Screen shots are the best…


Engadget just posted this little goody. While we await Tuesday, revel in the fact that a pre-registration link is available and it is beautiful. Still, I think we should still be planning on a late October launch as recent rumors have discussed. Just four more days, four more days.

Edit: Those sly devels at T-Mobile already took the G1 advert off of Looks like it was just a brief apperance. Do we think it was a mistake, or a well planed publicity stunt? Well we’re not sure, but we do know that if it was a publicity stunt it worked, and if it was a mistake, that guy should get a raise because they got net buzzing with the highly anticipated G1 release. 

Via Engadgetmobile

  • se30chris

    If that screenshot is real, then what Holden said, hmm…isn’t true….Shows that same design again…..

  • diordna

    I was able to sign into and got the welcome screen that showed the G1…It does have the caveat “screen and device images are simulated”…

  • John

    The link is gone now..not sure what happened. I was too late to see it. Mabye it was put up by mistake or maybe just to teese us about it.

  • Tammy

    Awww I missed the the link – i never saw the welcome screen, it just shows my boring old “my t-mobile page” lol. Can’t wait for Tuesday!!!

  • DennGir

    Link does not appear when I log into tmobile either. Maybe there is no love for KC MO.

  • SheShe

    I’ve been waitin for this for so long I’m sooo excited I can’t wait to retire my sk3

  • ACE

    I see it.

  • Erick Rios

    You need to sign in to your account, then type the link in the address bar and it will take you there, the link to does not work.

  • T1 Connect

    the link is still there after this part of your account login: add /promotions/welcometemplate.aspx and youll see it

  • Silence

    If you type in the address, after you log into tmobile, that page does show up. If you try clicking the link, it takes you to, which is dead.

  • justinhub2003

    ha it worked! first time i did it, it didnt work or i didnt do it right, this makes me feel a little better the nati (cincinnati) will be getting the dream, oh snizzle bizzle bad mother fizzle.

  • tfan

    Can I view it from my sidekick?

  • sam

    can’t see it… :(

  • Rob

    its real, i just took the web address and it made me log in, took me straight to the page… i just got a boner! (metaphorically)

  • This is funny, when you login and select something like the monthly “scoop” it will take you to the folder “/Promotions/GeneralTemplate.aspx?Asset=Pro_Pro_Scoop” but the address in the screen shot above is all lower case and no URL parameters. Leads me to believe this isn’t a yet published page since the web servers are case sensitive.

  • SheShe

    @tfan I can’t see it from mine :(

  • Galen


    Its Coming SOoner rather than Later yea’>>>>>


  • Daniel

    i’m able to see the picture… and it looks a bit grainy

  • JimDog

    For all those who can’t see it, you have to type in this address after you’ve logged in to

  • T1 Connect

    @sheshe trust me its there i think you have to use ie firefox or safari cause i cant see it with opera. seriously all the info were getting today its been a good day all we ned now is to hear pre-sale baby.

  • tfan

    Check this out possible ad image you guys be the judge

  • thanks jimdog for the link

  • T1 Connect

    i beleive tmo is teasing us cause they took the link off now and replaced it with some crap.

  • marc

    They removed it I saw it earlier and it has now been taken down.

  • SheShe

    Aww I didn’t get to see it yet

  • holden

    PEOPLE its FAKE its a photoshoop pic. MyT doesn’t even have that config anymore.

  • JimDog

    Here’s the pic that WAS on t-mobile’s site:

    See it while it’s still on t-mobile’s servers!!!

  • AK

    Is it targeted? I can’t see it either :(

  • T1 Connect

    holden you said htc came to ur call center and showed the phone around cause i saw the design your referring to almost a year ago they could of revamped it by now

  • just got a call from my guy at t mobile, he said the phone comes out tuesday. we’ll see how true it is.

  • deonte

    i cant see it on mine, is it b.c im out of wisconsin area?

  • The Man

    here is android operating sysytem on “Dream/G1?

