

  • David

    I just hope that Motorloa has corrected software issues that have hurt them in the past ie; phone powering itself off, screen going black, displaying “invalid battery” when using the battery it came with, displaying “unable to charge” for no reason, screen getting lnes across it and many other issues. I lke the look and reviews of the device but am leary of investing in one until they have been out fir a while to see if any issues arise. Every Moto phone I have owned has had issues like I described but I like Motorola because of the great call quality I have always had.