Stay Classy San Diego…


Good evening San Diego and welcome to another edition of Tmonews, here’s what happening in your world tonight. Tonights top story is a T-mobile 3G launch announcement. Let’s go to Brian Fantana who’s live on the scene with a Tmonews exclusive. Brian?

Thanks David, today T-mobile, the number four wireless carrier announces yet another city in their slow but sure progression toward taking over the wireless world. This is exciting news David, San Diego has long been T-mobile fans and the people here are proud of their wireless carrier and look forward to the exciting promises 3G can bring them.

Hey Brian, I’m a T-mobile user and I’ve been hearing reports that the T-mobile Android presale has been pushed back, have you heard anything about this?

David, from what we’ve been able to ascertain, any kind of an announcement has been pushed back to the 23rd, when we expect T-mobile and their mobile device partner Google to make some type of a formal announcement. So we expect more information about a presale at that point. Back to you David.

So there you have it San Diego, enjoy your high speed access! Thanks for turning in to the Tmonews morning news, Stay Classy San Diego.