  • Neo

    guess they must have got too much traffic on that page and removed it

  • WazzuKirk

    The best part of this whole September 23rd date is that we will get the official announcement of the G1 AND Seattle goes live with 3G (my market)!! Woo hoo!! I’m psyched!

  • Buster

    Not working either, could be regional, I typed the whole url in after loggin in, it does not show it on the top right as it does in this screen shot.

    Their IT could of had it up for a test, so I just marked it as my favorite. Will try it once a day!

  • GreenEyedBandit

    Today was a great day, had a focus meeting with the GM of call center and well surprise. Nothing but android galore, he claims the 23rd of sept will be the launch of device during the conference. Call center is getting a dozen test phones to be trained in but is aware that by time phones arrive, will already be released to public before only meaning that phone will launch ahead of the presumed Oct.14th date. And yes the model shown online is the same phone just smoother.

  • cubs

    Interesting.. the graphic calls it T-Mobile G1 while the name of the gif file is actually ‘kila welcome tout.GIF’. Does this mean that Kila and G1 is actually the same phone??

  • T1 Connect

    i heard over a androidguys that crapple developers are leaving osx for android so we are going to be getting some headbangerboogie apps

  • Juan

    I’m not gonna lie all this anticipation for Tuesday is driving me halfway insane.

  • holden

    # T1 Connect Says:
    September 19th, 2008 at 5:29 pm

    holden you said htc came to ur call center and showed the phone around cause i saw the design your referring to almost a year ago they could of revamped it by now

    i don’t believe i ever said htc. and never said i was in a call center. but that aside as i have mentioned in the other thread the actual phone is the link in my posts. also the above photo of the so called mytmo site is laughable. its a photo shop pic.

  • RE: i don’t believe i ever said htc. and never said i was in a call center. but that aside as i have mentioned in the other thread the actual phone is the link in my posts. also the above photo of the so called mytmo site is laughable. its a photo shop pic.

    And that explains why the link to the actual image on T-mobiles servers 13 posts above your verifies that it is in fact from T-mobile? Here it is again if you missed it:

  • Shawn

    I checked it out and can confirm that the picture above is 100% accurate. That is exactly what was on the site for a brief time period earlier today.

  • T1 Connect

    dud your saying someone hacked into tmobiles computer purposly put a fake pic of the g1 on thier site to mess with the customers only to take it off i think what tmobile was doing was getting the page ready for the phone, put it up on the site to test it and someone caught it and spread it to the whole world. the phone you showed me b4 with the scroll whell looks like it came of the line with the touch cruise not even htc’s style right now. the white phone we saw was in line with what htc is producing right now. if i was a hacker wanting to pull a bad prank i think common sense would take over and tell him this is freakin stupid.

  • markca

    Such a tease! I CAN’T WAIT! :)

  • nick

    Hey if use the link like jason has posted in that is says screen and ” DEVICE” SIMULATED < possible tease with a FALSE one agian :\ GRr just gimmie Please tmobile i beg of u

  • wolfepakt

    i think that holden is a plant. as a tmobile employee his job is to throw false info to confuse bloggers.

  • drivethruboy168

    Alright… It is not photshopped… If it was I wouldn’t have been able to load it up on my iPhone. You have to be logged in on my and then in the address bar put in the link and it should take you there. I called up co workers of mine and they couldn’t load it up on the computer at the retail store. They got the page but it wasn’t showing the “introducing the new T-Mobile G1” so they might have put it down… But I’ll show them tomorrow when I get to work. It’s real… It’s not photoshopped. I work at a retail store soo @holden it’s not photshopped. I pulled it up on the site. If you lived in L.A I would show it to you because it’s not coming off my phone till I can show everyone! TUESDAY I CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  • drivethruboy168

    By the way… I hate my iPhone… It’s more like my iPod touch with a 2 meg camera on it! Don’t use it as a phone… It’s junk for that.

  • drivethruboy168

    well the update is true…got on my iPod and it was refreshed and tried to get it again but it was gone!

  • B.

