First images leak from G1 Announcement website!

Make sure to watch tomorrow!! Until the morning enjoy the first leaked pics!



Awesome job Mark925 and Knoxploration for their investigative skills!

  • brian-y

    David na you joking with me lol that cant be . yes yes yes 1st

  • Orlando Reyes

    You know, if you post the links to the website, you don’t need to put a watermark on your photo. People will just take it off the site without your watermark.

  • Paul

    You will be mine!

  • brian-y

    @ Orlando click the links no water mark on the pics

  • Tucker

    =] im in love

  • Orlando Reyes

    @ Brian-y
    That is what I mean. It is pointless to put a water mark because someone could take those pics without the watermark.

  • brian-y

    my backround pic

  • brian-y

    @ Orlando sorry little slow and tired

  • David

    Sorry links on the blog removed, links on the forum removed…

  • rommel

    please tmo-nokia n-series?,buying them unlocked is killing me!

  • Just noticed the MyFaves shortcut on the top left-hand corner in one of the pictures.

    I wonder if it will be a small stand-alone application developed by T-Mobile? If so, what does that mean for all of T-Mobile’s other services, will we see more applications from them? And how much will they be controlling the OS itself? I guess only tomorrow will tell!

  • WazzuKirk

    THAT is a great looking phone.

  • mrsgi

    I really want a brown one

  • I jeezzed on my self!

  • Rhage

    I’m sorry, but this is a crappy looking piece of hardware, that is just my opinion; y’all are entitled to yours. I will wait and spend my money on an unlocked HTC Touch HD and load the ported Android OS once xda-developers create it. I have a HTC Prophet that on first glance doesn’t look too different from this phone and my Prophet is ancient by most standards!

  • Chris Meyers

    LOL You aint ever going to see Holden on this site ever again. He’s gone like Hoffa. HAHAHA

  • SoTacMatt

    It don’t have to be pretty for me, it just has to be.

  • Galen20K

    I am Sooooo HAppy Right now!!!!

    Even MOre once I get this SexyNess in my hands!!!!!

    – D

  • Darrell

    This has gotta be the laziest design from HTC. Im still getting the phone. Just a little disappointed.

  • silk7

    This is why we are here!!!!!
    thanks guys for all you do !!!!!

  • This looks nice, I think I want!, I want the white one thou

  • Tucker

    im disappointed too but i still think its not that bad and ill get it in december!

  • Tmobile2lyfe


  • Chris Meyers

    I like it a lot by the way. Kinda looks like an iPhone with a flip out keyboard. Rounded and everything.

  • T1 Connect

    (drooling homer simpson style)aaaagggggghhhhhh

  • B.

    Holden was such a drug addict. I don’t know who he thought he was fooling. He’s probably just a 14 year old kid that just learned the internet can do things besides halo 3. I’m soooo stoked. I can’t wait for tomorrow, I heard that androidguys is doing a live webcast. Is that true?

  • marc

    Well I have to say that the only way I get this phone is after playing around with it, no way do I see myself buying this without testing it first.

  • J-Hop2o6

    just wait for the OFFICIAL report 2marro…

  • Greg

    Hope it’s good; looks a bit like… well… yeah.

  • compu1

    WOW, the day we all been waiting for

  • Nathan

    iphone… you suck. now an actual smartphone that embraces its users and doesn’t alienate them with simple one touch commands. open source was such a good idea. not only because the diversity it allows software developers to experience while writing apps for this phone but open source creates just platform for what is to be the most versatile OS ever. you don’t like this design?? that’s fine. when the independent SDK is released put it on your touch, pro or S740. any phone that has the appropriate processor and correct amount of memory. yay!

  • me2

    A couple things are confusing to me. #1, reading the words on this page imply that it IS “available in all stores within 3G boundary area”. so can I buy this tomorrow? or should it read “will be available at some point”? #2 What does “open system” mean; can I run software meant for plam OS or pocket PC Windows on it? little help please?

  • carlito

    How the hell you use that thing….does it open up like the sidekick..I want to see more