Sweet home Chicago!


Chicago, Chicago, my kind of town. Home to the Nations tallest building, the worlds best baseball team and the best hot dogs on earth. Now, you can add 3G services by the best wireless carrier. That’s right Chi-town magenta lovers, September 25th you go live. That’s right, Tuesday you get Android, Thursday you have one more reason to want it.


  • Orlando Reyes

    The 25th is Thursday.

  • Orlando Reyes

    Nevermind read it wrong continue what you were doing.

  • rahul

    Guys, someone please explain to me how a city as big and as popular as LOS ANGELES does NOT have tmob 3g yet? it makes no sense to me whatsoever…someone help me understand why one of the most popular cities in the world does not have tmob 3g yet????/

  • TomCruise


  • Galen


    Cangrats Chi Town>>>>

    Very Nice indeed!

    – D

  • Galen

    Rahul, thats because Los Angeles doesn’t deserve to get it first, Sorry!!!!

    – P

  • curlin31

    Well I’ll be damned, this is great news.

  • The 3rd Largest City finally gets 3G yea baby now bring on the G1 and Im ready to go My Kinda town Chicago is!!!!!!!!! Chi-City Stand up for T-Mo

  • I love Chicago

  • cyberjr

    because LA need the most lovin and they are working east to west sort of. plus i have heard that la is needs more attention with network/marketing etc. i remember a few years back they ran a music promotion with there phones and realized how crazy expensive it was. lessons learned.

  • T1 Connect

    can someone tell me why tmo 3g is going to be better than the rest. cause i keep hearing that from people.

  • se30chris


  • TmoChicago

    OMG i just wet my pants i can’t believe it we have 3g thursday and the Dream tuesday this is the best news since the curve came out last year. Tuesday was my birthday wish this would have happened last week but tmboile ran a week late for gifts but i take

  • Nathan

    Sweet!!! so when do we actually get the g1, or do we not know that yet

  • sam

    love them cubbies :)

  • center rep

    lA Prob hasn’t cleared fcc. they do need to clear the spectrum blame the govt. tmo is late cause of them. can’t get mad that the carrier spent more than 4 billion on spectrum and govt makes them look bad

  • smoku

    hell yes :PPP

  • Tucker

    will this mean i get 3g here in milwaukee or is it too far?

  • iancdp

    t1connect the reason why it’s better is because it uses a different frequency 1700. And this allows it to be less clogged up unlike what’s happening to at&t with the iPhone and their frequency being overloaded

  • T1 Connect

    i still dont get it why is it so hard for tmo to use the towers that they already have and make them use 3g. the signal is being broadcasted why cant they just upgrade the signal and give everyone 3g.

  • Reid

    WOOOO!!!! Love it here in Chicago.

    I’m still surprised Sacramento, my home town, is getting 3g… Oh well, Chicago is still better.

  • Lanslyde

    damn i didnt kno we had the best hot dogs.. pizza is off the chain (home runn inn) so r the gyros (greek town) . but newho hell yea1!!! ive been waitin for htis all my life lol

  • TJ

    TMO in the US uses the 1700/2100 frequencies for 3G. They had to wait for various government agencies to clear that spectrum. I’ve heard they had the equipment in place for quite a while. They will leverage their European experience and launch with “3.5G” HSDPA which is considerably faster than 3G UMTS. Time will tell if it’s actually better. I’ve been on almost every carrier and I’ve stuck with TMobile because of their service. I live outside of Seattle and I can count on one hand the number of dropped calls I can blame on TMO. Now we just need a better friggin selection of 3G phones. G1 looks interesting, but would also like to see some of the higher end HTCs as an option (www.htc.com) including the Touch Diamond, Touch 3G, and the Touch HD.

  • edwin

    YES!!!!!i been waiting for it sooo long!
    good and by the way HOME OF The BEST BASEbAll Teams!
    i give credit to the cubbies but c’mon the SOx are doing great too!

