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T-mobile considering free Gmail?

Listen, I’m a google fanatic, gmail, gcal andreader are tools that run my day. Having access to them is all but essential for me to operate this site along with keeping track of tonights premiere of Heroes!!! With that in mind I came across this CNN article a few minutes ago and the idea is intriguing. Clearly we chalk this up to rumor only for the moment but nothing can be ruled out. While ad-supported email will intrigue some because a low cost or no cost offering is great and a competitive advantage against the likes of Verizon and AT&T. Thankfully the article points out exactly what I thought when I first saw the headline, T-mobile risks cannibalizing a portion of their steady blackberry income for customers who will love the idea of “free email.” Would that be a lot of customers? That’s anybodies guess but T-mobile has always been known as a low cost carrier and free, well there is nothing less expensive than free. I bet you all knew that already! Personally, I hate the idea of ad supported anything on my mobile, especially the likes of email and browsing, I want immediate access to my information and I don’t want to stick around while some girl tells me I just won a “free ipod nano.”

Its a short but interesting read.

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