Los Angeles, throw your hands up for 3G!


Los Angeles, wake up to 3G!!! That’s right, you are now among the chosen cities to enjoy, nay to experience what is T-mobile 3G. We know there has been some trouble in the recent days but all of that should be made worthwhile with improved voice quality and high speed access. Welcome to the club Los Angeles. Make sure you check exactly which parts of LA are live via the new, no the improved T-mobile personal coverage check!

Here is a song for some LA love:

  • Great news!

  • Paul

    Does anyone know if it’s possible to get info from T-Mobile on how much “coverage” Los Angeles or a major city is going to cover – like I’m talking suburbs that aren’t exactly in city limits?

    I live in Temecula which is south Riverside county – sometimes associated with San Diego as a market and sometimes associated with L.A. We’re not currently covered – and I want to find out when we will be. Does anyone know?

  • T1 Connect

    from the east coat to the west coast welcome to 3g baby. L.A. do it up pimpin.

  • Doble-A

    @ Paul

    Check your coverage right here:


    When you click on “Check your coverage now”, then check the box below that says ‘Display Data Coverage’.

  • Doble-A

    @ Paul

    Check your coverage right here:


    When you click on “Check your coverage now”, then check the box below that says ‘Display Data Coverage’.

  • mspry

    buffalo, ny needs to be put on the 3g list soon…

  • D1Netz TMO

    How knows the top 50 and top 100 markets of TMO? Can this list be the order of 3G expansion?

  • Chuong

    Woohoo for 3G in LA market!

    Got over 350 kbps when tethering using a Nokia 6263 (UMTS only) and an XP-loaded computer.

    Able to download Google Maps and talked to the wife at the same time.

  • D1Netz TMO

    Sorry, meant WHo knows top 50/100 TMO markets

  • J

    T-Mobile breaks down their markets differently than other carriers. I do not believe we have 100 markets. Basicly, markets are rated by overall population including seasonal population (college students, vacationers, etc)

  • Patrick

    @Paul: I live in the IE (Alta Loma/Rancho Cucamonga), and recently spoke to a T-Mobile rep about 3G coverage. Turns out I’m on the edge of their 3G coverage. According to T-Mobile’s coverage maps, 3G only goes down to Norco or so on the 15. So when you travel to LA, OC or SD areas you’ll have coverage, but most of the IE is out of luck for now.

  • curlin31

    @D1Netz, at this point google ‘fcc auction 66 T-Mobile’ and then load the pdf file, ‘licenses won by bidder’, scroll towards the bottom, and you’ll see what areas tmo has purchased 3G spectrum for.

  • George

    So anybody tested out this 3G yet to see how solid it is? Just hoping its not sketchy like AT&T.

  • David

    Nobody liked my video choice?? Randy Newman rules!

  • Kirk

    Looks like they got the Outskirt of L.A covered. Totally racial dude

  • Matthew

    This is exciting news! I thought we were going to have to wait until mid October. This is great. But Something is missing… Oh yeah, that’s it, a 3g phone! And I’m not talking about some cheap flip phone, I’m talking about an awsome PDA i.e. HTc Touch HD/PRO/Diamond, and for all those Andriod lovers, the G1, or whatever its called… But anyway, THANKS T-Mobile!!! :)

  • plchan

    I checked the coverage map and it indicates my home address is full of coverage of 3G. Only thing I need is to get a TMO 3G phone (PDA phone..etc) than it will be great.

    By the mean time, 3G rolls out to LA means nothing to me.

  • gidespeach

    I love driving around l.a. on another perfect day.

  • Patrick

    @Kirk: I think you mean radical; not sure what type of racial issues 3G coverage brings up.

  • saul

    finally got 3 g!!!
    but where are the phones??? :-(
    only thing that can access it is the tm506, t819? and a nokia!

    damn I hope the x1 comes soon!! or the g1 lives up to the hype!!!

  • tmobile2lyfe

    @ saul. Samsung t639, t819, Nokia 6263, 3555, Sony Ericsson tm506

  • Kirk

    Like Duhhhh, gag me with a spoon. ;)

  • Juan

    @ David – I enjoyed your video choice, but probably only because it gave me some seriously gut-busting laughter. Everytime I hear Randy Newman’s voice, I picture Will Sasso doing his Randy Newman impression. Classic!

    Happy 3G day, LA. I can’t get over how even at night the pollution visibly distorts your skyline :D lol

  • AL

    this sucks .. im like 5 miles away from T-mobiles 3G coverage :(