    So again. I’m sure that holden is being proven wrong and just can’t stand it. This obviously non photoshopped ss proves it on 2 levels. First THERE WILL BE A PRE SALE ( or at the very least pre registration) and that the phone is looking like the pics we’ve seen ( not the horribly photoshopped pic that’s been seen online for over a year, as he claims) I seriously hope that guy doesn’t work for tmobile. I would be saddened by having him on the team.
    Tmonews. YOU ROCK!!!!! Keep up the good work and puttin fools in their place ;)

  • Looks like t-mobile’s g1 site is ready for launch, it only shows the words ‘fpo’ at the moment but shouldn’t be long before we see the real thing!

    for all the latest news, info & video’s check out

  • Neo

    Grrr it’s aggrivating… page cannot be displayed then fpo on the future possible “Dream” page. LOL I would be happy if it said “Phone could not be displayed” instead of Page cannot be displayed.

  • T1 Connect

    ya know in a couple of years when we’re using android 3.4.2 on our brand new g3 we’er gonna look back and say i remember when android 1.0 just came out and we used to make a big deal out of it. we used to go nuts for news….na just kidding. BRING ON THE G1 BABY. 3 DAYS LEFT

  • fbarkon

    I just fulfilled my bet. I’m still disappointed that we don’t get the phone I heard about first. Still I plan to use this G1 and then sell it late and get a new G?. C’mon tuesday. Is it possible that the site was hacked? I guess that doesn’t matter because the image says image and device is stimulated to look like what everyone thinks is the G1 anyways. SO still we wait!

  • i will be putting this on my G1 when i get it

  • holden

    from B” B. Says:
    September 20th, 2008 at 1:46 am

    So again. I’m sure that holden is being proven wrong and just can’t stand it. This obviously non photoshopped ss proves it on 2 levels.
    ummm in the other thread long before the pic from engaget was posted here i described the phone to a ummm T :) where have I been proven wrong? the screen shot was a photo shop. just because someone happened to find the url to the photo doesn’t mean the page was posted online. I know what gets posted and not as I approve it.

    And again unlike this blog and the 99.8% of the viewers who speculate here I have been right on EVERY remark I have posted so far. I don’t notice the tmonews countdown ticker anymore? where is the launch last week of presales? where is the oct 1 NATIONAL 3g roll out? LOL Guys I am not wrong … and on the 23rd you will all be pleased with the device I described and what will be online :D :D :D

  • David

    Holden, what is your malfunction? The blog has been wrong on a few occasions?? HEAVEN FORBID WE ARE WRONG! Congratulations, put on your resume that you are right on every single post via comments on a T-mobile blog, lets see who cares. The counter was removed as will other plugs in on the right hand side as we finalize some ideas for the eventual roll out of the new format of the site. Other plugs will be removed/changed/added as we see fit.

    If you were so gifted with information, then you would know when and where the pre-sale information came from, the October 1 launch date came form. Sorry friend, we aren’t telepathic nor are we psychic at this website.

  • Greg

    Holden is a nut. If he were really a senior enough manager to “approve everything that goes on Tmo website” then he would not be here giving out unauthorized info… not to mention acting a bit like a kid.

  • B.

    Maybe he has some kind of disability. The phone he “described to a tee” sounded like that bastard child of an ipod and sesamee street speak and say. With a “touch sensitive scroll wheel in the bottom left” gorsh hiyuck. on the 23rd the official anouncement will be made and he will again be proven wrong. But I’m sure he’ll come out and say “I told you the pics we seen were right this whole time!!!! Holden strikes again” that seems to be his M.O.

  • holden

    LOL you all amuse me. David you didn’t remove a plugin what you did was change it 3 times then gave up and took it off .. come on I run 12 adult blogs and know exactly what you did. And your blog info has been very wrong check your sources dude.

    And to the others again I described the device I have touched the device. I have advised that the correct photo for the device was the one shown to me by another poster here from engadget.

    As for position related to the TMO website I won’t go into any details other than what I posted. But check the site on the 23rd you all will enjoy.

  • thats tomorrow