  • T1 Connect

    @tj thanks man now i know. down with att again(this time no cingular) love live tmobile. you know nextel is about to be up for grabs tmobile should by them and use the service for ptt only. 3.5g bitchin phones and ptt with great coverage yo verizon would crumble

  • encoreorv

    to confirm was it stated that chi town will be able to purchase (not presale but purchase the g1 this week) if so do u think I could do a charge send from a chi town branch.

  • Pdusk

    Does this mean the Chicago land area or just Chicago? But any way screw baseball LETS GO BEARS! Put in grossman for the love of god kyle sucks Lovie!!!

  • center rep

    nextel iden net causes frequency prob with govt agencies that’s why they are selling it. no I hope tmo does not take. it would be good if we can take sprintpcs network though

  • L3wish

    @Rahul Los Angeles is on the list for 3G maybe by the end of the year or mid october.

    Since Verizon wireles rocks LA and Tmo is behind maybe that’s one of the reasons they have not deploit 3G love there. Cause of the low users

  • TmoChicago

    I’m guessing no one knows if it gonna be a pre-sale or buy we all are going to have to wait til tuesday night to find out when they make the big release party. I’m really hoping that its a buy not a pre-order 3 more long days but its worth the wait.
    CUBS and SOXS world series

  • Mundo

    LA Needs 3G And Yes It Deserves It But Back To Chi-town Woowoo

  • What about the Nation’s Capital!?

    Washington D.C.?

    We need 3G tooooooooooo

  • Ben

    Where is Louisiana’s 3G

  • Ditching my sidekickkkkkkkkkkkkkk and 3g life is good :)

  • mingkee

    I read that the largest Chinatown: San Fran, should be on next row

  • tmorep

    Yes finally Chicago with 3G!!!! I’m so glad its finally coming to us. I thought we should have had it sooner given we a MAJOR city. But I’ll take what I can get since the G1 isn’t out yet so no much to try to mooch off of.

    Question. Since we are all going to buy the G1 and use our new 3g service, does that mean our internet speeds should be really good since not that many people are going to be on the network using 3g?

  • T1 Connect

    heres another question are we going to have an inventory problem with the g1 selling out.

  • encoreorv

    will the htc touch pro unlocked work with tmobile.has any1 heard what’s coming out after the android, I have excepted the design but I’m not in love with. scared of buyers remorse kicking in with the sidekick looking format

  • center rep

    the bold will be available in quarter 4 by christmas. can’t wait .was told my Gm at my center. today

  • Marky Mark

    For the “not so rosy,” facts about LA:

    The 3G deployment has run into a lot of snags during deployment. This involves equipment, engineering and corporate BS all mixed together.

    The biggest challenge is that the LA market will be one of the largest deployments (in terms of square miles) that T-Mobile will launch. They have to cover areas from the SFV to the West Side, Downtown, San Gabriel Valley, Coastal and Inland Orange County and of course most of the Inland Empire.

    The LA deployment is the most challenging and costly of all the regions. When you mix that with all the other BS above, it becomes one big cluster fxxx.

    Mid October is still the goal for the area even though original and somewhat incorrect estimates found their way around the web. Even after the initial rollout, there will still be other phases where the 3G network will be expanded even further into other outlying areas well inland.

  • Gotta love Chicago

  • Steve

    Sept 25th? How is this substantiated? All the current sources suggest October 16th…

  • Anonymous

    Stop being stupid. You cannot buy the g1 on tuesday. It is just rumored to have its official announcement that day by tmo

  • BlueCat

    Wow, I’m way out in the western suburbs, and still 3G all around. Oh, by the way, GO CUBS GO!


  • pbmax

    hey anonymous don’t be ignorant based off of what was stated in this blog it wasn’t a stupid question more so wishful thinking since it was inprint that (Tuesday you get the android).

  • Zac

    the best baseball team on earth? you apparently don’t watch enough baseball…