Who is in your fave 5?

Courtesy of Michael Phelps hosting Saturday Night Live last night, there is a very funny clip parodying this myfaves commercial which I am sure you have by now all seen. Enjoy:

Hulu link.

  • Alex

    saw this last night i was laughing my as* off :)

  • ShotWithAnSLR


  • tmotech

    I don’t know how this presale will take place. I work for tech support for tmobile and we have not been told anything about the phone at all. We usually are able to see phones’ specifics one month before they are released and so far NADA. I know the phone is supposed to be released in Q4 and in OCT but I don’t know about the presale. there is no more solid source than Streamline and there is nothing about the android phone being pre-released at all this month. That’s all i’m saying.

  • T1 Connect

    yo david whats up withe the weekly wrapup im waiting to see what u got this week on some good ol forum love

  • will

    That was so stupid…not funny at all.

  • Galen

    Funny as H E double HOckey Sticks!!!

    and @Tmotech, if you COuldnt TELL, This Post had NOTHING TO DO WITH THE G1 you STupid Twit!!!!

    Keep the Posts RElevant to the Subject of the Post PLEASE.

    IGnorance is Bliss Ehhhh Tmotech???? Moron.

  • se30chris

    Haha…The video is awesome….Loved it.

  • T1 Connect

    yo galen that is funny as hell b

  • Jessica

    That was pretty funny.

    Tmobile has all of its Samsung phones as free on its website. Guess they’re making room for something.

  • se30chris

    It’s a promo T-Mobile has been running for close to a week now. They’re not making room for anything. They did the same promo a few months back.

    The T919, Pearl Flip, Android aka G1 are phones targeted towards different customers from your regular T819, Katalyst, T339, Blast etc customers…

  • se30chris

    T-Mobile is not going to forget the main portion of their customers by removing these phones. Keep in mind, touch screen phones are really a novelty to most people. Most people aren’t fascinated by the iPhone, Instict, Dare…etc..

  • ratchet

    that should be a real t-mob. commercial. too funny!!!

  • knytphal

    @T1 Connect:
    The wrap up is still on the way, I just haven’t had time to get something written up yet! If it’s not up tonight there will be something tomorrow I promise!

  • Nokiaman42

    That is to funny can`t stop laughing.

  • RS

    I saw that on saturday it was hilarious!!! stick together….

  • StillTMO

    Presale aint happening. In case you guys didnt see the news in the mainstream media.

    The introduction will be in NYC on September the 23rd.

  • David

    Tmo, the presale isn’t off just because an announcement is taking place, if anything a presale is moved back?! Also, why did you post this here, clearly out of place?

  • StillTMO

    @ David.. You could be right about the pre-sale. I posted this here just as a response to TMOTech’s query. Sorry..

  • T1 Connect

    well tmo employees if the presale aint going down on wed its going down next tuesday and its still within that month period that they give you guys to know
    and ya still dont know nothing so stop with the presale junk its gonna happen sonner or later so enough at least we know about it

  • sigmundfreud

    HAHHA shout out to my pedophiles!

  • T-mo Chris

    So how do we get that myfavs plan with the 10000 free txts and nights & weekends? hahaha You know there’s going to people asking for it.

  • tmotech

    Ofcouse it’s going to happen sooner or later. Infact there is an HTC contest right now that although it doesn’t specify that it’s the dream, the winners of the contest are going to win a “new and exciting new htc phone scheduled to come out in Q4”. Oct release might be pushing it too. I guess we’ll see. I’m not trying to bring anyone down or anything. I’m sure the editors of this blog may know way more than what we have available. Perhaps connections higher up in the company. I’m just letting you know what is going on in our end. oh and sorry for posting this here. I don’t usually post so I didn’t know the rules. My first time was yesterday. lol.

  • T1 Connect

    well let me be the first to tell you. your not the only one whos done this so dont feel too bad pinky should let ya know. my job would never do that to us. but then again i understand tmo’s need for secrecy

  • RS

    tmotech #22, tell us the link of the HTC contest.