T-mobile considering free Gmail?

Listen, I’m a google fanatic, gmail, gcal andreader are tools that run my day. Having access to them is all but essential for me to operate this site along with keeping track of tonights premiere of Heroes!!! With that in mind I came across this CNN article a few minutes ago and the idea is intriguing. Clearly we chalk this up to rumor only for the moment but nothing can be ruled out. While ad-supported email will intrigue some because a low cost or no cost offering is great and a competitive advantage against the likes of Verizon and AT&T. Thankfully the article points out exactly what I thought when I first saw the headline, T-mobile risks cannibalizing a portion of their steady blackberry income for customers who will love the idea of “free email.” Would that be a lot of customers? That’s anybodies guess but T-mobile has always been known as a low cost carrier and free, well there is nothing less expensive than free. I bet you all knew that already! Personally, I hate the idea of ad supported anything on my mobile, especially the likes of email and browsing, I want immediate access to my information and I don’t want to stick around while some girl tells me I just won a “free ipod nano.”

Its a short but interesting read.


  • Alex

    I really like what Tmobile has been doing as a company. I used to not like it but more and more I have grown to actually love it. I have a whole lot less dropped calls that I ever had on AT&T and the only real times its an issue is when I am driving through a wooded area in Houston. Just out of curiosity. Since I am along here with fellow Tmo lovers. With the announcement of these things happening tomorrow. Would it be worth looking into buying some of their stock?

  • Alex

    Had to ask, sorry for it being off topic.

  • joemamma


  • Ty

    Being curious myself, and having been considering it over the past few days, I would say that it is safe to assume T-Mobile stock will increase in worth. Taking into account all the hype about it over the past year or so, I would think that it is going to sell well. The only potential problem that I see is if the phone is a total flop and is a huge dissapointment; then T-Mobile stock is going to go wayyy down.

    But from the way things look right now, I would say that T-Mobile is on their way up in worth, as well as in being a superb cell provider.

  • bobby

    I wouldn’t mind free email if it meant I just had to have see and little advertising. Now if there would be free web browsing, I would be extremly happy. :)

  • Topcat

    What a crock. Wouldn’t you say that almost everyone getting an Android phone is already going to be getting (or already have) a data plan? Even the 5.99 plan includes “free” e-mail. This is just one of those things that sounds great but isn’t as generous as it might seem.

    (Well, really I AM a Tmo fan. Just pointing out the obvious.)

  • Paul

    This headline and story was very unclear to me until I read the article. Headline should be “T-Mobile consider free GMail ACCESS”

  • tim

    I am a blackberry user and my primary email is from gmail. i have the usual hotmail, yahoo and aol email address as well

  • SteveT

    It could be done along the lines of one of those schemes (no negative connotation intended) that Salon dot com did a while back. You get service but have to look at ads. If you don’t want the ads, you can pay a yearly or monthly premium to be ad free. What a great idea, and it would be a quid pro quo, not a spam txt thing like others have proposed.

  • John

    If they have their own “Google Apps for Enterprise” domain, something like gmail.t-mobile.com or something (or move their tmo-mail service onto said google apps domain), then they could not only give you free email/calendar/docs/etc, but they could give it to you without advertising. It costs like $80/yr for each account to go ad-free, but you can do it.

    So, T-Mobile could just pass on the cost to you. Something like $7/mo for ad-free t/g-mail account, or free for ad-subsidized t/gmail account. They might even be able to offer it for less than $7/mo if you consider what they currently pay, internally, to support the current t-mobile email accounts. If it’s $7/mo or more, then they could pay for the ad-free part themselves and pocket the difference in costs.

  • timmyjoe42

    This is only for the HTC, right?

  • Will Robinson

    Many of T-Mobiles phones already offer an email plan that you do not need a data plan for. The email works via sms. Such as with the Samsung Blast, you only pay for the sms, or if you have a sms plan….

  • “…T-mobile risks cannibalizing a portion of their steady blackberry income for customers who will love the idea of “free email.”

    Maybe, but the benefits outweigh the risks. If you can offer gmail access for free, and the competition can’t, who’s going to get that customer and their 1-year contract? T-mobile already knows that data service is cheap. If they limit it to ONLY gmail.com the amount of data being used is minimal, especially on their brand new 3G network that’s rolling out everywhere. This is a great idea on T-mobile’s part.

  • A S

    This doesn’t quite compute. It means you can get an Android phone without a data plan? Wouldn’t you be sacrificing about 90% of the goodness of Android by not getting a data plan?

  • joey

    this is to get peoples mouth wet and a taste of a data plan. See people here in the states dont got realy any clue(today is much better than before, but still) of data plan an the great advantage of info in the palm of ur hand, because they dont see the value. Offering free data access for google service, will create that need of more and build value to the consumer market ;) 3G release makes it the best time.

  • SiliconAddict

    I already created a xxxxxx.tmobile@gmail.com with the intention of using it as my mobile a-mail account. :-D

  • me2

    A couple things are confusing to me. #1, reading the words on this page imply that it IS “available in all stores within 3G boundary area”. so can I buy this tomorrow? or should it read “will be available at some point”? #2 What does “open system” mean; can I run software meant for plam OS or pocket PC Windows on it? little help please?